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"well, look" the Doctor said hurriedly, hands raised in an unthreatening manner and bow tie crooked. His hair was mused and his clothes scattered.
All over the floor.
Of the queens bed chamber.
Looking back, the Doctor would see that this was a particularly stupid thing to have done, seeing as how she was to be married in a few hours.
"i.. Ah…"the Doctor continued, for once at a loss for words "...I can explain? Sort of… okay, not really" he said, bending over to pickup his long green coat and held it so it covered his … extremities.
"just look at this and I will explain everything" the doctor said, raising almost non-existent eyebrows as he fished in his jacket pocket for his leather wallet, then held it out for the twenty or so armed guards to read.
"what is this?" one of the guards, a tall brute of a man with a spear in his hand said, looking to the Doctor's outstretched hand then back to the Doctor.
"it should be papers to something official-y, I think"
"who are you?" another guard asks, reaching to take the wallet from the Doctors hand
"someone official-y" said the doctor, sounding like a put out child as he flipped the wallet over so he could read it
"I'm from the FBI," he said, showing them the badge "FBI?" the Doctor asked himself, looking at the badge again, this time frowning "the FBI doesn't even exist!" he told the physic paper "why are you giving me useless things?" he continued, shaking the paper, as if it would give him something else
"America doesn't even exist yet!" he cried, jabbing the little picture of himself, smiling madly up at him.
"hold on" he muttered, seeing upturned edges of his picture and pulling at them, the picture peeling off and revealing a stoic and familiar face
"the Winchesters" muttered the Doctor, glaring down at the picture of Dean "I don't know why I'm surprised" he sighed.
"well, at least the left me with a replacement, Sherlock's never that considerate"
MY FIRST FIC IN A WHILE!! ENJOY!!:happybounce: Clap La la la la I am a dummy! 
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May 23, 2015
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