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OPEN! :music:

What I'll draw: Anything you like with some little exceptions:(see below "What I will NOT draw") your OC, an already existing character you have a crush on, your avatar in MMORPGs or a toonified version of yourself if you need a new ID for your page!

What I draw best:
- Human-like characters (included almost all fantasy races like elves, goblins, orcs, draenei etc.)
- Males. Expecially skinny ones.
- Eldritch Abominations with tons of eyes and tentacles.
- Burtonesque and Dreamworks-style characters.

What I will NOT draw:
- Offensive material.
- Stuff with heavy religious/political values.


AND NOOOOW... :bulletpink: PRICES :bulletblack: (may vary depending of complexity)

:bulletpink: -- BLACK & WHITE Sketch (+4 EUR each character added with a maximum of five)

One Character (entire body or bust) ..................... 10 EUR ( approximately 12 $ )
One Character (entire body + background)..........  15 EUR ( approximately 18 $)

:bulletpink: -- COLORED Sketch : (+6 EUR each character added with a maximum of five)

One Character (entire body or bust) ....................... 18 EUR ( approximately 20 $ )
One Character (entire body + background)............. 24 EUR ( approximately 26 $ )


:bulletpink: -- Digital Media [CELL SHADING] (+ 8 EUR each character added with a maximum of five)

One Character (entire body or bust) ......................35 EUR ( approximately 42 $ )
One Character (entire body + background)..........  55 EUR ( approximately 50 $ )

:bulletpink: -- Digital Media [PAINTING] (+ 14 EUR each character added with a maximum of five)

One Character (entire body or bust) ......................50 EUR ( approximately 66 $ )
One Character (entire body + background)..........  65 EUR ( approximately 80 $ )



If you want to commission me, please send me a private message or an email ( with the details of your request:

:pointr: Reference pictures of the character(s).
:pointr: If you don't have any reference of your character, just describe him/her in detail.
:pointr: Some information about the character's attitude will help me draw better and capture his/her essence.
:pointr: Please specify WHAT kind of commission are you asking for. Sketch? Inkart? Digital? Full color? B&W?
:pointr: YOUR EMAIL for any eventuality.



I accept ONLY PAYPAL  <<<<<<< >>>>>>>
Once I accepted your commission and we found an agreement on the price, I will send you an email with a direct link to my PayPal account.
I LIVE IN EUROPE so please convert your currency into EUR.


:pointr: I live in Italy, so please remember to check our different time zones.
:pointr: Once the money is received is when I start working on your commission.
:pointr: Commissions will have priority on my personal drawings.


This commission is for non-retail purposes only. You retain all rights to the image for personal, non-commercial, or otherwise non-profit use, as well as promotional rights (i.e. if you want to show it, but not sell it as a product, in connection with other commercial activities, such a on a Kickstarter page, Printed as a banner for your company's use but not for resale, etc.)
You also retain ALL rights without limitation to any derivative works which are conceptually based on but not materially composed of my work (e.g. if you made a 3d model of the work, or re-drew the subject of the work in another style or context without tracing the work itself, said derivative work would not inherit the non-retail restriction and could be sold because it is a new artwork).

If you want to use the image itself for retail purposes (Commercial Commissions, with which you receive all rights), whether that is selling prints, T-shirts, mugs, digital copies, or anything else materially and directly derived from the work itself, the price will be a little higher (depending from case to case, but usually around +20-30 USD)

In either case, I retain no rights to the image I create for you, except for the right to forbid your retail use as explained above for non-retail commissions. As per fair use, I may show these works in my gallery if I so choose, but that does not imply my ownership of the work, or the subject of the work in any way. I may, in some occasions, print copies of commissioned artworks to showcase them at conventions or art exhibits for the SOLE PURPOSE of promoting my work as an artist and encourage more people to commission me.


SKETCH (rough lines)

.Burmecian 02. by MalakiaLaGatta .LL Sketching Gods. by MalakiaLaGatta .Kill the Sun. by MalakiaLaGatta


.Aztec Comic Page II. by MalakiaLaGatta (just the one on the right) All I want in DAIII... by MalakiaLaGatta .Ref Attemp. by MalakiaLaGatta

DIGITAL - CELL SHADING (no background)

.Shining Trapezohedron. by MalakiaLaGatta .Salieri. by MalakiaLaGatta .Flash-Ler. by MalakiaLaGatta

DIGITAL - CELL SHADING (with background)

.Absinthe - The Green Fairy. by MalakiaLaGatta .But stranger still is -- Lost Carcosa. by MalakiaLaGatta .Extracurricular Activities. by MalakiaLaGatta

DIGITAL - PAINTING (with background)

Take from Nature what you need or make it Yourself by MalakiaLaGatta .DS Druid Female. by MalakiaLaGatta

DIGITAL - PAINTING (no background)

.Maitre Zacharius v2. by MalakiaLaGatta .Maitre Zacharius. by MalakiaLaGatta


.Commission: Lovecraft Wants You. by MalakiaLaGatta .Steam Powered Nightmares. by MalakiaLaGatta .666 rpm. by MalakiaLaGatta .Pure Horror. by MalakiaLaGatta

.It's Only Forever. by MalakiaLaGatta .Lovely Lovecraft vectors. by MalakiaLaGatta

Love and peace,

- Malakia :music:
Want to commission me?
Check the rules!

Many thanks to PoshSingularity for helping me with the 'Rights' section.


lalalala :la:
© 2011 - 2024 MalakiaLaGatta
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I prezzi sono gli stessi? Giusto per curiosità, vedo che il tuo journal è stato realizzato nel 2011, magari le tuo commission sono chiuse adesso. :shrug: