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Since february I've been learning different printmaking techniques. I grew up admiring the work of master printmakers such a Gustav Doré and Albrecht Dürer.

Here in México we have a great tradition of printmakers: Manuel Manilla, José Guadalupe Posada and Leopoldo Méndez, among many. Prinmaking is something I always wanted to do and finally made some time to learn it.
Here are some of my recent works:

Linocut Maybe the easiest printmaking technique, but also one of my favorites. I really love the expression achieved with the lines and contrasts of the linoleum. Here you can see the big influence of Leopoldo Méndez in my works.

El Valiente by maledictus

Engraving More elaborated than the linocut, but you can achieve delicate lines and patterns such as the ones from Gustave Doré.

Monotype Very difficult to master. With monotype you have to work really fast, which gives a lot of expression to your work, but with the disadvantage that you can't do more than one reproduction.

Other stuff For every successful print, I've done two really bad works (speacially with monotypes), because I like to experiment with the tools and try new things. Normally they are not very successful, but sometimes you get intereting stuff:

I still have a lot to learn, this is just beginning. I haven't been so enthusiastic about a new technique since a long time.

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See ya!

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