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I have been working on some card art for the classic 1990 HeroQuest board game. How Event Cards work, is that before the Hero Players move, the Evil Wizard Player (Zargon in the US; Morcar in the UK) rolls a Combat Die (a special die marked with skulls and shields that are used to note hits and blocks in combat). If the die result is a Black Shield (basically, a 1 in 6 chance), then the Evil Wizard Player draws an Event Card. This is not a normal rule, but a house rule to make the game a little more interesting. It is like rolling for wandering monsters in Dungeons & Dragons, but in this case, a lot of other unpredictable occurrences can happen.

Here are the meaning for each picture (from top to bottom):

1. Wandering Monster - A monster (as noted in the Quest Notes) comes out of nowhere to attack a random Hero.
2. Foot Caught - One random Hero got his foot caught and cannot move this turn.
3. Torch Blowout - All Hero's visibility are reduced to adjacent (including diagonal) spaces only, for one turn (or more).
4. Ghostly Dancer - All male Heroes have to pass a Mind test to avoid becoming paralyzed (caught in a trance) for that turn.
5. Treasure Map - An undiscovered chest is placed on the map, and all it's contents (traps and treasures) are revealed to the players.

Those are not the final set, as I'm still working on the others (eight more to go), and still thinking about more random events (both good and ill) to throw at the brave Heroes!

UPDATE: I cannot find the original picture. It is not lost forever, just misplaced among a whole lot of papers. The picture contain more finished (more or less) images.
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