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Celebration and defeat! - ch3 The Trap is Closed2 by Malasorte504
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to end everything! Those of you who follows my journals knows that I have some serious issues with depression! I really thought I can handle in alone but I was wrong! This depression is more than I can handle, I don't have enough power! I already thought about suicide! And unfortunately things are going that way! I hoped for many things to accomplish in my life including here! But its not gonna happen! Nothing I want is working to my favor! Everything/everyone is against me and I don't see the way-out of this! I felt this for a long time but recently my life became worse than ever and its too much! My dear friends! Thank you for all of you! I had many fun here! You guys make me stay here this long. I can't thank you enough for being my friends for this litle while. I'll miss you all!


Celebration and defeat! - ch 4 - Ungoliant's Plan2

Upon arriving Alessandra stepped forward and pushed the button which triggered a loud noise. That noise served as the doorbell’s sound. A few minutes passed and the door opened widely and as it opened there stood Dr. Helena Gorkijeeva. Her expression was calm but if someone knew her that person could discover her true emotions behind her expressions. Emotions like happiness and urge to do her job. Gwen witnessed some times how Helena Gorkijeeva usually works, that eagerness can scare even the most fearless persons.


    -          So, my dear Gwendolyn! Did you brought what I was waiting for? – Asked Helena Gorkijeeva with a tone in her voice which is none other than craziness. This is the easiest way to describe that tone. – Honestly I can’t wait to make my way with little Ms. Priscilla Alcott here. I prepared everything so if you would be so kind to bring her in, we can start immediately.


Hearing Helena’s words Gwendolyn became a little reluctant but she knew that Theodora’s plan must be executed wether she like how the others doing their part or not. As Helena Gorkijeeva led the way, the four women with their hostage crossed the health center and entered a little side room. That was Helena’s little domain where she brainwashed or hypnotised the poor girls who was unlucky enough to complete Ungoliant’s training and selected to finally join the organization. It was a little room, its walls painted in white without any pictures or medical illustrations. Beside the wall the room’s right side there were Helena Gorkijeeva’s rose-wood desk with a cozy officechair and with a big, white table standing right in the middle and it’s surrounding by monitors. Those monitors necessary in the process of brainwashing and hypnosis. Gwendolyn brought Priscilla to the chair and started to cuff her into the device. There were metal cuffs separately for each limbs, more precisely one for each wrists and ankles. Gwendolyn tightened the cuffs on Priscilla’s ankles, then proceeded to tighten the cuffs on Priscilla’s wrists. Gwendolyn tightened those cuffs and waited for Helena to say if she needs something else.


    -          Well, thank you Gwendolyn. – Said Helena Gorkijeeva. – Now please step back and I’ll wake up our important Torjan horse, I mean guest.


As this is said, Helena proceeded to wake Priscilla up. She brought out a little bottle of smelling-salt and put it under Priscilla’s nose. Only moments after this Priscilla started to wake up while making faces like she smelled something horrible. She opened her eyes slowly and looked around her. Everything seemed foggy and her head was still spinned after she was chloroformed.


    -          (What’s happening here?) – Thought Priscila to herself while she struggled to make her eyes see sharply again. – (Oh yes! I remeber. I was attacked by Ungoliant’s ninjas and after a little fight with those almost faceless bitches I was overpowered by Ungoliant giant figured, blonde killing machine. And even thought I managed to free myself from her grasp I was caught by the ninjas and they chloroformed me. Which means now I’m a prisoner of Ungoliant. Great! Now I’m sure I’ll never be part of the Avengers, although I’m not even sure if I ever be leaving this place alive.)


While these thoughts run through Priscilla’s mind and she tried to really regain her consciousness, the four women slowly surrounded her in a circle around the chair. As Priscilla woke up more and more her vision also cleared little by little. After a few minutes she clearly see that she’s surrounded by four women. Among them there are three who she’s familiar with. Gwendolyn, Ungoliant’s giant figured, blonde killing machine. Dr. Helena Gorkijeeva who was her psychologist and also a good friend with all of her and Avery’s friends. And the final one Lucille Grayson, a good friend of hers and a trusted member of the alliance which consisted of the AUS and the Avengers. The fourth woman was a stranger to her.


    -          Welcome Ms. Alcott. – Said Helena and smiled at her newest patient/victim. – Please don’t be scared you’re in good hands, I assure you. And after I finished with you you can leave. Of course with some conditions that you’ll not even be able to recall. – As Helena said this her smile became bigger and eventually she began to laugh hysterically.


    -          You’re very kind Ms. Gorkijeeva but honestly I don’t need your treatment and even if I need it I don’t want to waste your precious time. I think we can make another appoinment. Maybe next year, this time around. I think I’ll be free that time. Is that sounds good for you? – Priscilla tried to talk herself out of her hopeless situation but it didn’t seemed to work.


    -          Oh Ms. Alcott, you try to bargain here but it not necessary. I’ll give you a full treatment priceless. – As Helena said this her face strained like she’s equilibrate on the small border between sanity and insanity.


Because Priscilla understand that her situation will not change and the fear started to grasps her heart she turned her head from Helena’s strained face to one of the other women she knew, Lucille Grayson.


    -          Lucille, Lucille Grayson! Is that you? What are you doing here? – Priscilla tried to understand why would be here one of her friends. Lucille is a police officer and she famous about disliking Ungoliant to the extent that sometimes she may kill even citizens if she finds out they’re involved with Ungoliant.


    -          How kind of you to ask, my little Priscilla. Or should I call you Prissy? I know you like it. What am I doing here, you asked. Isn’t it obvious? I’m here because I’m on Ungoliant’s side. I got very tired of being a good policewoman and trying to do the right thing while Ungoliant just does what it want and nobody can touch them. Even if the police led by my dear leader Mayor Kendra Kerr earn some credit, they can’t really take on this organization. Whenever the police actually manages to captured one of their minions, they’re not talking at all and rather spend their entire life in jail rather than revealing something useful. And when some of them want to speak and make a good deal with the prosecutors somehow they’re all dies in mysterious accidents. How is the police can really hope to beat Ungoliant in those conditions? I’m fed up with it and decided to gain a little profit for myself since who knows when the Grim Reaper will take me. Do you have a problem with that my little, nosy girlfriend?


    -          You traitor! – Priscilla shouted after hearing Lucille’s reasons for being with Ungoliant. – Just wait, as soon as one of you release me from this chair I’ll make sure to kill you Lucille before I’ll try to make my escape. – Priscilla talked big even in this hopeless situation. And in her thought she said something she didn’t wanted to say loud. – (Oh and by the way, I only like the Prissy name when my cousin calls me that. You tainted that name, you dirty traitor but I swear I’ll make that name clean again and I hope you’ll not be pleased how I’ll do that.)


    -          Well honey, I’ll love to see you trying. – taunted Lucille her poor restrained friend.


Alessandra hearing all this useless talk became more angry than she already was and when she opened her mouth her voice filled with anger.


    -          Shut the hell up, you little bitch! – Alessandra shouted to Priscilla before the poor could answer Lucille’s last taunt while looking at her three companions, among them especially Lucille. – Officer Grayson, can you tell me why are you here this time? You were present at the morning meeting because Lady Theodora invited you. But right now you must at the AUS HQ to observe our enemies and report their actions to us in time.


Alessandra’s little invective speech against her not even fazed Lucille for a moment. But the other two women seemed to be surprised, especially Helena Gorkijeeva who seemed to be returned to her normal, cool and sane personality.


    -          If you really must know this Ms. Santos although its not your business, I can answer your impolite question. I’m here because I have a lot of free time today since its my day off. And I don’t think Lady Theodora will appreciate if she hears that you disrespect our poor guest here. I’m totally agree on with you what you said but theres a polite form to ask someone to not talk. This girl will be our most important ally in our next great operation and even thought she’ll not remember this little event she’s going through now, we can be civilized.


After Lucille finished her speech the two women looked deep into each other’s eyes in silence. Maybe it was an interesting turn and wanted to see where to develop or just didn’t know what to do but Helena Gorkijeeva watched the two of them for minutes and waited them to finally finish their silent staring contest. On the other hand Gwendolyn got bored with their childish behavior very soon and while none of her colleagues looked at her she decided to sit down behind Helena’s beautiful, rose-wood desk. But she felt that this silent staring contest takes too long and feared that after losing this much time Alessandra will be more unbearable than she already was, Gwen finally decided she must do something. Because she suspected that there’s no use in talking to them she did what she’s doing better than anyone in Ungoliant, she decided to use a little violance. She stood up from the rose-wood desk and silently went between the two contestant and suddenly grabbed their necks from behind and started to squeez their necks. Because she had so much power in her hands the two women instantly stopped their contest and screamed from the pain.


    -          I think we had enough of this foolishness and must proceed with our Lady’s plan. If you two can behave normally I release you or we can continue things like this. I can assure you my hands can continue this at least ten more minutes. Oh, just telling this makes me excited. Please you two, choose not to behave so I can squeez your necks more.


As Gwen said this Alessandra and Lucille started to jerk from the pain and silently looked into each other’s eyes with an unspoken unity as they’re both wanted to stop their argument so the pain also disappear. While Gwen squeezed their necks Helena also regained her usually calm and objective personality and tried to stop Gwendolyn.


    -          Gwen, stop this in this instant! They’re already understand the point you wanted to make. – Helena started to reason with Gwen but it seemed to not work. – If you don’t stop your violance right now I must report this to Theodora. – After this threat Helena’s reason finally come through to Gwendolyn and the tall blonde started to release the two other women but she looked Helena the whole time after this threat. – (Oh my god! What have I done? I never wanted to become Gwen’s enemy and although I’m not her real enemy after this she’ll consider me among them. And that 30 cm height difference now seems much more than I can handle. My inferiority complex will certainly deepen after this. Why should I wanted to stop her? She’s not someone I can or want to mess with.) – These were to final thoughts of Helena as Gwen finally released the two other Ungoliant officers and the two breathed in relieve.


Finally Helena looked again at Priscilla who smiled while watching the comedic scene that occured around her.


    -          I’m so happy you enjoyed what you saw, my dear. Soon you can enjoy only my company here and we’ll bond together like you never imagined. – Said Helena with a threatening tone in her voice. – But I’m affraid we wasted more time than we were allowed to, so please ladies go outside and wait for my call. I need some alone time with Ms. Alcott.


Helena declared what she wanted and the others went with it. But before they could leave Helena opened her mouth again.


    -          Officer Grayson, after I’ll call you three back I’ll want to speak with you about the command phrases I’ll build into Ms. Alcott’s mind. Each of the will help you to make her anything for you.


Helena only finished her last sentence and the three women already left the psychologist’s room. Helena seemed so happy to be alone with Priscilla and maybe she planned some horrible things while they were alone. At least this was among the thoughts that are raced through Priscilla’s head.


    -          Before I can start the hypnosis I must fix your head so you’ll become more open to the hypnosis and its potential.


While Helena preprared for the hypnosis Prscilla started to cry because now it was inevitable that she’ll become a victim of Helena’s hypnosis and who knows what will she do under Ungoliant’s hypnosis.


    -          Oh, don’t cry my little sweetheart! I promise this won’t hurt and even if we force you to do some very bad things, we can make you forget them so you don’t have to feel regret after you helping us.


    -          That’s not the point doctor. And I also want to promise you something. After I’ll be out of this chair I’ll beat you and deliver you to the police. I’m curious how will you explain things to them. – Priscilla tried to make herself brave looking but this time her words couldn’t convince anyone, especially not Helena Gorkijeeva.


    -          Oh, you’re so adorable! – Said Helena as sting Priscilla’s right cheek. – Please believe me when I say that I could listen you all day but our schedule is very tight and I need you to be silent. – As these last words been spoken Helena picked from her desk a roll of blue tape, ripped a 10 cm long piece and sticked it over Priscilla’s mouth, sealing the poor girl’s lips shut. To make sure about her patient’s silence, Helena ripped a few other pieces and taped with them Priscilla’s mouth very strictly. And as a final step Dr. Gorkijeeva injected a powerful metal drug into Priscilla’s blood-stream which will help the doctor in her work and put Priscilla under the hypnosis.


Poor Priscilla now bound to the chair and gagged with tape, she only hoped she can pass out before this whole thing ends. While the poor girl hoped this Helena pushed a few buttons on her remote control which was also in her desk. Those buttons started the monitors before Priscilla’s eyes and all of them showed the same; colorful vibrant spots. After a few minutes while forcefully staring at them Priscilla started to see lights and here Helena joined in the hypnosis.


Ms. Alcott. Please listen to me. I know you and your friends planning a big party on Friday. From now on I’ll tell you what I want you to do for me on that party.

Like always, I want to say Thank you for my friend,  :icondimir3d: for doing this for me.

Celebration and defeat! - ch 4 - Ungoliant's Plan1

2015.06.15. Monday

West-Virginia, Meadows city

Ungoliant’s secret hideout


10:45 a.m. After the successful mission the black van arrived to Ungoliant’s HQ. The van parked before the small, ruined building and suddenly the ground started to shake as a giant elevator started to move, carrying the van and everyone inside it below the ground. As the darkness surrounded the van Gwendolyn turned on the light inside the van and started to apply some make up on her left cheek since she never wanted to admit that a girl like Priscilla could surprise her with the most basic self-defense tactic possible for young women. Even thought she suspected that she can’t fool her leader, Theodora, she felt like she must try it. Inside the van’s rear the dark-purple and blue ninjas took care of their fallen partners while a black ninja guarded Priscilla. The still unconscious girl’s hands are tied behind her back but the ninja seemed very cautious and watched the girl’s slightest movement. As Gwendolyn finished masking her face she turned her head to her left and watched as her team’s second black ninja nervously grabbing the wheel and tries to not even look at her superior. Her ebony skin almost made her look like she wears a black kunoichi outfit which covers her entire body, her green eyes showed her discomfort after this mission’s outcome. This ninja was one of the few new recruits who was selected to this mission and since it was her first action she was more than happy to stay inside their van in the safety. But after their mission faced such difficulties she felt ashamed. And after she learned that the girl even managed to free herself from her superior’s cluthes she wanted to burry herself so she never have to face Gwendolyn or her fellow ninjas again. Gwendolyn noticed the driver’s gloomy mood and perpared to lecture her about being Ungoliant’s ninja.


    -          What’s the problem, newbie? – Said the blonde sub-leader with a cold tone in her voice. – You seems frightened but you not even participated in the mission’s action part. If you’re weak, coward and useless, then Ungoliant can’t use you anymore. And I’m sure you know what will happened to those ninjas whoose the leadership deems useless and expandable. They’ll go to the black market and some wealthy cumtomer will buy them as a sex slave. But sometimes I hear that the customer had some other idea how to use the girls and those ideas are worse than being a sex slave. – With this last sentence Gwendolyn’s mood dropped a little as she imagined the driver in some situations where nobody wants to be.


    -          Eve-Every-Everything is alright, commander. – Stuttered the driver. – I-I just can’t say how bad I feel after all this happened in this mission. I joined to Ungoliant only a week ago and you commander, you were kind enough to choose me for this mission and I couldn’t do a thing. Moreover, I’m so afraid even now that I barely make it to my cabin and there I think I’ll faint in an instant.


    -          You braver than you look. Sometimes not even I can admit that I fear in some situations and those times I really wish that I would’ve choosed something other career where I don’t risk being killed or arrested for the rest of my life. But to be honest I was never in a situation where the arrest threatened me, only being killed. – The thought of being killed in action made Gwendolyn sad. Of the Ungoliant’s leadership she was the only one who didn’t want to die for the organization even if that means prison for all her life.


    -          Ms. Gwendolyn? - Started the driver after she noticed Gwendolyn sudden change of mood. – If I said something that made you feel down please forgive me. Being a henchwoman of a world-wide organization like this still new to me. And I feel like I won’t fit here. Maybe it won’t take long before Lady Theodora really sells me to a wealthy customer.


    -          You seems to be a nice girl who joined Ungoliant with the same reasons like most of our ninjas did. You needed money for some reason and you only got ninja uniform, fighting training and the promise to die young when the police prevents one of our missions. And since the ninjas usually not allowed to leave the HQ since the leadership don’t know when they’re need the ninjas you can’t even spend the money you’re making here. Just like all the other ninjas you’re a poor, unfortunate girl who most likely will be sacrifice for our organization’s need. What’s your name?


    -          I’m one of Ungoliant’s ninjas. We don’t need names, we just need missions to serve Ungoliant. – The driver sounded like she’s so determined but Gwen knew that she’s saying this because it was programmed in her during her brainwashing. All of Ungoliant’s ninjas were hypnotized or brainwashed to serve the organization and they’re not even feels the need to go outside of the HQ. And since they’re don’t go anywhere except missions, their payment only building in their account. And after their death or imprisonment, Ungoliant takes back all the money the poor ninjas saved.


    -          I know you’re one of Ungoliant’s ninjas but I’m sure you had a name before you joined. What is that name?


    -          I was called Manda before I joined, Ms. Gwendolyn.


    -          Thank you for your hard work today even if you did almost nothing except driving the van. – Said Gwen and she felt like she made a friend even though the ninjas were absolutely loyal to the organization so fully trusting in Manda would be impossible when Gwen needed to do something that went against the organization’s interest. But making friends with one of the ninjas was almost the max Gwen could do since after the incident she also rarely left the HQ. – Don’t worry about your future, Manda. You just barely finished your training so today’s mission don’t means you’re useless to us. But if you truely affraid of being sold as a sex slave, I can promise you this: if I learn that you failed so much times so Theodora deemed you useless, I’ll kill you so you’ll be not sold to anyone. I promise it’ll be a quick and painless death. I’ll wait for you to go to sleep and I’ll kill you in your sleep without any fuss. How is this sounds?


    -          I feel so honored by your offer Ms. Gwendolyn. If I really screw things up please do that.



As Gwendolyn and Manda agreed on this and finished their talk the elevator started to reach the bottom of the pit. There was a huge garage with several vehicles, among them there were vans, cars, some motor and a limousine which used to be used by Theodora Banner when she decides to handle something personally or just want to go on a little ride and get out of Ungolant’s HQ. In the garage there were everywhere lamps and the lights were turned on. As the elevator stopped Gwendolyn looked at the two women who fastly approached from a corridor. The two women were none other than Alessandra Santos and Lucille Grayson. As they’re approached Gwen noticed that Alessandra smirking like always when Gwen went on a mission and that somehow crossed Alessandra’s plans. While she noted this to herself Gwen got off the van and went before the other two women. Unlike Alessandra, Lucille seemed to be happy that Gwen and her team returned.


    -          Welcome back Ms. Gwendolyn. I’m sure your mission was a great success like usually. – Started Lucille before Alessandra had the chance to say something improper to her fellow sub-leader.


Gwen somehow became happier since Lucille welcomed her kindly unlike Alessandra intended to do.


    -          The mission is success. We can deliver Ms. Alcott to Dr. Gorkijeeva. I hope she already prepared for her role in this plan.


    -          Of course, she prepared. I see to it. – replied Alessandra and it seemed like she wanted to continue with some insults but the ninjas opened the van’s side door and Gwen turned her attention there.


In some quick sentence Gwen gave some final orders to the ninjas then she lifted Priscilla Alcott into her arms and started to carry the unconscious girl – like the groom used to carry the bride – towards Dr. Gorkijeeva’s laboratory. Alessandra and Lucille followed her closely. They entered the corridor where Alessandra and Lucille came out a minute or two ago. After 40-50 m they arrived to a crossing where were at least five possible corridor to choose. At the left side there was a stairway which led both down and up. The corridor right to the stairs led to the canteen. Right beside it a corridor led to the training ground although it was still so far away. The next corridor led to the laboratory. The next corridor was an unused tunnel which was a safety tunnel for evacuation in case of attack. And the final corridor on the right led to Theodora Banner’s chamber with only a ten minutes walk. The three women choosed the third tunnel and continued their route. After some time passed, mostly likely 10 minutes or a little more, the three women with their important cargo arrived to a big, metal door which seemed to be a health center from the outside.

Like always, I want to say Thank you for my friend,  :icondimir3d: for doing this for me.
The Winner is Denise Miller11
Its a fan-fiction project I made

I used the picture of  :icondimir3d: with his permission…

Denise Miller belongs to :iconcuria-dd: and she gave me her permission to use Denise for this project.
The Winner is Denise Miller10
Its a fan-fiction project I made

I used the picture of  :icondimir3d: with his permission…

Denise Miller belongs to :iconcuria-dd: and she gave me her permission to use Denise for this project.

Journal History

to end everything! Those of you who follows my journals knows that I have some serious issues with depression! I really thought I can handle in alone but I was wrong! This depression is more than I can handle, I don't have enough power! I already thought about suicide! And unfortunately things are going that way! I hoped for many things to accomplish in my life including here! But its not gonna happen! Nothing I want is working to my favor! Everything/everyone is against me and I don't see the way-out of this! I felt this for a long time but recently my life became worse than ever and its too much! My dear friends! Thank you for all of you! I had many fun here! You guys make me stay here this long. I can't thank you enough for being my friends for this litle while. I'll miss you all!




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