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Welcome to the malebondage group. Here you'll find a collection of photos, artwork, and stories devoted to men bound and gagged.









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ClarenceJohnson Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2021  New Deviant  Digital Artist
[Femdom] Time to be quiet by ClarenceJohnson   [Femdom] Enjoying the movie? by ClarenceJohnson  
Cliff--Hanger Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2021   Artist
Looking for a commissioner that's willing to work on "captured" and "cliffhanger" like themes. 
MarshExplorer Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2021  Professional Filmographer
I'm not yet set up to do commissions, but I'm always looking for new bondage ideas. Let me know what you have in mind, if you think I can pull it off.
BoundToTheEnd Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2020
Looking for a Male Dom for a Male sub. 

I have these ideas here if anyone is interested: 

MxM Bondage 18+ RP Ideas, Male Dom requiredThese RPs will be strictly MxM only, sorry ^.^'Ideas:Soccer Team: James is the new guy who just moved into town and joined a new soccer team. Whilst at first everything in the Soccer team are normal, he doesn't know some of the dark secrets some of the team members hold, making him a target of their dark fantasies.The Bully: Ethan has always been the target of some bullies in his life, since he's not exactly a strong guy, though very attractive. However, this one particular bully refuses to give it a rest, pushing him to the point of finally confronting him. But what Ethan doesn't realise is the truth reason for the bully's relentless bullying.Hero and Villains: Ollie is the typical super hero who helps fight crime and stops evil. One evening whilst investigating a crime, he ends up trapped by the villain, who doesn't want revenge, but wants the hero all to himself.Step-brother: Noah is a quiet, reserved guy who lives with his mother, step-father and older step-brother. Since he's fairly new to the whole family idea having lived with only his mother for a long time, he's not exactly close with his step-father or brother, often keeping a distance and having very little interaction with them. When his mother and step-father go abroad for a week away, he is left with only his step-brother who decides to take advantage of him.I want you back: It has been years since Jackson left his old life from gangster to becoming a cop. After returning to his old town for petrol duty, he ends up coming across a robbery attempt. When he attempts to stop the robbery, he is over-powered and taken to an unknown lair where his former gang partner resides. But rather then dispose of the officer, he wants to fix the relationship they once had, and will do everything to pull on the officer's heart-strings to try and win him back.Wrong Twin: Erin and Andre are identical twin brothers, but completely opposite when it comes to personality. Erin is the trouble maker who keeps getting himself mixed with the wrong type of people, whilst Andre is more quiet, shy and a good guy. Mistaken for Erin, Andre ends up getting kidnapped by some people his brother had wronged in the past.Stuff I like:*Bondage*Ropes*Leather*Tape*Chain*Cuffs*Straight Jacket*Straps*Anything that restrains the body*Ball Gag*Leather Gag*Stuffed Gag*Cleave Gag*Tape Gag*Bite Gag*Ring Gag*Hog tie*Backward prayer*Rope Harness*Crotch Rope*Tied/chained to bed/chair/table*Bound in Sleeping Bag*Tied to a post* Chloroform*Sedatives*Blindfold*Interrogated*Hostage* Kidnapping*Forced Sex*Forced blowjobs*Adult themes*Adult language*Some Romance* Prisoner*Bromance*Dungeon *Cowboys*Space Pirates *Medieval*Modern Day*Camp*Cabin*Apartment*House*Farm*Country*City*Bad neighbour*Evil boss*Bad Coach/Professor/Teacher*OCs (NOTE: All characters must be 18+)Stuff I dislikes:*Hypnotism*Magic*Animal/Maid/Silly costumes*Feet fetishes*Tickle fetishes*Vore*Drugs that alter the body*Toilet stuff*Rubbing Cum on the face and body*Underage*No Bondage at all*Magical/Mythical creatures*Games/Disney/Cartoon/Show Characters. (I'd rather just keep it to OCs please)
jimdave2334 Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2020
Hi! I'm a male sub looking for a nonsexual roleplay. Male or female doms are fine.

I'm mostly into heavy, excessive rope/tape/strap bondage, humiliation, and cross dressing. I can adapt to most themes or scenarios, as long as the characters are humans.
bindandgagger Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2021
I’m in if you are. Love tying and tightly gagging other guys - gagged moans and talking are my jam. HMU.
Feem10 Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2020
Anyone in the UK up for keeping me all tied up? Send me a note😉
BoundToTheEnd Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2020
Anyone up for playing Dom as a Cop? 

I have already written a starting point. Please note me :) 

Corrupt Cops RP Starter (Bondage, 18+) It was an ordinary afternoon as Alex casually walked down the street of his small town. It was nothing special, just a bunch of small apartments squashed together, full of the usual tenants. Drug addicts. Broke families. Recovering alcoholics. Shady sellers. Basically summing up the trash to the upper society. Downstairs were the line of little shops and businesses just barely keeping the owners afloat. The shops were nothing too special either. Just selling the everyday needs at a cheap price or little quirky gadgets. Alex decided to walk into the small gadget shop, not really interesting in buying anything, but decided to pay a visit to his friend, Mr. Lavanski, a middle eastern immigrant who settled here thirty years ago. Despite never really seeing his family much, he seemed satisfied with the life he was living, always cheerful, friendly and optimistic. "Good afternoon young man, what can I do for you today?" the middle aged man asked, cleaning one of his windows. Alex shrugged, "I donno...whatever you got that's not broken or second hand I guess", he joked, taking a quick glance around. The man shook his head, "You young people are so demanding. Always asking for the new and radical things. You should appreciate my time and effort i put into keep this shop open...even with the council sending me this crap", he held up a bunch of papers. Curious, Alex walked over and took the papers, shocked at the amount that was being asked, "7.400?! This is...just insane! A place like this couldn't be worth that much! There's gotta be a mistake here!" The shop keeper sighed, shaking his head, "It's not. They just want to get rid of me." This shocked the young man! Why would anyone want to get rid of Mr. Lavaski? He was a good man who worked hard in his shop for many years, friendly with the residents and worked hard to keep his shop up to standard. "This isn't right! You did nothing wrong. Are you able to afford some of the money?" he asked worriedly, though having the feeling deep down in his gut it was unlikely. The man went quiet, staring at his desk for a moment, "2.600". Alex thought carefully, placing a hand on his chin, "Okay....obviously not enough and knowing mother, she would never pitch in to help.....unless...", he came up with an idea, "....if I ask one of my cousins. He may just lend us the money...". "NO!" Mr. Lavaski stepped in, walking up to Alex and placing his hands on his shoulders, "I can't ask you or anyone to do anything like this! It's too much! It would be a disgrace to beg anyone to pay me cash like some beggar on the street!" "But what else can we do?" Alex argued, "We're not a bank...and no one else would ever dream of giving you the money", he went over to the desk and sat down on it, thinking hard. Then an idea hit him, "Let's make an appeal". "An appeal?" Mr. Lavaski asked before letting out a mock laughter, "Who would think to appeal for someone like me?" Alex smiled, "Everyone!" he spread his arms enthusiastically,"Think about it...the whole community around here is close. They wouldn't want to see you be forced out of business. And everyone knows the council is just a greedy jerk". "Okay... the last part I agree", the man sighed, shaking his head before placing something inside of Alex's hand. Alex looked inside to see it was an old Ipod device, one that was no longer round, unless you're willing to bag a over $100 on the internet,"Wait don't have too..."."I want too. You've been a good friend...even as a child. And I've been thankful enough to watch you grow up to become a better person. The way I see are like a son to me". Alex knew by that tone he was ready to give up, "It's not over yet. This shop means everything to you. We can fight this, together!" The man shook his head, waving his hand dismissively, "I am getting old...and tired. Maybe it's time to move forward...and let someone else take a turn to run the business. Someone younger and more experienced that can afford to get actual good products on the shelves". Alex shook his head, "No one would buy them. They'd be too expensive". "That'll be the council's problem", the older man smiled, gently patting Alex on the back towards the door, "Go home...i'll be fine". He walked with him towards the door, but not before turning around and giving the older man a friendly warm hug, "Good people like you don't deserve this". "Sometimes we just need to do the best we can. Just promise me you won't go down the dark path". "I promise", Alex said, before quietly leaving the shop, holding the item in his hand still. He felt awfully sad for the little shop keeper. Being forced to give up in an unfair fight. It pissed him off so much, he kicked a can in an alleyway out of anger. It was hard enough watching people struggle, and now good people were being chewed and swallowed. Sometimes he wished he could just leave this town and be somewhere better where people treat each other decently. The young man kept walking down the alleyway, leading to another side of the builders where it was more quieter and had less people around, with only a few beggars around....
tiemeup27 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2020
Anyone else fantasize about being forcibly hogtied and gagged In a home invasion type scenario? I think about it constantly😊
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