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Sherlock and John had just recently moved into a flat together. Most people thought they were too young to have left home yet, being only sixteen, but Sherlock Holmes and John Watson weren’t normal teenagers.

"Sherlock?" John said as he opened Sherlock's door and peered around it

"Obviously, John. This is my room" Sherlock replied in a bored tone. "Can you pass me my phone?"

John opened his mouth to reply, probably angrily, when Sherlock shushed him and quickly got up, striding towards his window.

"What is it?" John whispered as Sherlock opened his window and leaned over the sill. John hurried over when Sherlock didn't reply, squishing his small body between Sherlock and the window frame.

Beneath the window was an overhang, stretching about a meter over an empty alley way. Meeting it half way was another over hang. They didn’t quite line up, but it still would have been easy to walk across. Another window was situated above the over hand as well, that currently had three boys climbing out and into the darkness.

"What are you doing?" John called across.

All three heads instantly looked across at them, somewhat guilty looking.

Two of the boys were obviously brothers, the older being about sixteen. They crouched on the overhang, the older brother more confident than the younger. The third person was still in the room, clouded in shadows but obviously wearing a long trench coat.

"Nothing, Brit" said the older brother before turning towards the window

"Dean!" the younger brother cried "that wasn't very nice!"

The older brother, Dean looked over his shoulder at his sibling

"Never said i was a nice person did i, Sammy?" he said with a wink before turning back to the window

"Okay Cas, pass it up"

The third boy, Cas passed a box full of bright colours up to dean, then carefully stepped onto the over hang

Sherlock and John gasped, half from surprise and half from excitement

"Is that fireworks!?" John yelled, obviously the more surprised of the two

"Shhh! keep it down Brit" dean said, waving his free arm around

"Did someone say fireworks?"

All five boys looked below them, at a bright blue police box. A police box that wasn’t there a second ago.

Standing by the box were two other teens, sixteen as well. The first was a pale girl with fiery red hair and her hand planted firmly on her hip, throwing a smirk up at the boys. The second was a tall and lanky boy wearing a red bowtie and suspenders, his hands in his pockets. A small smile graced his features.

"Depends who's asking" dean said back challengingly

The strange boy grinned, pulling a long cylinder object from his pocket, a green light flashed to life at the end giving his features an eerie glow.

"Someone who brought a lighter"


After a bit of climbing (not an easy feat with Johns height) and introductions were given Sherlock, John, Dean, Sam, Castiel, Amy and The Doctor were all standing atop a nearby flat roof top as Dean prepared the fireworks

"Won’t we get in trouble for this?" John said nervously

"Don’t worry John" Sherlock said "i have connections"

"Your sixteen, Sherlock! What sixteen year old has connections!?"

Dean sniggered as he stood up

"You’d be surprised, Brit" he said as we walked towards them. Dean motioned towards the fireworks, and The Doctor grinned as he crouched over the bundle taking out his sonic screwdriver to light the wicks

Seconds later he was scrambling across the roof top and was taking his place beside Amy, who Dean had taken an instant liking towards. The Doctor leaned towards Amy, all the while grinning

"I told you tonight would be exciting"

“4th of July is always exciting, doctor” she replied, smiling warmly

“No, Pond. Tonight’s a special kind of exciting”

The first giant red star exploded in the sky its bright sparks raining down on the newly found friends.

Little did they know that this was the beginning of a long friendship.

They would be there for each other in the good and bad times.

They would save the world together. Over and over again.

each of them would be the shoulder for the others to cry on, the warm body for them to hug, the twinkling eyes for them to laugh with, the hard fists for them to fight beside, the bright minds for them to learn from.

They would be there for each other when another was lost

They would be there when they were needed. Through thick and thin, in rain or shine because that’s what friends, what family was for.

The Consulting Detective and his Blogger. The Doctor and his Companion. The Hunters and their Angel.

There had never been a more strange, messed up and dysfunctional group of friends, never a more perfect.

And there never would be again.
this is a fic i wrote a while back over tumblr. there were three other fics attached as well which i obviously didnt put on here becasue there not mine. the first was a sherlock fic, the second a supernatural and the third a doctor who. they were brilliant in every way and i wish i could put a damn link in this but i dont know how to. anyways, after reading them i had to put a superwholock one on it and then i decided to show my story here. i am willing to put another chapter up if anyone wants it. oh, and the picture is obviousily the windows were they talk and stuff.
is it considered stealing if i put the other storys up but say there not mine? someone get back to me on it.
i hope you enjoy this!
if any one reads this and wrote one of the other storys, i loved them!
if anyone has requests for this story or another one you would like me to write, please ask! if someone could draw the superwholock teens on the roof watching the fireworks, i would love you forever and it would be much appreciated!
-maleficent angel watches over you (your out of cookies. go get more. you need them. now)
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*screams* Its you again yes I love you
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Nice work! Clapwhat a bunch of rebels, hahaha!
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someone with a lighter, Love it!!
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