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No Death For The Perfect Men :iconmaladyofreverie:MaladyOfReverie 1 0
Lights up: a spotlight on PETER on each side of the stage. He holds a copy of Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest. The light from the windows suggests midday on stage left and late evening on stage right.
Stage left: PETER sits at a desk in a classroom. Stage right: PETER stands in a boy’s room in the middle of a group of four other boys, including ANTHONY, all holding bottles of alcohol they’re too young to legally be drinking.
*TEACHER: Will you read Jack, Peter?
*ANTHONY: Will you read Gwendolyn, Peter?
PETER stands up (on both sides of the stage). He begins to read, nervously and quietly on stage left, confidently and theatrically on stage right. As he reads, the other boys laugh, maliciously on stage left, genuinely on stage right. On stage left, another STUDENT mimes Gwendolyn’s lines. On stage right, ANTHONY mimes Jack’s lines.
PETER: Charming
:iconmaladyofreverie:MaladyOfReverie 0 0
Mature content
#kidsthesedays :iconmaladyofreverie:MaladyOfReverie 4 7
Contents May Vary
It wasn’t until the third time the fence got kicked in that your mother started to worry. That kind of thing was normal where you lived, and easier to fix than a keyed car, especially since Mr. Brown three doors down was a builder and had been doing you favours ever since your mother defended him that time Mr. Robertson down the road accused him of stealing his garden furniture. Everyone knew that was Mrs. Wilkins next door. In the end, Mrs. Wilkins left the furniture to Mr. Robertson in her will, which even he thought was funny, so that was the end of that.
The third time was different because of the way the wood fell. The first couple of times you found it in the front garden, and that was okay, that was fine, because that just meant somebody had kicked it in on the way past. The third time, though, you found it splintered all over the pavement, and that meant that somebody has come into your garden and kicked it out from the inside, and that was too close for comfort.
Your gra
:iconmaladyofreverie:MaladyOfReverie 1 0
(Like A Record)
When will you accept your-- sick and I am--
It was never my favourite. It’s Scott who loves it. He always meets me at the end of my shift and sits in my chair and pretends that he is me. There is an hour between the end of my show and the beginning of Jason’s. Jason always arrives quarter of an hour early, so we have forty five minutes to ourselves. I let Scott pick the music. He always plays Accept Yourself first.
When I was nine, mum took the record player from the sitting room and put it in her study where I wasn’t allowed to go. I was obsessed with Stayin’ Alive. I played it a hundred times a day, and when I wasn’t playing it I was singing it. She was sick of it within a week, so she put a stop to all of that. She tried to train me out of over-attachment. Nobody ever tried to train Scott out of anything. His enthusiasm is inexhaustible.
Scott has a steady hand. He can always place the needle perfectly in the groove that indicates
:iconmaladyofreverie:MaladyOfReverie 1 0
Johnny Marr by MaladyOfReverie Johnny Marr :iconmaladyofreverie:MaladyOfReverie 1 0 16/09/2012 by MaladyOfReverie 16/09/2012 :iconmaladyofreverie:MaladyOfReverie 2 0 30/07/2012 by MaladyOfReverie 30/07/2012 :iconmaladyofreverie:MaladyOfReverie 3 0 20/11/2011 by MaladyOfReverie 20/11/2011 :iconmaladyofreverie:MaladyOfReverie 0 0 12/09/2011 by MaladyOfReverie 12/09/2011 :iconmaladyofreverie:MaladyOfReverie 0 0 04/09/2010 by MaladyOfReverie 04/09/2010 :iconmaladyofreverie:MaladyOfReverie 0 0 03/09/2010 by MaladyOfReverie 03/09/2010 :iconmaladyofreverie:MaladyOfReverie 3 0 01/09/2010 by MaladyOfReverie 01/09/2010 :iconmaladyofreverie:MaladyOfReverie 1 2 31/08/2010 by MaladyOfReverie 31/08/2010 :iconmaladyofreverie:MaladyOfReverie 1 9 24/08/2010 by MaladyOfReverie 24/08/2010 :iconmaladyofreverie:MaladyOfReverie 1 0 26/05/2010 by MaladyOfReverie 26/05/2010 :iconmaladyofreverie:MaladyOfReverie 0 0
Hi, everyone! I hope you're all well!

Last summer I graduated from Royal Holloway University of London with first-class honours in English literature and creative writing. I'm hoping to eventually become an English professor and professional playwright, and I would really appreciate your support!

You can find my writing at the following places:
Follows, likes, comments etc. are very much appreciated!!

If you enjoy my work, you can also leave a tip on my ko-fi or hire me on upwork!

Thank you so much for sticking with me and for reading this post - it means a lot!!

Brontë xx


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