Hi again, fellow malazanites!

We have our first entry to the God is Not Willing Romance cover contest, and you should all check it out because it is hilarious! You can see it here, if you need inspiration for your own entry:


Speaking of entries, who else is planning on participating?

Tattersail, out.
How's everybody doing? I hope you're all very busy with your contest entries! For inspiration you can check out the prologue to The God is Not Willing here:


I've made a folder in the gallery for the entries, you'll find it at the very bottom.

On an unrelated note, you should all follow Steven Erikson on Facebook, he is straight up hilarious. You want Malazan memes? He'll give you Malazan memes!

Tattersail, out!
The God is Not Willing, the first book in Erikson's new Karsa trilogy, will be released November 12th 2019 (I hope), and marks a pivotal change in Erikson's writing. He is stepping away from epic fantasy and is trying his hand at epic ROMANCE*. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to design the cover with this new genre in mind.

Prizes and deadline to be announced!

Have fun!

*obviously not true
Hi guys,

I'm alive, although I've been absent for a very long time and have left this group to its own devices. Sorry about that. Life gets in the way, you know.

I see our little guid has grown, which is amazing, and all the artwork you're putting out is just wonderful. Keep it up!

I hope to get this guild started and active again, get some contests going and whatnot. What would you like to see from this group? Is there any particular contest themes or topics  you guys have in mind? Any activities you'd like to participate in?

The suggestion box is open!

 -Tattersail, out.
The Calendar is on again this year

Hi everyone,

Like in the last three years the Malazan Wiki will host an Advent Calendar again in December. It's a tradition now, I guess ;)

At first always huge thanks to everyone who submitted to the last calendars and made them possible. Hope you will join again :D

Like last year the calendar will start at December 1st and we will unveil every day a never before seen Malazan artwork from one of our awesome artists.
To change things a bit up we would like to do this year a themed calendar. Our current idea for a theme would be "Reunion"
but we would like to hear your opinions and ideas. What do you think about a theme?

If you want to join just leave a message below.

As always, please keep your image secret until it is unveiled on the calendar. We don't want to spoil the surprise for the fans.
The images don't have to be straight forward Malazan fan art, something festive with a Malazan spin would also be great.

In case that you need some inspiration or descriptions, we are always glad to help.

Please submit your contributions by the 15th of November so that we can plan the calendar ahead of time.
If we have more than 25 artists wanting to take part, we will create a waiting list.
If you submit your image after the deadline, we won't be able to guarantee your place in the calendar.

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