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Hey everyone!

I've drawn an Eye Spy challenge for you all to do while you're at home! The theme is panic buying and you have a list of eight items that you need to buy, but there's only one of each item in the store! Search hard to find them!


The link has the image for you to download and/or print to try and find the items!

Time yourself, share it with friends and challenge them to try and beat your time. See who finds the items the quickest!

The discord server link in the post, and also below, has spoilered images that include the item locations so you can check it when you're done!


This discord server is for my animation and other art stuff, but of course is very open to Pokemon, Fakemon, gaming and the like! So feel free to join even if you don't intend on doing the eye spy challenge, it can definitely use some extra members!

On the topic of social media, here are the links to my instagram and twitter page as well that I use for most of my current art these days.



Every bit of support means a lot! It helps make my original work feel more valued and keeps me motivated to continue drawing!

I'm currently working on refining my art style for my next animation project and future drawings so I can gain a more consistent style that's recognisable, so expect to see quite a few drawings coming soon on those links posted above!

Why nothing here? Well I like to keep this page reserved solely for Pokemon and Fakemon work. I've thought about creating a new deviantart account for all of my other art but haven't decided yet since I don't use this site as much anymore.

I hope you're all keeping well! Thanks for reading, stay safe!

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