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Hunter X Hunter OC: Aristo Lonfeng
General Information
Name: Aristo Lonfeng
Age: 15
Birthday: March 18
Race: Human
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship Status: Currently Single
Occupation: Monk, Poacher Hunter.
Physical Appearance 
Height: 5'3
Weight: 120 pounds.
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Dark Brown 
Distinguishing Features: Yellow Teeth, Barefoot, Scars all over body.
Clothing Style: Dark Green Robe over Tattered Jeans and a Bright Blue T-Shirt. 
Nen and Combat
Nen Type: Specialist 
Nen Abilities: Can shapeshift his aura into a spectral version of a animal once he has it,s permission. However, it dies after a couple of hits and can only transform into one animal at a time.
Peaceful or Violent: Normally Peaceful, but Violent against anyone who hurts a innocent creature for fun. Also violent against People who destroy plants to make room for buildings.
Fighting Style: Aristo makes use of any plants near him and usually darts around until he can get in close and use Jujitsu, which he is fairy decent at.
:iconmalcolmstr:Malcolmstr 0 0
Hunter X Hunter: Let The Exams Begin!!! Part 1
(This story takes place 4 years after Gon takes the Hunter Exam)
I walked into the underground tunnels, not knowing what to expect. I felt a little uncomfortable, this was not what I was expecting. I would have to depend on my instincts here, and nothing else. It was too early to bring out weapons, besides they were not needed here. "Hey, know anything about the last exam", one contestant whispered to another. "It was incredibly short, only one person passed!" The other exclaimed, clearly not realizing I could hear their conversation as I walked by. Judging by their appearance, they looked like ordinary citizens, not at all strong with no visible weapons. I wondered how they got in in the first place, these people that were #45, #27 and #15. The other contestants concerned me a little bit, all with different weapons and equipment. They looked fairly skilled. I quickly jumped on top of a pipe a
:iconmalcolmstr:Malcolmstr 0 0
Hunter X Hunter: Let The Exams Begin!!! Part 2
(By the way, A monk teaches Aristo Nen later)
After a while, Morel had gradually increased his speed and pace to the point that everyone was full on running. I jumped onto a pipe and then to another one constantly, just like my defense against most predators in the wild. I noted that the 3 contestants that I heard earlier had already been left behind, along with a couple of others. I saw Tonpa and noticed that he was slowly but surely getting tired out, but unlike him, I had spent weeks running away from monsters, so I was nowhere near exhausted. For a big, old man, he sure is tough and durable. Guess that,s why he,s the one leading. I thought to myself, as I saw that Morel hadn't even broken a sweat.
I wondered how much farther we had to go. A lot of contestants were able to keep up, which was impressive considering the circumstances. I soon jumped down, sighting stairs far ahead and noting that the pipes ended there. Eventually, we reached them and as I ran, I got next to a bo
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Malcolm Sveloip by Malcolmstr Malcolm Sveloip :iconmalcolmstr:Malcolmstr 2 0 Aristo Lonfeng by Malcolmstr Aristo Lonfeng :iconmalcolmstr:Malcolmstr 0 0
Death Battle: Anton Chigurh Vs Joker Prelude
Tighe: These two men are two of the deadliest, cold-blooded killers in the multiverse!
Malcolm: The Joker, Clown Prince of Crime and archenemy of Batman.
Tighe: And Anton Chigurh, a man who decides your fate at the flip of a coin(not Two-Face!).
Malcolm: I,m Malcolm, and he's Tighe, we are heads of the FCO (Fictional Character Observatory).
Tighe: We are here today to analyze and see who would win in a DEATH BATTLE!

The Joker
Title: The Clown Prince of Crime
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'0
Weight: 160 pounds (173 kg)
Gender: Male

- Took over Arkham twice
- Killed the 1st Robin
- Survived falling off a cliff
- Walked out of a burning house unscathed
- Able to defeat Scorpion, Raiden and other Mortal Kombat combatants. (Non Canon)
- Can bring down Doomsday (Non Canon)

Malcolm: Batman,s archenemy, the Clown Prince of Crime is possibly one of the deadliest criminals in the DC
:iconmalcolmstr:Malcolmstr 1 1
Percy Jackson OC: Dziecko Lasu
Percy Jackson OC
Full Name: Dziecko Lasu.
Meaning of name: Child of the Forest (In Polish)
Nickname(s): Tree Hugger, Jonny Appleseed, Friend of all Satyr,s, Mr Scream-A-Lot.
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Date of birth: February 25, 2001
Zodiac sign: Pisces
Blood Type:
Birthplace: Warsaw
Current Residence: Central Park.
Places they lived: Yellowstone National Park, Mount Elbert, Everglades, Mount Mckinley.
Physical Features: Dark brown curly hair, bright green eyes, yellow teeth, unshaven goatee.
Appearance: Dziecko usually wears tattered light blue jeans but no shoes or socks. He also has on a dark brown T-shirt torn and ripped all over that has a giant green picture of a tree in the middle. When traveling, he has on a light green fleece coat. He is pretty short for his age, and has fair, light, peach-colored skin. He has a wildly unshaven goatee and yellowish teeth. His dark brown hair is short and curly amd his hands are well muscled. Dziecko,s body is covered in scars from th
:iconmalcolmstr:Malcolmstr 0 0
Daydream Creature by Malcolmstr Daydream Creature :iconmalcolmstr:Malcolmstr 0 0 Awakening of The Kracken by Malcolmstr Awakening of The Kracken :iconmalcolmstr:Malcolmstr 0 2 The Beuty of Nature by Malcolmstr The Beuty of Nature :iconmalcolmstr:Malcolmstr 0 2
Mature content
Fairy Tail OM (Original Magic) 1 :iconmalcolmstr:Malcolmstr 2 0
Bobobobobobobo OC Template
Blood Type:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Fist Skill:
:iconmalcolmstr:Malcolmstr 0 0
Bobobobobobo OC Backstory
The story of my Bo-Bo-Bo-Bo OC
Andes was once a humble mountain boy working to please the sacred llama god, Llamodious by sending Llamas to stay at the Llama hotel every day. Everything changed when the Wig Bro nation attacked and shaved the llama,s, using their hair to form wigs. After losing his only friends, Andes swore revenge and found one unshaven llama who he named Fred. He then rode Fred and travelled across the land, searching far and wide for a way to defeat the Hair Hunters, he eventually found the School of Super Fist,s where he rode straight through the wall of the class Gasser just happened to be in, giving Gasser his ticket to freedom. Andes then ran into the Hajike Gang and after learning they were attacking the Wig Bros, he joined and was sent as a spy for his 1st mission, sneaking into the Wig Bros base. It was soon after that he saw Bo-Bo-Bo-Bo-Bo fight and destroy the Wig Bro Base. Believing there was no longer a reason to seek revenge, Andes went back to the Hajike
:iconmalcolmstr:Malcolmstr 0 0
Prelude: Slappy Vs Chucky
RebelMalcolm: You may think dolls are innocent playthings, only made to bring children joy and laughter. But in reality, they're watching their owner, waiting for the perfect opportunity to cause chaos.
Bill Nye: And when these two come to life, they will annoy you to death with the fact that they can come back to life after each of your attempts to kill them.  
RebelMalcolm: Slappy, the malicious ventriloquist dummy who always tries to make his current owner his slave.
Bill Nye: And Chucky, the killer good guy doll who murders anyone in the way of his goal of transferring his soul into the body of a little boy.
RebelMalcolm: I'm RebelMalcolm and he,s Bill Nye
Rebel Malcolm: and it,s our job to analyze the weapons, armor and skills to find out who would win..... a Death Battle.
Slappy the Dummy
Nickname: The BAAAAD Boy
First Appearance: Night of the Living Dummy
Current Body: Ventriloquist Dummy
Type of Soul: Soul
:iconmalcolmstr:Malcolmstr 3 0
Rise of the Dead by Malcolmstr Rise of the Dead :iconmalcolmstr:Malcolmstr 1 0
Mature content
Kratos the Raging Spartan :iconmalcolmstr:Malcolmstr 1 0


Daily Paint 1958# Wottermelon by Cryptid-Creations Daily Paint 1958# Wottermelon :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 5,236 115 Uraraka~ by Kazenokaze Uraraka~ :iconkazenokaze:Kazenokaze 1,208 26 Daily 2 - A Munchlax Paradise by Cryptid-Creations Daily 2 - A Munchlax Paradise :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 507 14
The Lonely Whale's Cry for Love

The Lonely Whale’s Cry for Love
:icontechgnotic: techgnotic
:iconharousel: harousel
52 Hertz Whale:
Is Anyone Out There?
Each year he makes his migration south from the Aleutian Islands to a breeding area in the Pacific Ocean parallel to Central California, looking for a mate. Unlike other blue and fin whales, his more than 6000 miles a year round-trip swim is a solitary one. He does not travel along with the blues or the fins, because he is neither. He is most probably either a hybrid b
:icontechgnotic:techgnotic 2,916 1,230
Bobobo-bo Bobo-bo vs The Mask The Fight
Breloom: Alright we've analyzed our combatants to their cores and looked at it from every angle
Mewtwo: and considered every possibility.
Doom: Now entertain DOOM with a DEATH BATTLE!!!!
Warning the following fight is canon
The Mask walked out of the warehouse with his usual deranged smile on his face. While boring and predictable he still got enjoyment from completely slaughtering those thugs. Wait they were thugs right? Bah who cares their dead now let the morgue's problem now.
"Hmmm where to go where to go?" He formed a telescope out of his eye as he said this. He was scanning the city looking for someone anyone to have some more fun with. As long as they had a better sense of humor then the last guy...what was his name Pizzaface?
He got his answer when he heard what sounded like something was falling in a cartoonish way. In a exaggerated
:iconbreloom-da-bassgod:Breloom-Da-Bassgod 47 98
# Character Creation [Updated]
Just simple rules to help you future members to create a character~
● Not too much angsty/tragic past, this is group was made out for the fun of it and we don't need drama-llamas all around~
● You can have only ONE OC for the group and once your OC gets accepted, remember that you can't change name, nor gender
● Check the Census blog to be sure that your OC's name is different from any other name written on that list
● Do NOT make your OC being related to any of the canon characters from the original show/manga Noragami
● Any of the God OCs can't be a one of the 7 major Gods
● The God OC is allowed to own only ONE Shinki from the start
● No multicolored eyes nor multicolored hair (like rainbow hair to be clear)
● Shinki are allowed to have piercings (just don't overdo with them), but not allowed to get tattoos. As they get their memory erased, this means that th
:iconnoragami:Noragami 19 81
Death Battle!-The Human Torch vs Firestorm by Caharvey Death Battle!-The Human Torch vs Firestorm :iconcaharvey:Caharvey 3 8 Ocean Dream by UniDesignStudio Ocean Dream :iconunidesignstudio:UniDesignStudio 37 22 Commission: Traein 17 by DrCrafty Commission: Traein 17 :icondrcrafty:DrCrafty 602 149 Mega-ambipom by miguetricker Mega-ambipom :iconmiguetricker:miguetricker 52 14
Percy Jackson Blank Character profile
Full Name:
Meaning of name:
Date of birth:
Zodiac sign:
Blood Type:
Birthplace: Where were they born?
Current Residence: Where do they live now?
Places they lived:
Physical Features:
Apperence: Including body type, clothing, physical features, ect. At lest 1-2 paragraphs.
Distinguishing features:Scars, Tattoos, birthmarks ect.
Favouite colour(s):
Least Favouite colour(s):
Favouite food(s):
Least Favouite Food(s):
Favoute Type(s) of music:
Least Favouite type(s) of music:
Favouite Band(s)/Singer(s):
Least Favouite Band(s)/Singer(s):
Personality: What makes them them? At lest 1-2 paragraphs
Step-parents: (If they have any)
Other notable relatives:
Past Relationships:
Traits: both the good and the bad.
Fears: what are they scared of ?
Notable favouites:
Favouite Camp activity:
Least Favouite Camp Activity:
Favouite Weapon: the wepon they like most/uses
:iconneon-dusk-adopts:Neon-Dusk-Adopts 136 19
Spirit Otter by Tammara Spirit Otter :icontammara:Tammara 292 123 PP: Porthos by hammertheshark PP: Porthos :iconhammertheshark:hammertheshark 14 13 Pokimono: Mewtwo by ZenithOmocha Pokimono: Mewtwo :iconzenithomocha:ZenithOmocha 1,963 546 Realistic Oshawott by Twarda8 Realistic Oshawott :icontwarda8:Twarda8 3,516 311 13 Nights 2012 King Ghidorah by Grimbro 13 Nights 2012 King Ghidorah :icongrimbro:Grimbro 908 43


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