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Mature Content

Stretching by VanWangye
Magic Meat March by SourShockX
Sleepy Twink by shaneoid77
Valentine's Day Male Pinup by lancercross
He-Man on the Beach with Cringer by Sparkieshock

Mature Content

References: Male Crotch Reference by DizzyT
Body Type Choices (Reference Sheet) by DizzyT

Mature Content

drawing tutorial by rntentn
All Anthro

Mature Content

Tony The Tiger Theyre Great by MuscleRabbit9090
Stud ad by RizzyOfen
Panther Lilly Fairy Tail Art Inspiration Montage by MuscleRabbit9090
Until We Meet Again by Crescent-Moon20
Black and White Pencil and Charcoal
Fishing by SmokeFurAndStone
Sketchbook 020 by coskoniotis
Guy In Pants by Rat61
Within My Grasp by ToddParis
Colored Pencil and Pastels

Mature Content

Flex 'em! by EroGeibaa
Super Bicep-Flexing For Their Darling Wives by Antoni-Matteo-Garcia

Mature Content

Cyborg Dude by RammPatricia
The Summoner by Rat61
Black and White Ink and Marker
For every teardrop by FOURTWONINE429
TaDa! by Zeartist
The Big Flex Part One by Zeartist
Personally Signature Study by wearwanderer
Colored Ink and Marker
Hottie with a Cap by EroGeibaa
Shorts and Muscles by EroGeibaa
Cheeky by Orin331
Multinktober Day 17: Souichi Tomoe Revelation by Multicolored-Man
Traditional Paints
[CLOSED] Adoptable Auction 05 by iHYDEN

Mature Content

Fight to the Finish Part 21 by toongalore
Jiren (2021 redraw) by Teira-Nova
Gregor by RobbyRobD
Digital Art
Jiren VS Hit by Teira-Nova
Izael OC by AlexCherubic

Mature Content

[COMMISSION] Prince Frosmin by Gabrianscar
Ken Ken's Quentin Multicolored Style by Multicolored-Man
Mixed Media
Aries by LoScarlatto
YellowPuppyMask by VaporMUKI

Mature Content

Camping-out by carternova
Taurus by LoScarlatto
Photography and Manipulation
Sissy Self Portrait: Spring 2021 by clarkjohn27
Football hotties by LilieenG

Mature Content

Son Gohan WIP TURNTABLE by RBN-sama
Fiction and Prose

Mature Content

Sketches and WIP
Dakimakura YCH Open by VanillaNena


Black and White Pencil and Charcoal
Defenceless Feet by Sparkieshock

Mature Content

Fighting for Control by Sparkieshock
The Tools of Torment - Part 4 by Sparkieshock
Unwilling Arousal by Sparkieshock
Colored Pencil and Pastels

Mature Content

Book 6 - page 6 by JoelPhilArt
Master and his pets at home by aenaluck
Carl by Martin-Rulfo
Nestor by Martin-Rulfo
Black and White Ink and Markers
Muscle Doberman by Nudog by Stonegate
Muscle Tiger by Griffon Park by Stonegate
Lady Wolf -Redone- Ink by Paladin-Ciel
Muscle Rott by Nudog by Stonegate
Colored Ink and Markers
Superlad by Boy-Meets-Hero
copic colouring 1st try by stkosen
Traditional Paints

Mature Content

Bara dudes watercolor by Thundertori

Mature Content

Judas in Lenny lap by Thundertori
Judas_Lenn_09 by Thundertori
Digital Art
Big Butt Kargath (2021) by GarvanArt
Blueboi by GarvanArt
Unwanted Urges by Sparkieshock
Demonic Pleasures by Sparkieshock
Mixed Media
Jiraiya by MakyKaos
Extreme Torso Color by loosley
Anatomy of The Hulk by No-Sign-of-Sanity

Mature Content

Lines by Facenna
Photography and Manipulation

Mature Content

Marlon-115bw by Finexposure

Mature Content

Luca-5-429edbw by Finexposure

Mature Content

Marlon-016 by Finexposure

Mature Content

Marlon-132bw by Finexposure
Moonstryker Swimsuit Edition by TheGargarean

Mature Content

A 'Big' Surprise by mindloop

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Welcome to the Male Muscle dA group!

Who we are:

This is a group dedicated to male muscle-- ripped and lean, big and solid, growth, furry, macrophile. We pretty much like it all here.


First things first:

If this is your first time here, and you have a blue-gray "Welcome Home" banner above, click the Hide button in its upper right-hand corner. For reasons we cannot fathom, it's been nothing but trouble for this particular group. Trust us. We're trying to get the kinks out of it, but for now, just kill it. Kill it dead.


  • Submissions are subject to approval by the founders.

  • Submissions are limited to one per week. That's one per seven days.

  • Submissions must be from dA posted works only. Entries that require viewing outbound links will be denied.

  • To submit, please either click on the appropriate folder listed on the front page or click the Gallery tab in the nav bar above. After that, click on the plus (+) sign and let the system guide you from there. You can also click this link and choose the appropriate gallery via the drop down menu. You should have the option to submit directly from your harddrive or to submit from your existing dA gallery.

    Remember, you can submit to any folder but the Featured folder.

  • The "Comics" gallery is for comic panels and comic book covers. If your piece is a portrait or fanart of a comic book character(s), please submit it to a different gallery.
  • Items will be chosen from the general gallery to be displayed in the Featured folder at the founder and co-founder's discretion.

  • If you think you've uploaded an image to the wrong folder, please note a founder or co-founder.

  • Once you've submitted a work, do not submit the same work again. The only exception here is if your submission expires without being accepted OR declined. Currently, submissions are set to expire if no action is taken in one week (in other words-- if Libra and I totally slack off and fall behind in the approval process). If this happens, please resubmit and send Libra or me a note.

  • If your work is declined, it's nothing personal-- it just means the piece wasn't right for our group for whatever reason. Don't resubmit the same work, but definitely submit others.

  • If you place your deviation into storage we'll delete it from our gallery.



  • Please submit faves to the correct folders.

  • There's no limit on how many faves can be submitted.

  • The Featured folder is not available for submission at this time.



  • Criteria for membership is really simple. As the title above says, read all the rules in this box and hit the join button. That's pretty much it.



As with any new group, there are kinks to work out. We're trucking along pretty well, and if you have questions, feel free to message a founder or a co-founder (to find us, click on the "About Us" tab at the top), or leave a message in the comment area near the bottom of this page.:aww:



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[OPEN] Adoptable Auction 05 by iHYDEN  
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Looking forward to the might of muscular males to motivate my workouts.
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I can't post anything because this appears to me: "The target folder is over its size limit"

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I'm am a Yaoi/ecchi artist..that my recenet art ..hope u like it ... <3

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Folders are full... dead group?
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yes, I think :(
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Hello! I am a young athletic bull who would love to do business! Look at my post! Email for any inquiries! :D
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