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Sherlock, dressed in a loose shirt and pants with his dressing gown stood overlooking the more shady parts of London. The old yellow light in the room made his pale skin look sickly, showing more of how he felt than the Doctor would ever know.
"I hear you've been impersonating me again" he finally said, speaking for the first time since the Doctor had arrived hours earlier.
The Doctor had thought the man had been tucked away in hid mind palace, so made himself at home with tea and some wires to fiddle around with.
"Doyle's version of you. There's a difference" he said, taking a sip of his tea before reaching for a screwdriver -not a sonic one- "besides, I'm not the only one that's been up to something lately" the Doctor paused in his tinkering, looking at the back that was turned to him "faking your own death?" he said quietly.
Sherlock turned his neck a little, showing the Doctor half his face. It was drawn and showing more emotion then the Doctor was used to, but that was only a teaspoons worth of what Sherlock was really feeling.
But the Doctor continued on, knowing he had to show Sherlock what he did was wrong, no matter the reason's behind
"how's John taking it?"  the Doctor had hardly finished his sentence before Sherlock was talking, turning to face him properly and face a clean slate again
"why are you really here, Doctor?"
The Doctor looked up at Sherlock over his mini-project, eyes old and sad as he remembered brown hair and a snarky smile
"I need you to help me find someone"
Sherlock snorted, turning back to look out the window, moving the curtain slightly as he watched a man wonder down the street.
"we are all looking for someone" he said quietly, continuing to watch the man in the worn jacket with elbow patches walk beneath Sherlock's widow and on towards the little shop around the corner.
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May 23, 2015
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