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It was daytime in the ancestral city of Alkahai.
His feet moved at an excited pace, his arms holding onto the package as if it was a small child.  The thief, dressed in white robes and a hood, ran through the sea of people his mind encased in fear; with a dash of adrenaline to boost his quick pace. "Huh, I think this is far enough." He sighed.  "I believe I lost them."  But just as he stopped running, a hand reached out of the ground and grabbed him.
He screamed, and fell to the ground. The hand rose up and quickly became a man, tall and proud, that towered over the trembling thief. The man wore traditional robes, eggshell colored with a white tunic underneath them. His hair was long and brown, and his eyes were black and as fierce as any sharpened blade. His hand went up to his stubbed chin, stroking it while examining his prey. The thief dared not to move, for he knew who this was. The man who stood before him was none other than Hyperion Kyber. He was k
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Optimism :iconmalak1147:Malak1147 14 1
Crime Wave - Prologue
The year is 1983, the place is Los Angeles.
The course of history was pretty much the same until June 1947, when aliens arrived at Roswell and decided to take over the place. There was no "Take me to your leader.", but there certainly was "This isn't your planet anymore, so quit bitchin'!"
That was when hell broke loose; the planet became a living anachronism, both historical and futuristic settlements sat side by side. Riots occurred daily, for years. Until finally, in 1967, the untied nations surrendered the planet to the Galactic Empire, which proceeded to make the planet Earth a melting pot of various alien species.
But it didn't mean that things were going to turn out better though.  As the 1980's began, crime began to rise sharply, specifically in the Western Coast. Los Angeles was among those affected, mainly due to conflicts with gangs.
One gang in particular, "Los Caballeros del Espacio" or "L.C.E., dominated the south side of Los Angeles in 1978, and quickly gained
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BF Chapter 5
Sunlight is divine. The warmth just soaks into you. It soothes the soul and body as the aches just melt away. I love the sun. I could lie here forever, forget all my worries, and forget all the drama. Just lie here for all eternity. From the warmth of it all, I'd say it's mid-day. A cat has to know these things.
One thing was bugging me though, the smells. All I can scent was Peanut on my right holding my hand and Max on left who was holding me close. There were also faint traces of mom and dad, but that was it. Nothing else. It's like only being able to hear certain people talk and deaf to everything. Why must humans clean everything?
I shifted slightly to get comfortable, enjoying the feeling of Max's body against mine. He was brushing my belly and it felt absolutely divine. Of course, Peanut was playing with my fingers half the time. The other half he was squeezing my hand in both of his as if praying.
As I opened both eyes, I was greeted with the combined grin of Peanut and Max. Pe
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Julian McQueen
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
NAME: Julian McQueen


Occupation: Student

Rank: College

HI! I'm Julian McQueen, writer of all those dirty fanfics about "Housepets", by :iconrickgriffin:

I'm now using FA as my primary account due to DA succumbing to dementia.

I like to write fanfics.

I'll take any constructive criticism, but flamers and trolls will be shot on sight.

Please leave feedback and watch him, especially if you add this image to your favorites. It really helps encourage Nialus to make more images in the future.



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