Taur virus: part 1

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Taur Virus 1

The whole planet trembled the moment it happened, eight years ago. I was just nine when it happened but it was enough to deeply scare me. A meteor struck Africa and there was nothing modern science could do about it, people though it was the end of the line for earth. Yet at the moment of impact only a crater and mild quakes were the end results. For a second the earth sighed as the so called "doomsday" turned out to be a pebble the size of a truck crashing in the middle of the western shorelines of Africa.

The world was relived and soon after things returned back to normal… well sort of. There was a huge ongoing investigation of the crater as well of the meteor's remains, but there was no way it would affect us… Or so we thought.

It made itself present months later around the continent an odd disease started appearing. It wasn't life-threatening… so far, merely some fever, raspy voice, stomachache among other symptoms. The CDC confirmed there was a link between the sickness and the dust that came out of the meteor, but what sent the world into chaos was when the first victim, some Egyptian librarian started… mutating at work, the change was described as gruesome and unnatural, the end result was that his body became animal-like. I mean, he grew furry, gained hooves and his face pushed out into a muzzle. But that wasn't all, two legs grew from his torso (as well as a tail) and in a matter of minutes he was what could have been described as a centaur… but with a horse like torso.

The new creature sent the world into panic, which amplified as more and more changed, each into different animals. People were scared, starting to quarantine and isolate every changee, 'taur' as some communities on the Internet dubbed them. That was until the horse taur, the first one that changed reverted, painfully, a couple of days later. And just after wards more outbreaks were detected among around those who changed back. It was discovered that upon changing back the virus manifested itself in boils in the back of the person and upon bursting it transmitted through the air.

It's been eight years since, and the world has begun to grow used to, very slowly, to the virus. No cure has been found, not even a way to reduce its effects. The only protection found was prevention, to have the shield raised before it attacked. That meant many people… about 70%-80% became neat freaks that wouldn't even touch the food without spraying any Purell on it first, well I'm exaggerating… a bit. But the world became uber clean to avoid contagion and becoming freaks. Of course, the government tried to re-incorporate them into society, which was hard as they were treated as outcasts and even feared or attacked. They were provided with stores that possessed various items from tests to measure the time of the transformation to custom made clothes. Still nowadays some people are afraid and worried of contracting the virus, despite of getting used to the taurs. The paranoia reached its peak when the virus adapted becoming harder to know who was infected, and harder to prevent. The strong warning symptoms either got toned down or kicked in hours or minutes before the change. The only thing that saved the world from purging or going crazy was that the effects were temporary, lasting minimum 5 days to 3 years (longest so far).

My name is Marcus Finway and I belong to that small percentage that nowadays is considered a paranoid. Yet I'm proud to say that I and my family have been taur free ever since the first out breaks started. How? By being extra cautious, my mom and dad educated us, my brother and I, to be really clean.  That means we take care of everything we touch and use, clothes are washed twice, latex gloves became mandatory while outside.

My family was even in a bit of an anti-taur position. My dad criticized and joked about them, while my mom ran a campaign in the school to have them banned in order to avoid exposing other students. People called them extremists and to be honest, it was starting to get old… I mean almost all the school had been a taur once or more, and with my parents pressing me to befriend the ones that were still virus free, my circle of friendships reduced dramatically during these eight years. I was starting to get tired of this, I mean, we couldn't run away from this forever and criticize those who are or have been a taur.

Well that is a bit of my life, now you know what I deal with everyday. The critics by my friends, lectures about cleanliness, the scenes I have to go through as my parents struggle against the taurs… I just hope it changes soon.


"Marcus… wake up! You'll be late," said my mother from the hallway, bringing me back to the land of the awake.

I was turning a bit in my sleep. For my parents to teach a ten year old about extensive cleaning they had to force discipline, an aspect I didn't enjoy. Glancing at the clock, I noticed it was 6 am today it was Tuesday, extra laundry day, I groaned as I had to wake up early to help mom along with my older brother, Trevor.

I sighed and checked around my room, the classic teenager room, not too big but still not really small. Looking at my TV, I considered turning it on for a second but I would probably get chastised for that by my mom. Defeated by chores I stood up on the carpeted clean smooth floor, putting on the disposable latex gloves and open the dirty cloth hamper taking out all the jeans and shirts that could have possibly been in contact with the virus and headed out to do the laundry.

After some extensive, yet a bit unnecessary extra cautious laundry and some simple breakfast I was off to high school. Trevor, being the oldest and assisting sophomore year in a nearby college had the rights to use the third car, meaning mom had to drive me to school. It was a bit of a drag I had to endure, especially as she commented that we were very fortunate of not going through a taurification, not even once. I barely listened, I was feeling a bit lightheaded from time to time, guessed I must have been coming down with something, I would have rather thought that they assume I had the virus and have myself sealed in a plastic bubble.

I exited and headed towards the school, the sight was normal: lots of students walking into classes, some in the lockers, one or another taur strolling down the hallway, normal.  I avoided at all cost those taurs, not because I hated them but I was beginning to fear getting the virus. That pattern led me to behave as an antisocial to almost anyone… I simply hoped this price for being pure was worth it because I was beginning to get tired of it.

The first class was math, and it was one I tried to avoid the most… not because of the math, but because of the teacher. Ms Hawthorn was a taur, a wolf one. She contracted the virus a year ago almost at the same time she started working in the school, supposedly she claimed that she got a 26 month strain, though rumor has it that she got a permanent version of the virus. Anyway, most people agreed she looked nice in her taur form, people commented that the gray fur on her and muzzle gave her 30 year old body exotic looks…. I'll agree with them in that, but that doesn't mean I'll want a person who is three halves animal to get near me. In her class it was a bit of a pain to keep distance from her, I usually sat in the back of the class and when she needed to talk to me I would usually keep my distance or try to cover my mouth. She noticed this and at first tried to contact and talk to me, I evaded and closed myself, even threatened to complain with the school board for trying to infect me. In the end she stopped trying and kept distance. I know that may sound like I'm an ass, but I was just looking after myself.

Anyway, class went as usual, I was having a bit of a hard time concentrating as I was dealing with a bit of a mild stomach pain. Still I managed to solve the problems at that time. Things were a bit easy though I had to force my sight to manage to read the board properly. After the class I got called by Ms. Hawthorn. I sighed, what was she gonna try to do now?

Once everyone left I was left alone with Ms Hawthorne, she looked at me from behind the desk as I kept my distance and placed the papers from the homework in her bag. Taking off her custom-made glasses she sighed and commented.

"It seems that you remain in your extreme position against taurs…" she said as I nodded cautiously.

"I'm just cautious. I don't wanna end up as…" I trailed off realizing I was speaking ill to a teacher, not actually meaning it but I guessed it was my parent's influence which drove me to say that.

She sighed again and reached into her blouse to pull out a folded paper. "Well as much as I would like to help you to understand that we are people, I've been asked to inform you that the teacher of the cross country afterschool group you assist, Coach Jameson, has taken the week off for personal reason and I've been asked to fill in for him while he is away… So I expect you to behave and a bit of tolerance from you. I'll brief your teammates later when I get the chance."

I wanted to protest but I understood it was something out of my reach. The principal or directives wouldn't accept a switch because I plainly disliked taurs and those who not long ago have been one. I simply nodded and headed off, I was gonna be having a hard time in the after class activities… began thinking of skipping or getting an excuse for it.

I was in the cross country team of the school, I recalled joining the team years ago. I did enjoy walking around rough terrain while getting in touch with nature. Even after the meteor incident this was something I kept doing even though it meant exposing me a more the outside world. Even there I had a limited number of friends. When I started I met 3 students that were in my year: Trish Hummes, Josh Parker and Paul Stevens. But things changed a bit over time. Josh and Trish got infected with the taur virus. The former got stuck as an ermine taur for a week about a year ago while the latter changed 5 times by now, all those times into a mustang (horse) taur. Trish's constant transformations made us move apart, as every time I tried to re-establish contact she would eventually change months later. Now that I recall it's been a 2 months since she changed back from her last infection and I haven't directed a word at her…

A couple of classes later, I was having PE class, the sport this day was baseball. I sucked today, my focus vanished from time to time while I was giving it my all. Even when I managed to get to first base I started feeling some fatigue. And by the time they got me out of the field before reaching home, I felt exhausted, so much I staggered upon reaching the bench and having me trip on it, earning laughs from everybody.

After that there was a small break for lunch, as I headed into the cafeteria Paul joined me, he was an average student, wearing glasses, curly but short hair, not much of a sport person but trying to keep up with the rest of the team. He talked to me as I poked the cafeteria food.

"That was a bit of a miss step back in the physical education class," he commented chuckling a bit as he sat down.

"Yeah, I started feeling exhausted all of the sudden," I commented as I took a bite of the meal.

"Probably you've contracted something. A flu, maybe…" He commented as another boy arrived, he was Steve, another student of school, he belonged to a bit of a small group of non-taurs so far and his parents were really close to mine… so I think you can guess what his position about the infected was.

"Yo, Finway, saw your performance in the field today, you looked as a taur trying to walk on it's hind legs," he said laughing a bit. I didn't take his sense of humor most of the time, it was a bit of my father's taste.

"Dude, that wasn't really funny," answered Paul in my stead.

"Come on, I'm just having my fun. Have you actually seen one of those beast attempt to walk on two legs, it's hilarious." Steve laughed some more.

"No, I don't think it is," commented a girl approaching to the table. It was Trish, one of the members of the team and a friend, if she could still be considered one… She was really cute and nice… I considered asking her out 5 years ago before she got infected by the first time. She hand nice long brown hair that cascaded over her shoulders and back, while her face was actually really cute, it was a pity people considered her infectious… still she stood in her in a simple T-shirt, and jeans, arms crossed looking at Steve as if he had no shame.

"If it isn't the pony girl," Steve said taking a couple of steps back. "Any plans of wearing a saddle, I'm guessing you will be changing over the next days."

Trish grinned. "Maybe, but I could use some company," she said approaching Steve, who has never been infected before and backed away even more.

"Ha, funny, I know you are not contagious but I don't intend someone as virus prone as you get near me," he said backing away and leaving.

Trish smiled as she sat on the other side of the table. "Hi Marcus, how are you?" She asked trying to get closer. I was conflicted, so far I have tried to avoid her as I did believe Steve was right and she was virus prone. Also I was now struggling against a stomachache which now was stronger "Still not talking uh?" She sighed really sad and disappointment. "I thought you would have… Marcus, are you ok?" She approaching me.

"I'm fine," I said while scratching the base of my neck.

To my surprise she moved fast and placed her hand on my shoulder while feeling my forehead "Marcus, you have a fever." I couldn't say anything, I was a bit surprised at the warmness of her touch. She looked a tad worried and quickly stretched the neck of the shirt and gasped. "You have a rash…"

It all happened so fast. She called in a teacher and muttered something to him. The next thing I knew was carried to the infirmary and got inspected by the old nurse, then she said it:

"You have the taur virus." I was shocked and went into denial.

"No, that's not possible. I can't… there was no way," I said at first but she paid me no attention as she started calling my mom to pick me over, luckily she didn't mention anything about the virus. I was scared of how they might have reacted.

I spent the whole time trying to deny and already going to anger. By the time my mom arrived I went into negotiation, I was calmer and was able to hid the truth, a bit afraid my mother would find out and even more how my family would treat me… would they kick me out of the house, no, don't think that it is probably a 5 day strain, a week, 2 tops. It couldn't be that bad… I hoped.

On the ride home it was to expect she asked, "What happened, Marcus? The nurse said it was important." I started coughing. Here I had the chance to say the truth but out of fear I chose to lie. "I'm having just a stomachache…" I didn't actually know why I lied… I guess I was afraid of telling my parents, yet she seemed to buy it.

I reached home moments later, muffling my coughs, I wasn't sure to be relieved or worried I was at home, but everything was swept by as I rushed into the bathroom to puke, thing that worried my mom. I felt horrible, I mean, aside from the symptoms and the sickness I feared what would happen to me, I would have turned into that I tried to avoid and my family loathed and feared. I sighed, things were gonna get harder.

Standing up I looked at my reflection in the mirror, my medium length black hair messed from the sprint and throwing up, still I gave myself a worried look. I was still the same, looking a bit sick, but still the same me, I was a bit on the average build, not overly fit but doing my best to not be a slob. I glanced at my green eyes that had been starting to look brighter. Approaching to take a closer look I saw my pupils become slitted. I backed scared… it was happening now!

I rushed upstairs to my bedroom, passing my mom on the way who asked worried what was happening. upon entering I locked the door. The minute the door closed I started feeling all the symptoms get worse. My stomach started hurting and my sight lost focus for a second. I rolled on the floor feeling the itch I had been feeling since I left home grow worst, I simply writhed as it started to become more like a burn.

I groaned and managed to listen from the other side of the door my mom call me "Marcus, are you ok? I called you dad so he can come to take you to the doctor so he can prescribe you something." Just what I needed.

I writhed around as the burn regressed into an itch. Glancing at my arms I saw white fur start to grow on them. I looked scared and caught a sight of my hands as paw pads appeared "No please this has to be a dream… please" I muttered as my nail cracked as sharp claws grew under them.

I was about to try to stand up when my stomach hurt as hell. I gasped as two bulges, painfully began to appear on top of my pelvis. I knew what those two would come to be. I felt my shirt and pants being moved apart, my body was growing longer, making it hard to stand, even sit up, while every inch added was caused by my body producing an extra vertebrae. I could feel my legs change in shape, my shoes were becoming loose fitting as my feet lengthened and heels slipped from my footwear.

Foolishly I tried to push the two bumps back into my body only giving myself more pain as they became articulate and started twitching. I moaned as I saw my face push out into a feline muzzle, a white one, I could also tell that my ears had just moved upwards as they were twitching at every sound that came from me. Rolling on my sides I tried to stand up. But my body was far longer and my spine was beginning to arch painfully as a second pelvic bone started to form near my forming forelegs, which were about the size of a human forearm and beginning to gain paws in the end.

I tried to stand or get into sitting position but my still developing leg only managed to kick the ground. I didn't really know how to control them. Using my hands to help myself I would have managed to put me on my belly but before I managed it, a couple of changes stopped me from doing so. I started feeling a wave of dizziness and falling short of breath as my new body started to demand more blood flow and air. A loud rip as well as an ugly sting of pain had me see that I had grown a long slender tail sprouted from above my butt splitting my pants while my thighs gained a bit of bulk helping me to turn my pants into shreds. My backside… my taur half now started to grow black fur while my belly and paws gained white fur. I was turning into a cat taur!

I gasped as the air wasn't enough and began to fade as I leaned against my bed as my forelegs finished developing. I felt the final changes taking place. My fur grew more, giving me a fluffier appearance. Six stings in my face, above my muzzle, and new sensitivity told me that I had just grown whiskers. I looked behind as my body seemed to finish changing. Seconds later I started feeling better as I felt my lungs grow in size and my heart become stronger enough to easily pump blood into my new body. That was all… I was a taur. I was feeling better, physically as all the sickness, fever and pain vanished. On the downside… I was a taur, a freak. My parents are gonna kill me and school will be hell.

And almost in response to that thought the door was unlocked and my parents came in. Mom let out a scream, while Dad looked really mad.
Hi, this is part one of a series :iconcooper3: offered me to do. The plot is simple: there is a virus that changes people into taurs and the protagonist gets infected.

This is the first series i do without a TG, hope it is of your liking and as always every sort of comment is welcome.

Some characters belong to Cooper's idea's and guidelines he provided, some are added by me, :D

Next --- [link]
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Hello! If actually covid trasnform us like in this story i like it and not afraid . :)) I like a transformated and not murder virus.

LarioLario54321's avatar
I'd Love to be able to make my own OC for this fanfiction;

All I Ask for is A Template, that also includes the Rules for who can become a Taur, and what Restrictions(if Any) apply towards the kind of Species you can turn into, and for how long. . . apparently, including whether stuck to only being 1 type of Taur Species, or varying; The Bare Minimum is 5 Days; that fits perfectly for the kind of Character I'm thinking of; and not for the obvious reason; in fact it's quite the opposite, as My Character isn't satisfied with such a Short amount of time, in fact actually spends as Much time around the taurs JUST To keep getting infected, and hopefully for a strain that lasts MUCH longer. . .
MaLAgua's avatar
Heya. That's awesome, though I don't think I have a template or ruleset for the story written down.
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Voy seguir esta historia hasta donde me agaches, contesto ofrece mucho para el conflicto.
MaLAgua's avatar
Okay, espero que esta serie sea de tu agrado.
the-llama-sama's avatar
Question! he a tuxedo cat now?
Cuz that's what I'm envisioning given the description. But I'm just double checking to make sure I'm not wrong. :meow:
Psst! In case you're wondering, this is what I'm envisioning. :meow:
(I shortened it because the original link was SUPER long! :rofl:)
MaLAgua's avatar
Heh much appreciated :3. And he's a Maine coon, supposedly :) so i guess its close
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Awesome stories!
MaLAgua's avatar
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Your welcome, I'm still reading through the rest but good job!
KarstenHarrington's avatar
What is the incubation period? (Time from infection to first symptoms appearing) And how long is the time from when the symptoms first appear to the tf?
Random question: Let's say a pregnant woman becomes a taur. What happens to her child? Does it become a taur, too? And if a child is born as a taur, is that their species and theystay like that... forever??

Btw, I think the virus form is determined from Chromosome 22. It has the least amount of active genes, so the inactive ones could be the ones that determine taur forms. All the virus does is switch them on and speed up cell reproduction.
MaLAgua's avatar
As to the first questions. It varies, often it's hours, other its days, depending on the person and the taur they are becoming i think.
The other question might be a good focal point for another story, since the virus has been around for some time i wouldnt be surprised if there are some hidden cases.
KarstenHarrington's avatar
Hidden cases? Hm... je ne comprends pas.
MaLAgua's avatar
Means strange cases of the taur virus that aren't exactly known by public
KarstenHarrington's avatar
Yeah. And since most places only have cases of little kids, a taur-born would just fit right in
MaLAgua's avatar
Yeah, in all fairness i've been playing with that idea as of late
KarstenHarrington's avatar
wait does this mean sequel coming soon
MaLAgua's avatar
I dont know. Sequel, i dont think so, though
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Wow i am surprised. There i no holy terrorist hate group out to kill taurs now i would be in a bunker for 9000 years with 20 pop and build a underground city and life out life in a vault. I dont wont to turn its like turning to a demon
Hey just my option. Also i am paranoid. To of viruses

Good story
MaLAgua's avatar
Thank you :). I bet there might be some groups, wouldn't be surprised of it, but then they get infected and then what. Well while the change cant be pleasurable, i cant say i wouldn't be willing to try it out :p. Just be sure you have some entertainment down there and that no virus sneaks in, you wouldn't like to have spent 9000 years down there for naught
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Well robozation i am a ' shows android.civs the our . perfect human.immune to.tuar virus. And we are growing ul the market 'mlg swag walk and trips.on rock ' ouch
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