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    My Special Sister (part 1)
    “Afternoon, Oregon Stock Exchange Market. This is Theressa Fritz speaking, How may I assist you?” Said the light haired lady on the phone leaning away from the noise of the office floor. The sound of eager yuppies trying their earnest and loudest to make a sale in hopes of getting noticed by the supervisor for a quick raise, the sound of rattling papers that seemed to be ejected by the photocopier and the tenths of tenths of employees talking with the phone. It took her some focus to actually pay attention to the confirmations and the words listed. It would only take a misheard stock name or even digit for a complain to pop up, and an upcoming promotion would be out the window.
    “Alright then, thank you, I’ll have your order processed now,” Theressa said very quickly before hanging up and scrolling down her computer monitor to type in the order. It was part of her job as a stock exchange broker. Efficiency was valued. The shorter and precise every agent’s actions were, the more time they have to move on to the next task and so on. Theressa’s job was always full of things to do every second. Always active and always stressing, yet Theressa handled it. She earned a lot because of it.
    As she typed in the order with one hand, the other reached for her coffee mug and sipped her drink. She didn’t like the black juice and would’ve preferred chocolate milk, but it was a necessary evil to keep her awake; a countermeasure whenever she felt she was beginning to slow down. “Alright,” she said to herself in a large whisper after taking a larger gulp. “Time to call Mr. Devlin and see if he’s interested in acquiring medical stocks. They seem to be in a boon.”
    But her focus had to be on point, like every agent on the floor. Must keep appearances and voices up despite recent events.
    A meteorite crashed on earth. It might sound like some cheap sci-fi movie plot or a personal motto for a YOLO person. But it was the truth. It wasn’t the starting point of an alien invasion, nor one of the plagues of Egypt, not at all what anybody expected from literature and pop culture. This was far different. In Africa about a year ago, the world, and Theressa’s, was changed forever.
    At about two days after the crash, the most unimaginable news fell into the reach of the media when a man in a library in Cairo showed signs of convulsion and mutation. His body started to grow bigger and longer as fur spread over his skin. The stories told of bystanders watching his feet transform into hooves and his face stretch into a horse’s head. A new set of limbs grew from his stomach, reforming into what would be the forelegs of an equine. Before long, the world had its first real centaur, except the man’s head was like a horse. That set off the taur virus panic.
    Theressa still remembered the upheaval it caused during the initial months. Most of the people in the world often branded the infected man as a freak, locking him up for at least a month as they attempted to figure what was taking place in his body. To see if the virus had messed up with his mind, if it had made him dangerous or so. Soon after, more cases were popping up, spreading panic over the third-world continent, making the taur virus the new Ebola. Soon it was discovered by the researching scientists who ended up as taurs themselves, the alien pathogen was not at all hazardous for health save for some flu symptoms in the transformation’s beginning. Some even argued on the contrary.
    Regardless, the centaurs, or taurs as the Internet dubbed them, after realizing it is not just humans turning into horse breeds, each human had their own animal to transform into. Horses, dogs, lions, sheep, mice, lizards and so on. It wasn’t until the first month the first news of a man ‘curing’ themselves from the taur virus reached the ears of the media.
    The infected began to revert back to normal, some after less than a week, others after much much more and as they did, without any change in diet, exercise, medication, or treatment. You were human, than some time as a taur, you change back without warning. It wasn’t before long countries tried to quarantine themselves from ground zero and the continent to keep it from spreading within their borders, but as any early undetectable airborne epidemic, it was impossible to control. The panic lasted over six months, and while many maintain the travel restrictions and security measures, it seem people were starting to fear the virus less and less. About half of the medical laboratories in the world already considered it was worth the study and quickly expanded their fields of research to fit it in.
    It was Theressa’s luck that the virus hadn’t reached her city. There had been some reported cases in America, but none in Oregon. Theressa thought “Little Nick was so scared when the news of the meteorite hit.” She muttered trying to think back as to what her son’s reaction would if someone close contracted the virus.
    “Hopefully it won’t be me…”
    Theressa shook her head from reminiscing and daydreaming. If the manager were to find her wasting time that would ruin her chances for a promotion.
    She set herself off while making another set of phone calls while continuing with her day. As usual, she ended up exhausted by six o’clock in the afternoon after her job. She boarded in the elevator with the rest of her co-workers. The place was as tight as sardines and it was uncomfortable to be one of the few women in the office. It certainly didn’t spare her from what she thought was someone’s hand brushing her butt. Yet, if she wanted to get home fast, she couldn’t afford to wait for the next elevator or to walk down twenty-two flights of stairs in heels.
    An unwarranted beep from her cell phone came and she was forced to answer just in the moment the elevator doors opened and people trampled out, forcing her to walk by the wall.
    “Hello?” She asked.
    “Tess, hello!” Said a rather chirpy woman on the other end of the line. “What are you doing?”
    “Marion! Heya. Um…right now? I was just preparing to head home.” She talked in a loud enough whisper to stand out between the sound of footsteps that seemed to surround her, but the only sound really. Few people around talked with each other, most of them considered their coworkers just acquaintances, Tess included as they would be competing for a promotion. But she was the one that stood out talking to her friend
    “Are you up for a quick meeting?” Marion asked.
    “Um…I don’t know, Marion. I kinda think it will be best if I head home. I mean, I promised Nick I would be playing with him.”
    “Oh, come on, Fred is home. I’m sure they can wait for an hour or so.”
    Tess bit her lip for a moment as she considered her options. It’s to spend some time with my friends, she thought. “What’s the occasion?” she asked, knowing well her friend’s tone of excitement.
    “Dina just returned from Europe. We have to give her the latest!” Marion said with a giggle.
    “Well, what’s a coffee between friends?” She said with a smile as she joined the herd of traversing coworkers and getting to her car, a BMW from two seasons og. She called Fred next, letting him know she would be late. As always, her husband was understanding.
    It took her a while to drive to the meeting place, which was her friend’s house at the suburbs of the city. It was far from the closest place from work and wasn’t certainly the closest at her home. But their meetings were often short, not lasting more than a couple of hours. By that time the traffic would have eased up.
    Getting out of the business district and onto the main streets, taking a couple of shortcuts, she ended up arriving there almost by seven o clock in the evening. All her friends were already at Olivia’s house and waiting for her, even a familiar face she hadn’t seen in a while.
    Dina was the fourth member of the group. The dark skinned lady had found the love of her life and married just a mere couple of weeks ago in a grand ceremony. The newlyweds went to Europe for their honeymoon. Ever since and before that, she had been teasing the girls with some startling news Tess was intrigued to know.
    Olivia’s place and even though it was quite a distance from her usual path. After all, her friend always went the extra mile to entertain her guests. Her being an elementary school teacher and as such, being the one to arrive home the earliest, they could always expect she would have a decent set of treats ready, a list of topics to spice up the conversation if needed and the ambiance set.
    Last but not least was Marion. The party-goer woman was perhaps the most active person of the group. She was often all over the place, always informed of the situation of every acquaintance met in both college and school, always out partying and dating, still looking for the perfect man. The girls could always go to her if they needed cheering up and have a good time and, as to be expected, they could count on her.
    They all welcomed Tess with a loving hug and inviting her to sit down and catch up on the latest gossip: Dinah’s honeymoon.
    “It was just A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.” Dina said, bearing a wide smile as she spoke and narrated the experience. For Tess, she began to narrate again what had it been since they last saw each other at the wedding’s reception. From her trip in first class to their short stay in the UK, moving on to their trip to Switzerland, their tour around France and lastly the visit to Italy. “And then we just had to stay over at that little inn there a couple of blocks away from the the canals of Venice. Bought some wines, several mementos. I think we spent at least half a thousand on trinkets.” The girls laughed at the evident joke.
    “Sounds ideal,” Marion said with a sense of wonder, yet with a bit of envy in her voice. Tess could easily figure out why.
    “Did you get us some of those trinkets?” Olivia asked, lounging back against the couch she always occupied during the meetings.
    Dina let out a sheepish grin. “Of course, Olivia. I wouldn’t be back from Europe without having something for mah girls!” She said. “But unfortunately, Eric had to stay in Italy for a couple of days. He’s bringing the souvenirs with him since I had to work anyway and I am such a klutz with packing and unpacking.”
    “As long as we get our wine and jewelry,” Marion mused.
    “And my books.” Olivia snickered.
    Tess didn’t know what to add so she just added the first thing she could think of. “And perhaps some french dresses.”
    Dina smirked “Don’t worry. He’ll be back in a couple of days from Rome.”
    “Rome, huh?” Olivia thought out loud. “Isn’t that where the first registered elephant taur appeared about a month ago? News say he is officially the tallest man on earth. Did you get to see him?”
    “Ugh,” Dina said with overexagerated eye rolls “That taur virus thing. The only thing that concerned me the most out of my trip was about contracting it.” Dina shook her head. “Luckily, I didn’t see any furries around. I was safe at all times.”
    “Be careful,” Marion teased. “Hope that your knight in shining armor arrives as his own steed as well. I mean if he were to contract the virus and were to turn into a horse taur because his her knight and-”
    “We get it, Marion,” Olivia added, ending the now exhausted joke.
    “Nah, Eric is very responsible and cautious,” Dina added.
    “It’s a pity, I think it would’ve been interesting,” Olivia noted.
    “Interesting?” Tess blinked. “You mean suddenly ripping through your clothes and turning into an animal is interesting?”
    “Not to mention that you would be doing it with an animal. Isn’t that bestiality?” Dina commented.
    Olivia shrugged. “What can I say? It’s plain curiosity.”
    Marion giggled. “Well, I can’t really complain, the cost of flights has decreased because of it, I might be buying myself a trip around the world with a bimester month of payment.”
    “That’s some luck,” Dina smirked.
    “So then, Dina, did you have some news you wanted to talk to us about?” Tess asked.
    “Well then, I’ve been feeling perhaps a bit…off since the honeymoon. I wasn’t sure what it was for the first couple of days soon I found out why,” Dina said with a proud smile that seemed to beam a forewarning joy.
    “Oh dear,” Tess muttered.
    “I’m pregnant!” Dina said with a small smile. Marion squealed happily as she leaned to hug her friend while Olivia and Tess smiled and leaned closer to congratulate their new friends between hugs and congratulations.
    “I double and triple checked, Eric and I are going to have a baby,” Dina said smiling still, “which means I am going to have to stop drinking and straighten up.”
    “Oh, you certainly will be able to. After what we saw in the reception…” Olivia giggled with amusing sarcasm.
    Dina smirked. “Well girl, say what you want, I know I will be doing my best. Being the first of the group to give birth I certainly hope to get your support!”
    “We have your back there,” Tess said.
    “Don’t worry, have you thought of any names?” Olivia asked.
    “Already? Isn’t it far too early to know that, I mean I don’t know if it’s gonna be a girl or a boy,” Dina said.
    “Evidently, but every parent has a couple of baby names stored just in case. For instance, if I have a daughter Sally. If a boy, David.” Olivia admitted as the conversation began to heat up after the surprise, yet Theressa remained silent.
    “Hm…I haven’t thought of them…” Dina said almost amusingly “Sally, huh?”
    “It’s taken, pick another,” Olivia frowned as the two odd friends talked with each other, but Marion reached over to touch Theressa’s slack hand.
    Tess was an expert in playing a poker face and keeping it cool, but her friend seemed to have a sixth sense whenever someone was disturbed. The look she threw her was one of pity. “It’s okay, I’m okay” Tess reassured herself cracking up a smile. Deciding to feel happy for her friend as she joined the conversation, sharing her ideas. Marion looked past the bluff.
    The woods of the Oregon Mountainside were beautiful at all times of the year. Some trees started to turn for autumn, the rest stayed their intense green color that just never left. It felt almost relaxing to everyone traveled through.
    There were no forest sounds but the rattle and creak of the pedals of a mountain bicycle as it traversed the dirt road. On it was a young boy of almost fifteen years of age, riding back home from school. It had become his custom whenever his parents told him they were too busy to pick him up. He didn’t mind really, he considered himself a very independent person and had lived in the area long enough to know how to get around without getting lost. It became easier to recognize the landmarks, as big as the mountains on the horizon that were always to the west or small as the two topped over trees that seemed to form the letter ‘A’. He wasn’t an expert though, he just knew enough to get by.
    The path ahead was quite mellow when in comparison to the hectic day back in school. There was a new boy in his classroom that came from the city, the urban side of the county. With his new style and charm he quickly managed to make friends and become popular right away as most of the boys and girls from around found the big cities interesting.
    “Pft, I don’t see what’s the big appeal. I mean, I am from the big city,” the boy said and shrugged, stopping by a bank of leaves to stretch his legs and make the backpack remained fastened at the rear end of his bicycle. Then he got back on and kept on riding.
    Upon reaching the small slope and a sign warning of passing cars, he paused as he checked the two alternatives. Keeping on with the path, it would eventually turn around and circle over to the entrance of the house. The alternative would be just to turn right on the signpost and walk in a straight line alongside his bike through irregular ground, which would shave off at least ten minutes from his usual trek.
    “There is a new episode of Warrior Kings, and I don’t want to miss it,” he reminded himself as he doubled his pace and made haste to cut past the woods, not taking the time to admire the evergreens or the piles of orange and ochre from the other trees.
    He caught a glimpse of more familiar territory and sped up, already thinking that getting earlier would allow him to prepare himself a snack before the show when suddenly his bike’s front wheel got stuck in a mud ditch that had been hidden by the pile of leaves and he ended up tripping forth, almost spraining his ankle and almost dropping his backpack along with the rest of his belongings. “Crud,” he muttered as he pulled himself up. Luckily, he had no serious injuries. He would be fine for the soccer game tomorrow.
    “Just great,” he mumbled quickly reaching over to pull off the muddled front wheel from the ditch, just to find the axle caked with mud. He would have to clean it later before slipping the bicycle into the garage, but that would be afterward.
    Once pulled out, he picked up his backpack, thanking it landed on a pile of dry leaves and that none of his books fell out. “Mom would kill me if she noticed I got them stained with mud,” he joked to himself as he revised the contents.
    A rustle came from the forest and the teen raised his head to look toward the bushes. Even for an open space it was hard to tell exactly where or how far did it come from. He knew there weren’t any wild animals in this area and his family would be notified by the local rangers if there were.
    Again, noise came from the woods, this time in the form of a twig snapping to his right where he suspected the first rustling came from. “Come on out!” He called and once again fastened his backpack to his bicycle, taking a moment as if awaiting for a reply. None came.
    “Hello?” he asked, feeling unsettled.
    Without waiting much, he picked up his bike and began to trot with a redoubled pace, making his way back home in record time to compensate.
    Before he could manage to take three steps right as he was passing by a pile of leaves, there was a loud thrashing that startled him as bushes were trampled over and heavy thuds sounded on the grass. He turned to his right just in time to see a white and gray blur sprint after him. He had little time to register it and let out a startled “GAH!” as his back suddenly fell too the ground, making a lot of leaves crunch.
    “Yes!” A girl’s voice emanated from the creature that had jumped him. “Nick, I got ya,” she said between giggles as she laid her paws on his chest. As always, only in the dark green coat her mother made her wear when going outside, not that she actually needed it with all that thick spotted fur that covered her entire body.
    “Hey! Mom told you not to jumpscare others! Remember what happened last time?” Nick, frowned. Despite being close to twice her age, she was quite close to his own weight.
    “Yeah, I know, which is why I put together that pile of leaves.” She pointed out the once stack of autumn leaves behind him. “Woohoo,” she said skipping off. “I got you again!” She snickered, seemingly proud of her deed before reaching with her hand to help Nick up just as he was already doing so on his own. He had always wished he could get back at her and just startle her, but she was always a hard one to surprise, always hearing or sniffing him from far away.
    “Yeah, and you shouldn’t do that,” Nick muttered dusting the leaves and blades of grass off.
    “But it’s what other snow leopards do,” she said with her hands behind her back, her forelegs twiddling and dusting off the leaves from the pile as her hind legs tittered behind her.
    “You are a taur, not a snow leopard.” Nick mumbled as he put himself up. “And if you plan to start stalking and going for raw meat, I will make sure Mom sends you to a zoo. Besides, I asked you to show yourself.”
    “I didn’t hear,” the little girl said with a sheepish tone.
    The snow leopard tauress shook her head as she hobbled over where the bike had fallen and picked it up. “Did Mom let you out early?” Nick asked as she began to play with the pedal, her paw pushing it down and then up and down again.
    “As usual,” she said as she leaned to the backpack and pressed her nose to it, sniffing it.
    I bring a treat for her one time and she now doesn't miss a chance to search my stuff for sweets, Nick thought as he moved the bicycle away from her. “So then, you were out exploring?” Nick noticed the backpack saddle she always wore, custom made and decorated by her with stickers of her favorite fantasy characters and heroines from comic books.
    “Yup, mommy is inside baking some cookies so I thought of going out for a trip in the woods. You know, chase rabbits, climb trees and pick flowers.” She giggled. Nick knew that only one of those three things was true, but wasn’t sure which.
    “Cool.” Nick smiled: his mom’s cookies were always great. “But I’m going home. New TV episode is coming out tonight,” he explained as he set off with a redoubled place.
    “Are you going to clean the wheels of your bicycle later?” The little tauress trotted after him. “Mom doesn’t want the back yard or garage with a trail of wet mud.”
    “Then perhaps you should stop going out barefoot,” Nick pointed out. The little tauress stuck her tongue out. “Besides, it’s not as if we get visitors here often. Mom always visits aunt Olivia and Marion.”
    It was shortly after that when the little girl’s ears perked up and she quickly trotted forth. “Oh, that reminds me,” she said standing before Nick and getting up on her hind legs, placing her large paws on his chest, making herself taller than him. “Mom’s friends will be dropping by for supper later today! So she is also making her special chicken stew and souffle so she wants no noise…” Her tail swished, already sending leaves from the pile flying here and there.
    “Um… Fi,” Nick muttered suddenly frowning to her.
    “What?” she asked blinking before looking down where her forelegs touched Nick’s shirt only to notice she was leaving a set of large leopard pawprints on one of his favorite t-shirts. “Um…oops…” she muttered, taking a step back and landing with her forelegs on the ground. “Well, um, lets get going,” she said trotting ahead before Nick could snap and chase her.
    “Mom!” Nick called out as he entered through the backdoor, letting his bicycle sit against the door. “Fi paw-stained my shirt!”
    A couple of soft steps followed soon from the kitchen and a woman appeared, cradling a bowl with a mixture for the souffle with a whisk sticking out of it. She was human, evidently, with light brown hair that denoted a rather youthful face. She looked down at the fifteen year old with a small snicker as she noticed the two and a half pawprints on his chest and stomach. “Fi?” she called out.
    “Yes, Mommy?” The little girl’s voice came not from her room at the ground floor but from the backyard close by the door as the sound of the water hose turning on.
    “You have to be more careful when greeting others like that. I can see you weren’t using your boots.” Nick’s mom walked closer to him just to kiss his forehead, patting his shoulder and telling him to go on with his business.
    “But they take so long to put on and I can’t climb trees that well with them on!” Fi protested as she walked into the living room, her ears dropped and her eyes doing that puppy eye thing that just made adults go “aw.” But Mom, while fawning for her daughter’s cute charade, she still didn’t fall from it.
    “No buts, you should know better by now. Now wash your paws and dry them well before entering the house, okay?” She said as the little snow leopardess entered the backdoor’s range of view as she was rubbing her forelegs with a thick piece of cloth and rubbing them against the mat.
    “Yes, mom,” Fi said. Her mother got closer to her and the young tauress reacted by leaning closer to nuzzle her clothes like a cat would, only before trying to sniff out the mixture in the bowl.
    “No,” Mom said tapping her little girl’s nose before walking away. “Now clean up and get inside, they say it’ll rain this evening.”
    “Yes, Mom,” Fi repeated again.
    Nick snickered as he glanced at Fi’s small reprimand and prepared himself to sit down on the couch, preparing himself to fetch the remote between the cushions. ‘
    “Nick, go to your room and change your clothes,” Mom said.
    “But my TV show…” Nick protested looking at the time he was right on time, if not some minutes late.
    “Your shirt is stained with fresh mud, go and change another, then you can watch your show,” she said with a stern voice. Nick knew better than to keep on arguing, so he had no choice but to concede.
    “Alright alright,” he muttered standing up and walking to the stairs, heading to the upper floor and throwing a small look at his sister.
I promised and i delivered. I hope this is the first of a new era of writing for me. As always i thank your patience with this new story for a series.

As always, every comments are well appreciated.

Keep up the good vibes and thanks to everyone :)

Special thanks to my friend :iconcooper3: for the edits

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Para lo que es esta bien, sólo no entiendo relación primera parte y la segunda.
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No creo que la gente lo entienda a la primera.
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I just recently found your work. I like the idea of the taur virus.  I look forward to reading more of your stuff. 

By the way, the saddle backpacks are more properly called saddle bags or panniers. 
MaLAgua's avatar
Thanks. Im really glad you'r enjoying the series.

I will keep that in mind. Saddles bags or panniers. Granted that in Fiona's case it would most likely be a backpack modified for taurs rather than a saddle with a bag added on.
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I just found this story now and it starts pretty good, I will read the rest right now. :)
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Thank you :). I hope you like the next chapters
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I've read through the previous story and now this and I thoroughly enjoyed them. I just have a quick question:

Is this a prequel to the previous story or a sequel? If it's a sequel is the snow leopard taur the same one from the previous story?

Other than that keep up the good work.
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Heya, sorry I took some time to answer this. I am glad you are enjoying this so far. As to your questions its a yes and a no. You'll see what i mean.
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Ok thanks.

Theory: it's in the same universe but totally different story vaguely connected to the events of the previous story. :3
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That is pretty much a good theory and quite accurate :p
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Great story! I hope it will go on for long because i ever wanted a continuation of the taur virus world
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Thank you. The idea popped into my head quite recently and i just couldn't help but go on with it (not to mention i need some lighthearted contrast to The wolf and the rose series).
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Liking the idea from The Taur Virus and changing characters. Looking forward to the story
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Thank you :), Will do my best to keep it up
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I wonder how long before Tess and Nick contract the virus.
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U'll have to keep on wondering there :p
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Until Part 2 comes out?
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