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Ryu Hayabusa

I couldn't resist doing a wallpaper of my all time favorite gaming character.
For those of you who don't know who he is, shame on you! XP
He's an uber sexy ninja who loves eating sushi and runs an antiques shop in his spare time.
This guy rocks so much, and I love playing him in Ninja Gaiden, he's such an awesome character with such a deep history to himself and his clan.
He has the coolest weapons ever in the game too, and with the upcoming Ninja Gaiden 2 being released world wide in June I've been getting myself hyped over the new game, which will be much harder and have more weapons and enemies than ever before.

So this is for all you Ryu fans out there, or those of you that love ninja's. Enjoy! ^_^

Ryu Hayabusa & Ninja Gaiden are (C) Techmo & Team Ninja
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Claws like Wolverine!. BADASS!.
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he is a Badass Ninja!
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He has always been my favorite character since DOA since I was a kid. I need to play NG.
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He's my fav character on the game 8D WOO WOO HANDSTAND KICKIN'
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Awesome pic of Hayabusa, well wallpaper
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A impressive depiction of Ryu Hayabusa, always liked him for some reason. I am inclined to agree with some of the earlier comments, he would be a wonderful addition to the Mortal Kombat roster. At any rate, well done, keep it up.
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so this is where the halo hayabusa came from...
Can't wait to see how this guy rocks in "Ninja Gaiden 3"!

Very cool pic here! Nicely done!
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team ninja did a good job with ninja gaiden I LOVE that game!!
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there is a reason he is known as the singular superninja.
one of few people able to defeat Chuck Norris.
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great ! this is just what i wanted to hear :D, where he lives? he has been invited to join my group of strong warriors , you are invited to join if you want too
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Hell yes I'll join! I think he lives in his antique shop, but I personally believe he resides in awesomeness!
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i know tis is really late...but, i spotted this wall paper about 2 years back and i found it REALLY nice but never knew who made it...
today, i have finally found out.
great wallpaper u've created there ^^
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ryu is the shit. he makes chuck norris look bad. lol!
Cool wallpaper i want muscle like him :P
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Very awesome! I'm a Ryu Hayabusa fan myself.
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