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4- How to Train Your Asgardian
It was a bright and almost-warm day in Asgard. The sun was out, though a wind blew in from over the waters with a chilly bite to it. Thor wore his long armour, red cloak fanning before him as he made his way to a chamber where he was sure to find Loki.
His brother said -quiet often, actually- that he hated the midgardians, so fragile and mortal. But something about them must have drawn Loki to them, or at least didn't repel him as much as usual, as he spent much time watching them.
Thor strode into an orange curtained room, the windows where wide and glassless, leaving the curtains to flutter in the cold breeze. Up on a pedestal sat a great ball, to which Loki was staring intently into.
"Brother" Thor called, continuing towards him.
His brother grunted in return, not turning to acknowledge him further.
Thor stood next to his brother, looking into the scene Loki was watching.
He was surprised to see a young Viking boy, short and skinny for his age, let alone his race.
Admittedly, Thor w
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3- WhoLock
Sherlock, dressed in a loose shirt and pants with his dressing gown stood overlooking the more shady parts of London. The old yellow light in the room made his pale skin look sickly, showing more of how he felt than the Doctor would ever know.
"I hear you've been impersonating me again" he finally said, speaking for the first time since the Doctor had arrived hours earlier.
The Doctor had thought the man had been tucked away in hid mind palace, so made himself at home with tea and some wires to fiddle around with.
"Doyle's version of you. There's a difference" he said, taking a sip of his tea before reaching for a screwdriver -not a sonic one- "besides, I'm not the only one that's been up to something lately" the Doctor paused in his tinkering, looking at the back that was turned to him "faking your own death?" he said quietly.
Sherlock turned his neck a little, showing the Doctor half his face. It was drawn and showing more emotion then the Doctor was used to, but that was only a teas
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2- SuperWhoLock
"Sam, Dean, this is Sherlock Holmes" the Doctor said, back turned to the other three occupants of the room as he tinkered with one of the many supernatural objects the boys kept around the bunker.
Dean was silent for a moment, Sam raising an eyebrow at the Doctor's back
"okay, did he just say 'Sherlock Holmes'?" Dean asked his brother
"yeah," Sam said slowly, looking over to the apparent 'Sherlock Holmes' who was standing by the table, looking at a book Sam had been reading before their two guests had arrived.
"I think he did. How-"
"Parallel  universe" Sherlock cut in, not looking up from the old ledger "I exist here while the books that feature my exploits do not."
Before either of the Winchester's could comment, Sherlock continued.
"or as the Doctor would call it 'spacey-wacey'.  Much easier for you to understand, I expect"
Dean looked to Sam, who had perfect bitchface number eighteen and was directing it at Sherlock.
"okay," Dean said, crossing his arms and setting his fe
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1- SuperWho
"well, look" the Doctor said hurriedly, hands raised in an unthreatening manner and bow tie crooked. His hair was mused and his clothes scattered.
All over the floor.
Of the queens bed chamber.
Looking back, the Doctor would see that this was a particularly stupid thing to have done, seeing as how she was to be married in a few hours.
"i.. Ah…"the Doctor continued, for once at a loss for words "...I can explain? Sort of… okay, not really" he said, bending over to pickup his long green coat and held it so it covered his … extremities.
"just look at this and I will explain everything" the doctor said, raising almost non-existent eyebrows as he fished in his jacket pocket for his leather wallet, then held it out for the twenty or so armed guards to read.
"what is this?" one of the guards, a tall brute of a man with a spear in his hand said, looking to the Doctor's outstretched hand then back to the Doctor.
"it should be papers to something official-y, I think"
"who are y
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Goodnight Sammy 2/3
Dean grinned down at Sam, standing on his tip-toes to see over the barred wall of the crib.
"Hi Sammy" he said, hooking his elbows over the top of the crib and dangling his fingers in front of the infants eyes.
Sam's eyes -which Dean thought where much too large for the rest of his head- followed the movements with a bit of a lag, but he giggles anyway, grabbing hold of his toes and rocking on his back.
Dean laughs at his little brother, moving his hands away and just looking at the baby.
He had a drippy nose and he constantly slobbered everywhere. When Sam smiled, Dean could see the tiny little stumps of Sam's teeth starting to come through. He had a small nose, and his head was mostly bald. But his skin was soft and pale, not a blemish in sight.
Sam looked at him with pale eyes -Mum said they would get brighter as he got older- and smiled a gummy slime that had Dean laughing.
Sam laughed along with him, arms flailing and hitting the mattress underneath him as well as kicking his legs
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Woah, Easy Tiger 1/3
It had been a mistake.
Dean had judged the witch wrong.
She was only sixteen, to be fair, and he hadn't thought the girl had had it in her to actually kill someone.
They had been standing in a hunting den of a massive house, easily being able to be described as a mansion. The witches father had been a hunter when he was younger -not the supernatural hunter, just a regular one- and had killed animals all over the world.
They were illegal, of course, seeing as Dean had just had a rhino horn shoved through his abdomen by the witch’s telekinesis.
He absently heard Sam calling his name -shit, Sam had just watched him get stabbed- and then a girl's screaming.
Dean felt the cold tiles hit his back, and gasped in surprise; from the impact as much as the cold.
He hadn't remembered falling. The back of his head connected with the ground, making his vision swim. If he wasn't dying, Dean would have thrown up.
Warm hands where pressing over Dean's stomach -he vacantly realised he didn't have
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SuperWhoLock Meetings: Lestrade and Gabriel
Lestrade sighed deeply, rubbing his face as he blindly reached for his coffee mug, -Sherlock had actually given it to his for Christmas, though he deeply suspected John had bought it and told Sherlock to give it to him, seeing as he had received it a week before the holiday, without it being wrapped- and found in empty. Lestrade almost groaned in frustration. Today was turning out to be a horrible day.
He glanced at the man opposite him, who grinned in return. Lestrade barely restrained himself from leaning over the desk and punching him. No one, absolutely no one should be that happy at 6 o' clock on a Monday morning.
Lestrade settled for narrowing his eyes, and turning back to his computer.
After five minutes of not actually doing any work, Lestrade turned back to the man narrowing his eyes at the grin that instantly went to his face when Lestrade showed him attention.
"So, what's your name again?" Lestrade grumbled
"Gabriel" he replied, pulling a lollypop from his jacket pocket.
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SuperWhoLock meetings: Sherlock, John and Jack
John dashed down the grimy alley after Sherlock, excited to see the crime scene before it was cleared (though John knew he just wanted to see the corpse before anyone moved it)
He reached the scene and ducked under the police tape, walking to where Sherlock was crouched next to a body, rifling through the man’s pockets in search for clues.
John walked around to the other side and inspected the man’s face, and listed facts as Sherlock continued his pilfering.
"Male, mid-thirties" John said, tipping the man’s head up as he looked at the bruised on the his neck
"Asphyxiated to death with hands" he continued, indicating to the clear imprints on fingers circling the man’s throat "dead for about fifteen minutes" finished John as he stood, taking in the rest of the man’s profile.
He was tall -though everyone was tall by John's standards- and wore a long blue coat. When Sherlock pulled open the coat though, John didn't even take in what he was wearing, seeing a bl
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Hello! It's been a long while but after I dropped my phone in a lake, then bought a new one that I somehow ran over.
Yeah I don't even know how that happened...
But I now have a phone!! :D But I have a shit job so it'll be a while till I get a laptop, but till then I'll upload stuff by phone and if I can get hold of my twins laptop then that too.
I did go through a faze for a while where I just could not think of anything to write, but it is now over and I'm getting straight into this whole writing thing again  :D


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
i love reading and writing, and as you can see in my gallery, i love writing SuperWhoLock!
i do a little photo editing, though im not very good at it... anyways, back to the bio.
i live in australia, on the sunshine coast (thats in queensland)
i have a few brothers and sisters, but only one of my sisters is on deviantart (betterinblack), and she just so happens to be my twin.
i enjoy being outside, camping, riding motobikes, walks, swiming and other outsidey things but i am also obsessed with tumblr, fanfiction, deviantart, youtube, archiveofourown and any other fandom related website.
honestly, like any fangirl, i can sit in my room for a week straight on any of those websites.


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