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"Sam, Dean, this is Sherlock Holmes" the Doctor said, back turned to the other three occupants of the room as he tinkered with one of the many supernatural objects the boys kept around the bunker.
Dean was silent for a moment, Sam raising an eyebrow at the Doctor's back
"okay, did he just say 'Sherlock Holmes'?" Dean asked his brother
"yeah," Sam said slowly, looking over to the apparent 'Sherlock Holmes' who was standing by the table, looking at a book Sam had been reading before their two guests had arrived.
"I think he did. How-"
"Parallel  universe" Sherlock cut in, not looking up from the old ledger "I exist here while the books that feature my exploits do not."
Before either of the Winchester's could comment, Sherlock continued.
"or as the Doctor would call it 'spacey-wacey'.  Much easier for you to understand, I expect"
Dean looked to Sam, who had perfect bitchface number eighteen and was directing it at Sherlock.
"okay," Dean said, crossing his arms and setting his feet as he looked to the doctor "what do you want?"
"well, in another universe, we have a problem" the Doctor began hesitantly, putting the object down and facing the boys with an uncharacteristically serious face
"is it a demon problem?" Sam asked
"no" The doctor said shortly, "it's a monster one"
"you didn't try talk 'em out of it, like you usually do?" Dean asked, an almost sarcastic note to his voice
"yeah, well, I did. And then he went and butchered sixteen people" T he doctor replied
Sam and Dean blinked at each other, before turning back to the Doctor.
Sherlock looked up from his book too, watching the brothers.
"so, doc, what are we dealing with?" Dean asked
"when he says butchered, he means it" Sherlock said, before  disappearing behind a bookshelf  and inspecting the leathered spines
"it's not…?" Sam asked, wincing
"yes. It's a cannibal," the doctor replied, giving the brothers a sorry look "and he's almost fully turned into a Wendigo"
"Okay," Dean said as Sam moved off to find there father's journal "what's this bitches name?"
"are you familiar with Hannibal?"
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*whispers* you should make more of this
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*whispers* I will :D
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