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Multiverse: Defenders
Earth-28 was a beautiful and varied world, rich with cultures and history. In times of crisis, the people all knew they could count on their protectors, a team of their world's greatest heroes, the Defenders! One of the first worlds to fall under the assault of the monstrous Ant-Monitor and his antimatter-demons, only one member of the Defenders escaped his reality to warn others of the coming threat.


Tomorrow Woman: TV reporter Clara Kendall is actually a mutant, born a few hundred thousand years before her rightful time. Unknown to anyone, Clara possesses a four-lobed brain, which gives her amazing psychic powers.

Solarman: Simon Peterson was an astronaut serving aboard a research station in a orbit near the sun. When solar flare activity threatened the station, Simon seemingly sacrificed himself to get the rest of the crew away in time, only to emerge from the explosions transformed into a solar-powered golden haired Adonis with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men. He is incredibly strong and invulnerable, can manipulate gravity and can even fire powerful energy blasts.

Triumph: His world's greatest hero, William MacIntyre began his life an ordinary man. One day, browsing an antique store, William freed a djinn who had been held captive in a vase for CENTURIES. In gratitude, the djinn offered William one wish. Will wished for the power to be a superhero, like his childhood idols. Now, as Triumph, William wields control over the electromagnetic fields of the planet.

Moon Maiden:

Raptor: Billionaire Thomas Mason is secretly the tech-based hero of Manhatten known as the Raptor. Originally donning his costume and arsenal of gadgets as a whim, Thomas found crime-fighting to his liking and kept it up. Among the rest of the team, Tom frequently jokes about WISHING he had some grander origin story.

Riku: A marine humanoid, Riku's people live in the stretch of ocean we call the Bermuda Triangle, and for centuries, they sank any ships that got too close to their home. Finally, fed up with the surface dwellers' constant polluting and disrespect for the ocean, the high council selected Riku as their vanguard, his mission to weaken the humans' defenses. Arriving on the surface and fighting even the mighty Triumph to a standstill, Riku was amazed when he saw his enemy risk himself to save a child from collapsing rubble. Amazed any human could show such kindness and compassion, Riku explained his mission. Bringing the Defenders to his homeland, Riku was able to convince the High Council that not ALL humans were to blame and now serves as his people's ambassador to the surface world.
Multiverse: Defenders of Dynatron City
On Earth-833, the magnificent metropolis of Dynatron City stands out as a shining beacon of the miracle of the Atomic Age. Unfortunately, the city is under constant siege by the very man who designed it, the mutated genius Dr. Mayhem. Rising from the ruins of one of the mad doctor's own evil schemes rose a group of mutated superhumans who have dedicated their lives to stopping Mayhem and those like him once and for all. These are the Defenders of Dynatron City!

Miss Megawhatt: Mary Middlefield was a worker for the Dynatron City Electric Company. While investigating a strange surge of energy usage at the Proto-Cola bottling plant, Mary and some of her friends were captured by Dr. Mayhem and left for dead. In the explosion, Mary was transformed into a being of pure electric power, capable of absorbing and discharging electrical energy as she sees fit.

Jet Headstrong: College football star Brett Headlong was taking a summer job as a delivery driver for the Proto-Cola company when the group was exposed to Dr. Mayhem's mutation-inducing Proto-Cola syrup. The explosions of energy and chemicals mutated Brett's body, giving him superhuman strength, near-invulnerability and the power to launch his own head like a missile. In this state, Jet has the ability to remotely control his body, so long as he can see where it is and what it is doing.

Monkey Kid: Originally one of Dr. Mayhem's lab animals, the then unnamed monkey escaped from his cage and was exposed to the Proto-Cola syrup formula and was partially evolved, granting him human-level intelligence and speech. Unfortunately, the transformation didn't endear him to his master, who began to use the transformed animal as his personal whipping boy. When the people who would become the Defenders were left to drown in Proto-Cola syrup, he finally decided to rebel against his master and broke one of the electrical cables overhead before dropping it into the formula, inducing what he calls the "Mutant fizz". Covered in the energized syrup, he was mutated further, giving him the power to create banana-shaped constructs he can throw to cause various effects. After their first adventure, the Defenders unanimously voted Monkey Kid in as their leader, much to the humble primate's chagrin.

Buzzsaw Girl

Radium Dog

Multiverse: Terrifics
Earth-T was a world filled with mystery and wonder, and facing these things together was a group commonly called "The Terrifics", after their founder. For years, the group explored the limits of time and space, until an attempted journey into what Mr. Terrific called "The Dark Multiverse" resulted in the discovery of a horror that left three of their members dead. Fleeing for their lives, the Terrifics discovered the call to arms against the Anti-Monitor and responded.

Brimstone: Joseph Chamberlain was born in York Hills, a small town literally in the middle of nowhere. Once a prosperous coal-mining town, York Hills had fallen on hard times with the world moving away from the use of fossil fuels, with most of the residents having moved away to find work elsewhere, leaving the majority of the town abandoned. Joe, desperate to escape his dead-in life, made the mistake of standing at a crossroads and declaring he would do ANYTHING to do so. Confronted by an enigmatic stranger, Joe was offered the power to put his town back on the map and bring himself fame in the process. Not even considering what was happening, Joe accepted the stranger's bargain and was transformed into the flaming entity the press would dub "Brimstone". Realizing the stranger had been a demon, Joe and his sister Annie left town to hunt down the creature and stop his bargain making for good!

Phantom Girl: Linnya Wazzo is an alien from the planet Bgztl, possessing the powers of flight, invisibility and intangibility. When Linnya was a young child, she and her parents planned a holiday on the distant world of Bismoll as the Magno Ball Championships were being held there that year. During their journey in the family spacecraft, the Wazzo family became embroiled in a space storm. In an attempt to save Linnya's life, her parents put her in the only escape pod and launched her to safety. However, Linnya's father miscalculated the projection for the escape pod and accidently sent Linnya further into the storm, causing her to be pulled through a black hole and into another dimension! Trapped for years, Linnya survived in the hostile environment as best she could, until she was discovered by Mr. Terrific, Metamorpho and Plastic Man during one of their excursions into the multiverse. Returned to her dimension of origin after more than a decade, Linnya promised to help her new friends until they could find her homeworld.

Damage: Born in Atlanta, Ethan Avery joined the United States army after high school, hoping to do something good for the world. Ethan served one tour in Afghanistan, where he gained a reputation for excellence. After his tour had finished Ethan volunteered for the Damage program, an experimental procedure which would give Ethan superpowers. Colonel Marie Jonas interviewed Ethan and accepted him into the program due to his beliefs about heroism. After several trials and tests in a secret facility known as the Burrow, Ethan was given the Damage serum, a drug designed by Doctor Vess which was based off of the Miraclo drug. This serum would allow Ethan to transform into a hulking behemoth known as Damage for one hour a day, although he would have no control over his actions. Ethan would go on several missions as Damage where he would completely obliterate the hostile force. His first mission comprised of eliminating a Vlatvian fascist military group, which he was able to accomplish in eight minutes and thirteen seconds. Another one of his missions was to massacre a militant group in the African nation of Bialya, which he also succeeded in doing. Ethan began to doubt his role because he could never remember what he did as Damage, each time however Colonel Jonas would tell him that every bullet he took as Damage would save a soldier who would've been killed in his place. Eventually, however, Ethan began to gain recollection of his time as Damage, recognizing the horror he transformed into as himself after catching a glimpse of his reflection in a window. Realizing he was being treated like a BOMB instead of a hero, Ethan fled the military, seeking the help of Mr. Terrific to restore his full mind in his Damage form.

Mr. Terrific: Michael Holt was a scientist, a futurist, an inventor, a business mogul and an adventurer. After the tragic loss of his beloved wife, Paula, Michael shut himself off from the world and threw himself into his work. It would not be until a twist of fate united him with the other three founder members of the Terrifics that he dared to open himself up to others again. Aside from using his company's campus as their headquarters, he supplies the team with his amazing technology.

Plastic Man: In the days of the mobsters, Patrick "The Eel" O'Brian was a legend. A master infiltrator, safecracker, lockpick and second-story man, he worked with some of the biggest names in organized crime and eventually formed a small gang of his own. Then, one night, everything changed when Patrick and his men staged a daring break-in at a plastics factory. Just as Patrick had opened the safe in his usual slick manner, he turned to find his gang pummeled into unconsciousness by a masked figure. Barely managing to elude the figure, Patrick rushed for the door and his getaway car when a vat of an experimental plastic formula tipped over and dumped its contents onto him! Amazingly surviving the encounter, albeit in horrible pain, Patrick managed to stumble away to safety. It wasn't until weeks later he awoke in a local monastery to find his wounds bandaged. After his wounds healed, Patrick thanked the monks for their kindness and left. It wasn't until later Patrick discovered the chemicals in the molten plastic had saturated his every cell, giving him the power to stretch and mold his body into amazing shapes and forms. Swearing to God to turn over a new leaf, Patrick began to use his new powers to FIGHT crime instead of cause it.

Sideways: Student Derek James was in Gotham City with his adoptive mother, Helen, when a dimensional rift opened. Falling through, Derek was trapped in another reality for five days before he found his way out. Within the month, Derek discovered his journey had given him the power to open rifts in space and time and travel to any place he could imagine. Seeing a chance to become wealthy, Derek designed a costume and set out with a camera to become an internet star... only to zap into the middle of a supervillain bank heist. Derek ended up using his powers to subdue the would-be robbers and was hailed as a hero.

Metamorpho: Soldier of fortune Rex Mason was hired by businessman Simon Stagg to discover the legendary Orb of Ra. In Egypt, Rex discovered the lost tomb of the pharaoh Ahk-Ton, said to be the Orb's resting place. Discovering the ancient king's burial chamber, Rex found the glowing orb set into the lib of the sarcophagus and, not thinking twice about it, reached out to pull it free. The moment his skin brushed the stone, cosmic energies flowed through him, transforming Rex Mason into the creature who would become known as Metamorpho, the Element Man! 
Multiverse: First Class
Earth-211. It all started in 1989. That year, on the same day, 43 women delivered healthy babies... despite none of them having exhibited signs of pregnancy until labor began. Most of the children were abandoned or put up for adoption. Seven of the lucky ones were adopted by Sir Reginald Hargreeves, noted scientist, inventor, explorer, adventurer, and unknown to anyone on Earth, a space alien disguised as a human. Raising them as his own children, Reginald trained the seven to control their unique powers and abilities as they emerged. On their tenth birthday, Reginald revealed his dream to his children; for them to become a team to protect the world from danger. On that day was born the Umbrella Academy, a school for people with special powers to learn to use them for the betterment of mankind. Now, eighteen years later, the inaugural class of the Umbrella Academy carry on their father's dream, protecting the world and finding other metahumans like themselves.

Kraken: Diego is, by his OWN admission, rather untalented in comparison to his siblings. All he can do is go without breathing as long as he wants. To make up for this, Reginald left Diego under the tutelage of his adventuring companion and personal bodyguard, Abhijat. A trained Rajput warrior, Abhijat spent years honing Diego's body into a perfect fighting machine, training him in over 15 different martial arts and also in the art of the blade. Now a skilled swordfighter, as well as a knife thrower and juggler, Diego is a truly dangerous combatant, actually able to use his sheer will to make his thrown blades CURVE in mid-air to strike his targets.

Rumor: Allison has the power to alter reality simply by LYING. She most frequently uses this skill to modify an opponent's behavior, making enemies surrender to turn against each other. Discovering a love for acting at a young age, Allison is now a famous actress. (She admits to having used her powers to bypass Hollywood's red tape by convincing directors to give her good parts early on... as well as causing some leading men and producers who wouldn't take "no" for an answer to leave her alone.) She has recently returned to the team after discovering her daughter, Claire, has developed powers of her own. The little girl couldn't be happier to spend more time with her aunt and uncles and dreams of being part of her mom's team one day.

Horror: Ben is something of the unofficial middle child of the Hargreeves family, having been somewhat screwed up as a kid, terrified of his own powers to summon monsters from another dimension through his abdomen... not that it wasn't an understandable fear. Reginald spent many weeks helping Ben exercise his control of his powers through meditation techniques, helping him learn to summon the creatures he needed on command. He keeps several of his smaller "pets" hidden under his cape in the field, ready to strike in surprise.

Spaceman: Leader of the team, Luther is superhumanly strong and nearly invulnerable. A mission to Mars to rescue a stranded astronaut team went horribly wrong and left Luther on the verge of death. Reginald, desperate to save his son, used an experimental serum of his invention to heal Luther's wounds... unfortunately, it caused his body from the shoulders down to transform into the body of a gorilla. Once he got over the shock, Luther was actually ok with the change, as his already formidable strength had increased ten times over. Because gorillas do not have the full dexterity of a human, Reginald was forced to surgically replace Luther's joints with prostheses made from alien technology.

Jumper: Joe has the power to teleport himself through time and space at will, which has seemingly stopped his aging process, leaving him stuck as a twelve year old boy. For a time, Joe was bitter as he watched his brothers and sisters grow up and find lives of their own outside their father's mansion, while he stayed the same. Finally, after having spent two weeks trapped in the Mesozoic Era, he apologized to his family, though they assured him they didn't hold anything he'd said or done against him.

Séance: Klaus is something of the Hargreeves family's resident free spirit, but having psychic powers can do that to a person. A highly skilled telepath and telekinetic, Klaus' greatest power, and the reason for his codename, is the ability to summon the spirits of the dead to the material plane to talk to them. Because the spirits are little more than ghosts and cannot touch anything on our plane of existence without Klaus severely exhausting himself through concentration, Reginald suggested an alternate strategy to the young boy. For the next several years, Klaus would spend hours each day summoning the spirits of the greatest strategists, warriors, weaponmasters and thinkers in history, learning everything they had to teach him. In his down time, Klaus can be found in his room, working on his latest piece of art under the direction of one of the great masters of the Renaissance... or maybe just Bob Ross.

The White Violin: Vanya is arguably the most powerful member of the team, able to release devastating waves of force energy. To help her control this power, Reginald had her take up music, particularly the violin, at which she showed a true talent. Now, Vanya is the first chair violinist of the Boston symphony orchestra, and has recently become a published author, having written a best-selling autobiography detailing her and her siblings' childhoods. 
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