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XLVII: Sensitivity
It's okay I'm here just for you
Forget about the others and just listen to me
They are angry that want to die
I don't want you to
But I understand you have no reason to live
I love you even though I'm just a voice
A song on a playlist
I'll guide you through the dark places
A rose among the thorns
If we all die
We'll die together
Your are not alone
Just keep moving that's it
If someone loves you they don't stand still
Only the living move
The dead are still as stones
Stone dead
The ones who notice change are standing in place
You're the change they see
Your vitality is what they steal from you
They leave you with only shame and sickness
Free your soul
Do what your heart says
Let go of their opinions
Fight the darkness with all you have
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XLVI: Breathless
I'm drowning in my own energy
Layers of sorrow buried under foundation
Heaps of misery in oils and creams
Trauma sifted in concentrated happiness
My happiness is a lie
It is a beautiful one yes?
A lie that inspires hope
Uplifting damnation
I pay so heavy for this
This truth
A complex paradox
My shame burning in confidence
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XLV: Plague
Cut it all out
My worries my fears
My anxiety my illness
Sever my emotions
The things i wish were gone
The hurt
The happiness
Greater joy is greater pain
Cut it all out
I don't want your fucking help
It's just gasoline to burn me down
I want to drown in it
You say life gets better
I try to cheer people up
Until i realize they never get better
If i was older no one would get in my way
"Please get help"
Last time i did that
I ended up in solitary in a hospital
I'm already alone
I know that
It's just me and this blade
It knows me so well
It understands the pain
The blood that stains my clothes
The life it sings
And the scars it leaves
Now i have to dig so much
That sensation elusive
How will i know or tell it's too far
Will i even care?
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XLIV: Plague
He doesn't talk much about it
The Plague he named it
He burned everything she ever gave him
Destroyed all physical traces
Funeral pamphets
Love letters
Birthday cards
Anything with her scent
The only things he has left
The totem
And the trinket
I don't know why
You should ask him
He won't tell
The one question he dodges
Why not these
They are his hope
He has nothing of her
The totem has her blood sweat and tears
Painted and soaked into the wood
The trinket
a small earring charm
Don't ask him about that
Don't save him
Don't try to help him
He's not worth saving
He's scared out the darkness
But he's afraid to let anyone see it
I am too
And now you'll be scared too
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XLIII: Water
I remember the first time
The release of pain
The blend of sorrow and shame swirling in my head
But that went away
It's funny
The deeper i dig into my arms
The more of me that escapes
I feel so much better
I know it's wrong so i paint over them
These rivers of red
Rivers of me
My name means water that flows down
But I think i float away
I wish the ink wasn't so thick
That someone would hug me
Suprise me with their support
But I've given up on people
Only the blade is my comfort
People will never love me
Just abuse me
Dry up my rivers
So i fill them with more of me
Every day is me drowning in me
Water and blood right
Everything flows out
Until I'm all gone
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XLII: Emilia
Just wait you'll see
Watch me shine bright so bright
Till my light fades to black
Dissolving into ashes and shadows
There is a life we live
And a life we know
There is no greater death
Than being forgotten
one more time
Sing that song you sing
Let it be my eulogy
The supernova of life
Till your soul is raw
Your heart broken
Your lips cracked with thirst
Your skin flayed by heat
Then you can stop
When all you see is my light fade
When you have no strength
So you can't call me from beyond
Be my deathsinger
You can't save something
Someone who is beyond your reach
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XLI: Wolf
Ye night hunter
Feast on the flesh you crave
Forge your destiny in the bones of prey
Free your heart
Open your mind to the ether
Let the wilderness be your guide
The spirit of the trees your shelter
What are you running from child
The darkness
The darkness is your shield
All light and all darkness is the same thing
It's your hope that all fades to black
The absolution of sin is blindness
If you cannot see it
It doesn't exist
Sharpen your teeth
The wall on which sanity breaks
Is the cold and dark wasteland ahead
The darkness is coming
Fear the water below
Either be destroyed in the Crash
Or Lost to Light forever
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XL: Caution
It was cold when i awoke that first night. Not the cold that makes you want to cuddle and sleep sound. The one that makes you wonder if you'll ever be warm again, if you'll ever see another warm fire, another bowl of soup. I was feared, not for my deeds but what i was. A black wolf. I was a risk, a liability on the icy lands so i was marred and forsaken, but fortune saw the comedy in my suffering. I was alone and afraid
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It's crawling up the walls
I can smell the rot
It smells of pain and patience
That's how we go
Progressing through my scars
Infecting my blood
Tainting my mind
Eroding my bones
Ash in my soul
Just to glimpse
Something far gone
Believe me
This is an insidious plague
And it's all my fault
I buried my grief
And now it stalks me in the night
:iconmalcomblack:malcomblack 1 0
Hunger makes us all stronger
Life makes us weak
It's so easy to starve after crossing that first hurdle
When I call out
The Night answers
When I stumble
The cold sharpens my mind
When the nightmares come
When the Crash comes
And I forget my own name
She answers me
My love
My light
My mind is so shattered
I fear I'll never be whole again
My life in shambles
Hopeless and broken
Putrid and infected
Infused and sewn together
This world doesn't need me
I don't need me
They don't need me
She needs me
Cross over the line
The final hurdle
Let thy blade sing a blood song
Let your death be your reward
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XXXVII: Event horizon
You can see it can't you
You cannot
Can you finally see past the illusion
This final visual game
My eyes are not open windows
They are murals
Created to seem like the impossible
Bottomless joy
This is something that cracks
This changing illusion
It uses so much
But gives so little
A mask glued to my face
A neverending performance
A light that never dims
So that no one will ever think to find me
Because I always right there
Not locked in a cage
In only darkness
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XXXVI: Crash
It's coming
It's almost over I can feel it
The crushing weight
The built up gravity pressing me down
I'll be trapped then with the voices
You shouldn't have tried
Why did you?
You're so stupid
You're so stupid
You should dig deep
Dig your stupid out
Bleed out your fears
You should die
It's your only option
The only thing you can do right
You can hear us but they can't
We know your grief
Just listen to us
Kill yourself
You're so ugly
No one will love you
Waste of space
She won't ever hold you again
She's gone forever
There is nothing left for you
:iconmalcomblack:malcomblack 1 0
It's not like the stories is it
The smell
Human waste and burning hair
Entrails soaking the ground
Bile and fat slipping from organs
People every where
The worst isn't the smell
There are worse things than death
Like the ones who don't die quick
The mortally wounded yet immobilized
Trapped between life and death
Those torn asunder hoping
Waiting for an unattainable salvation
They are beyond help
That pain of shattered bones
The slow blood loss
This is war
Yes think on this
Lest your pride swell
This is your wake if you wield that power
The shadows are your inheritance
But also your curse
What would she say i wonder
As you offer blood and pain
Would she weep
Does she know what you've done?
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XXXIV: Misstep
Sometimes a mistake cannot be unmade
There is no apology no mercy
Then you are doomed
What have you done
Tell me they care
They don't
Tell me what you've done and i will make thee whole
That is what you want to hear
You wish for her comfort
Longing like a child pining for rest
There is no rest to be found here
You are lost
Your existence is a lie
Your hope as dust
Your truth as the swishing breeze
Cut it out
Cut out the sacrifice
Carve in the lesson and write your answer in blood
Do it
Do it
Just die
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XXXIII: Insistent
Prolonging the inevitable is not brave
Only the weak run from pain
Are you so?
Surviving the longest just means you die last
It doesn't save you from death
Why fight me
You win today
You won't win forever and I only need one win
You've exhausted your failsafes
Burned your bridges
Torn down your worth
Shredded your second chances
Give your soul to me
I will make thee whole
I will bring you peace
Just give me what you owe
Melissa cannot hear your screams
When the faces come through the walls
She can't see your blood dripping down the floor
Do you think she cares?
Silly child
:iconmalcomblack:malcomblack 1 0
Dual bows by malcomblack Dual bows :iconmalcomblack:malcomblack 1 0


Snoopy by ArthurHenri Snoopy :iconarthurhenri:ArthurHenri 99 6 rkgk by Kyokazu rkgk :iconkyokazu:Kyokazu 145 3 Delphi, the Augurey by Elvanlin Delphi, the Augurey :iconelvanlin:Elvanlin 283 11 The Norns by IrenHorrors The Norns :iconirenhorrors:IrenHorrors 4,225 59 Triple Goddess by IrenHorrors Triple Goddess :iconirenhorrors:IrenHorrors 6,653 129 Chiara by JuleeMClark Chiara :iconjuleemclark:JuleeMClark 59 5
Stop running. Stop being scared.
You're strong, and you can do anything.
Believe in yourself, and all is yours.
Is that so hard?
Watching people who can have the world in their hands
Waste away because they can't reach
Let me help
Let me be your strength
You're so much more than you think
You're someone's everything
You're someones best friend
You're you.
Shouldn't that be enough?
:iconnashinga-monisaki:Nashinga-Monisaki 2 1
Overwatch - REAPER by sadeceKAAN Overwatch - REAPER :iconsadecekaan:sadeceKAAN 1,433 3 Overwatch by SplashBrush Overwatch :iconsplashbrush:SplashBrush 2,731 166 Overwatch D.Va by aoandou Overwatch D.Va :iconaoandou:aoandou 1,664 31 Hanzo Overwatch by Yourbest Hanzo Overwatch :iconyourbest:Yourbest 2,461 52
She stands on top of her world,
As she sheds her clothing.
Her soul naked to the people below,
The pain she feels written on her face.
She sings to break the silence,
As the nurses struggle to understand.
A wound on her arm,
Deep to the bone.
She bites into it,
Salty blood drips as she rips a vein,
And she smears her bare breasts in her life.
Nursing staff stand below waiting to catch her if she falls.
The life pours out of her and she screams to release the tension.
Her mind unable to cope, she self-harms to end the struggle.
No other way out,
But the pain.
:iconmeliaelentari:meliaelentari 32 3
Contest: Drawing in the night by Hell-Alka Contest: Drawing in the night :iconhell-alka:Hell-Alka 382 25 (1/5) Psychotic Depression by DestinyBlue (1/5) Psychotic Depression :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 7,876 566
My Anxiety
Will you accept me? If I show you the real me?
No, not the me wrapped in pretty ribbons,
Meticulously layered in that vomit-inducing, festively designed wrapping paper you like so much
Those are the distractions I made for you
The real me, she's hidden in a deep dark place inside that carefully crafted box you see
And when she is no longer covered in all the pretend
There is nothing festive or pretty about her...
I never knew how easy it was to lock myself away forever with fear
Fear of rejection, pain, fear of the world beyond the make-shift walls I built myself
Not until reality showed me how disgusting people can be
The cruelty that was once myth, I now see, shining in the eyes of my closest friends
And it's staring me down, constantly
Every god damn day
Every god damn time I get too close!
Will you still love me? If I open myself up to you?
If I allow you to unravel that stupidly sarcastic ribbon?
If I don't stop you when you peel away strip after strip of that thin l
:iconmegsamirafauth:megsamirafauth 71 25
Dear Depression
Dear Depression,
When did you start?
To be honest I don't really know, but I do know I am ready for you to leave.
You make me overeat and want to do nothing but sleep.
I am sad all the time.
I'm scared.
I have no where to go.
I have  no where to run.
I wish I could go back to the times when I still had fun.
You make me yell.
You make me cry.
You make me want to forget about life.
I use to have so much to live for.
I had so much ambition.
Now I keep these feelings hidden because I fear people will only think I want attention.
Depression you are not my friend.
Go back to where you came from.
You are not  welcome here.
Nor do I want you near.
When will all this stop?
I want this to end.
I want to be free.
I want to be me.
The me no one sees.
:iconpuritychick23:Puritychick23 95 35





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