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Pulseman. HELL YEAH.

Been a while, eh, DA? Well, what better reason to upload another Snapshot, the EPIC legend that is Pulseman!
Why has noone heard of Pulseman?
Or Sparkster?
Or Splatterhouse...

I'm a sucker for obscure old games...

Pulseman is copyright and whatnot to game Freak (Pulseman is the best thing they ever did, and I love the increasing references in the Pokemon series, such as Rotom, Team galactic...)

Excuse the low quality in the snapshot, I didn't bother puttig the Avatar and Obect Detail up to high.
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would it be possible to get this model? I wanted to use it in a mmd video
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someone should make a super smash bros brawl hack with this model


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This is a really good rendering of Pulseman, but there is thing that bothers me about it. I honestly believe that this model is too tall. I bet if you put the animations to him and compare it to the original sprites, you might see what I'm talking about.

Other than that, this looks really good. I wish I already had that kind of skill.
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The avatar is rather outdated, plus that's pretty much as small as you can go in relation to avatar height on SL.
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wooo pulseman I liked that game 8D
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Wow, I was thinking about making a Pulseman avatar for SL.
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You've been saying that for months. Since Novgorod. You only wait until someone else does it before you want to copy and do it yourself. Bah. I'm not wearing mine anymore then.
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sometimes I have another project that I'm working on, or I am distracted by real life. That is why I didn't, and probably don't, have the time to do it.

Just wanted to explain myself.
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I love Pulseman! Playing it with keyboard controls on an emulator is a pain though. Has it been released on Wii's Virtual Console in Japan? It'd be neat if they made a remake/sequel for DS!

Oh! and this is great by the way :+fav:
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Not to my knowledge...There IS an Englis hacked version made by fans if I remember.
And apparently he's coming back, since there have been constant and increaing references to him in the Pokemon series. Especially Diamond/Pearl.

1 - Rotom, the Electric/ghost type, is based off him.
2 - Team galactic in't an accurate translation. A more accurate one is Team galaxy or galaxy gang, like te galaxy gang in Pulseman.
3 - Volt Tackle, an electric move, looks and sounds VERY similiar to Pulseman's signature move, the Volteccer.
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i got... sparkter(snes), pulseman(genesis) and the mask (snes) XD
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Even some of Pulseman's music has been rearranged for Pokémon games, if I recall correctly.
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