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Yes, TSIOQUE, our hand-drawn, animated 2D adventure game, is now on Kickstarter!
Animated trailer for the new Splinter Cell Game.
Check it out.
Check it.…
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[self censorship]
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Hey look!
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Tiz not the freshest news in the world, but I've got to get rid of this last ancient entry.

Hey, Hanged Man's Elegy and 1001 Tips What To Do In Case Of A Zombie Holocaust, Tip #1 has hit  Atomfilms - go there and bump my stats! : )
Some of you may already know it. some surely not - Hanged Man's Elegy is now finalist in TGSNT IV, competing for the People's Choice Award.

Go cast your vote, and may the best animation win! :)
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A Christmas Special, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Christmas
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I'm very lonely here.
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A non-reply bot informed me my short film Polsupah has been deleted for "copyright violation".

Thank you, Automated Non-reply Bot. If I was allowed to say anything about that, I would congratulate you quick, unshaken and time-sparing judgement.

I don't think I'll be feeling like submitting it again. The New And Better Deviantart doesn't even count fullviews. I'm slowly beginning to have more and more doubts about this place...
Don't play with hornets.
Moj film jest na Onecie.

Michal Wisniewski bylby ze mnie dumny.. *sniff*
Hey there people - wanna see something cool?…
It's  here! 14 months since last animated production...
Watch it NOW.

(Tried uploading here on DA, but something got fu.. well, not right.
I'll try another day. For now, it's right there on my website. : )
(vote for Polsupah)
Dare I say - OMGOMGOMG! POLSUPAH a finalist on the TGSNT competition - possibly the biggest pure- internet storytelling competition on... earth?…

...You know what you have to do :)
(vote for Polsupah)
Finally! At this very moment, midnight December 1st 2005, my OFFICIAL official website has reached development stage that can actually be watched!

Go there NOWWNOWNWOW.. I mean step right up and don't be shy to take a look :)


Unique VIP never-seen-before materials coming up soon, so stay tuned!
Back from BAF.…
POLSUPAH won, with a solid 44% by online voting, outclassing the nearest rival by no less than 20%.

A big Thanks to everyone who voted!

...and my website is STILL dead. How dares it?...
When you're burning in the attempt to grab the sun, this must be good. It must mean you're getting close.
Does it?...

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.
POLSUPAH has been chosen as one of 5 strict finalists for the Web Animation Award at Bradford Animation Festival.
For those of you who don't know, BAF is the biggest/most important animation festival in Europe, and probably some other continents.

I just saw it. I don't know how it happened [read: "I'm slightly suprised"].…

Well, since it's there already, how about you go vote on it? :)  The winner's chosen by the online audience, you know...