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Multiverse: Terrifics
Earth-T was a world filled with mystery and wonder, and facing these things together was a group commonly called "The Terrifics", after their founder. For years, the group explored the limits of time and space, until an attempted journey into what Mr. Terrific called "The Dark Multiverse" resulted in the discovery of a horror that left three of their members dead. Fleeing for their lives, the Terrifics discovered the call to arms against the Anti-Monitor and responded.


Phantom Girl


Mr. Terrific

Plastic Man


Multiverse: Superfriends
Earth-2 was a wonderful place, filled with light and hope for the future. However, no world is perfect. Metahuman crimes had become a fact of life for the people of this world. In response to this came the Superfriends, a team of super-powered heroes and adventurers banded together in the name of truth, justice and peace. 

Hawkman: Archeologist Carter Hall is the modern reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian prince who received the blessings of the heroic god, Horus. Rediscovering the memories of his past lives across the centuries, Carter discovered where his previous incarnations had hidden their caches of equipment and used it as a basis to create the costumed identity of the Hawkman.

Wonder Twins: Twin siblings Zan and Jayna are aliens from the planet Exxor. Orphaned when a plague swept across the planet, the pair were adopted by the owner of a circus, Dentwil, who put them on display in his sideshow, as due to a recessive trait in Exxorian biology, both twins exhibited the power to shape-shift, Zan into forms based on water and Jayna into animals. By Exxorian law, the twins were Dentwil's legal property, and could not leave his care until they were twenty years old. As they grew older, the twins became friends with a sideshow laugh-maker named Illik. Illik grew enamored with Zan and Jayna and elected to raise them as a surrogate father. He also introduced them to his carnival star attraction-the elasti-monk known as Gleek. Although Illik cared for them a great deal, he also recognized that the circus was the only suitable way of life for a mutant. Zan and Jayna wanted more however. As Zan and Jayna grew into adolescence, they grew disenfranchised over the fact that they received nothing from Dentwil aside from food and shelter. They approached the circus owner and demanded payment for their services, but Dentwil refused – citing that he owed no legal obligation to them, as they were his private property. Finally, the twins had had enough and they used their shape changing powers to force Dentwil into relinquishing his hold over them.
Shortly thereafter, Zan and Jayna stole one of the many starships that the carnival used for their interplanetary circuit. Taking Gleek along as a companion, they rocketed free of Exxor leaving the carnival behind them forever. Eventually, their wanderings brought them to Earth, where the pair became adventurers and soon came to the attention of the Superfriends.

Green Lantern

El Dorado

Wonder Woman

Apache Chief


Black Vulcan





Multiverse: Hero Alliance
Earth-81's first superhero was the Golden Guardsman. It's second was Victor. Together, the pair founded the Guardsmen, a team dedicated to truth, justice and peace. Though fifty years have come and gone since that day, most heroes didn't last so long. By the early 90s, Golden Guardsman had disappeared into his secret identity and Victor, disgusted by the younger generation of heroes, who seemed more concerned with fame and fortune than actually helping others, quit the team. Sadly, only two years after Victor left, an old enemy of the Guardsmen reappeared, seeking revenge, and destroyed the team and their entire headquarters. Wracked with guilt, Victor began gathering a new team of heroes, intent of molding them into worthy successors of the Guardsmen, but decided to call them by a new name... the Hero Alliance.

Gemini Plus


Golden Guard


Victor: To the world at large, Vic Torrence is simply the son of midwestern farmers and a world-famous health and fitness guru, still displaying amazing feats of strength and endurance well into his 50s and running a chain of health clubs that span the country. Unknown to all but a select few, he is also Victor, easily the most famous hero ever to exist. Blessed with super strength, flight and invulnerability, Victor has the power to bring down most of his would-be challengers single-handedly... though he DOES become annoyed when people seem to keep believing he has powers he simply does not. A founding member of the original Guardsmen, Victor left the team when the newer members seemed more interested in being celebrities than heroes. The death of the Guardsmen weighs heavily of Vic, who feels if he had at least kept his old communicator so they could contact him, he might have been able to save them. As he works to build the new Hero Alliance, Victor vows to instill in the team the ideals of the knights of Camelot, who are his inspiration.



Starcorp Man
Multiverse: Champions of Angor
Earth-7, known by its natives as Angor, is a world rife with the strange and exotic. Alien technologies, ancient gods, powerful magics and super-science run rampant.  Facing against those who would use these forces for their own greedy purposes are bands of mighty heroes, and no heroes so great as the Champions of Angor!




Silver Sorceress





Jack B. Quick
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