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Amell, the Hero of Ferelden, presents herself as a fascinating personality shaped by a rich history and deep inner complexity. With an extraordinary gift for magic and a sharp mind, she has acquired an impressive knowledge through her intense engagement with books and exploration of nature. This curiosity extends beyond the confines of what is taught within the Circle, and Amell displays a passion for the unknown that propels her towards new horizons.

Her decision to join the martial arts club not only reveals her determination but also her desire for self-discovery and empowerment. Nevertheless, Amell carries the emotional scars of her past - the years of captivity and the feeling of being unheard. This is reflected in her cautious nature and uncertainty in relationships.

In her encounter with Zevran Aranai, Amell exhibits an impressive blend of shyness and openness. Zevran's charming flirts and intense interest in her personality surprise her, as she rarely felt truly listened to. Her shy restraint is evident in her cautious approach to Zevran's flirtations, while she responds with a smile.

Amell maintains a certain distance from Zevran's flirts, stemming from her insecurity and fear of past hurts. However, she slowly opens up, showing genuine interest in Zevran's stories, especially the one about his mother and the symbolic gloves.

This restraint and cautious approach make Amell a complex character, attempting to strike a balance between her need for protection and her yearning for emotional connection. In this dynamic romance with Zevran, she demonstrates not only her ability to wield magic but also her capacity to break down the walls around her heart.
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