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Darkstone Grunge 1.0

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**NOTE: Zoom in. Looks hella blurry 'til you zoom in.

So this is my very first Rainmeter skin, and also my very first submission to DeviantArt! It's a fully custom Rainmeter skin that's very dark, grunge-y, and stylish. It works best with a dual monitor setup, but it's also very easy to use with a single monitor.

Here's some other preview screenshots:
Left Monitor
Right Monitor
Single Monitor

This skin package includes heavily modified versions of:
VisBubble by Madhoe
Do I Need a Jacket by FlyingHyrax

I've also included instructions on how to make your own center logos and shortcut icons. But if you're having trouble, feel free to ask for help. I might even just make the icons by request.
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Se ve interesante el skin, me facina el color negro y esa mezcla que hiciste con azul cian quedo exelente, lo quiero provar XD y seguramente lo dejare XD, se ve simple y elegante a la vez, es como una de esas imagenes que las ves y dises es simple pero te intriga y la quieres ver y la observas una y otra vez hasta que llegas a la conclusion que su simplesa es mas compleja de lo que se ve ademas dejas espacio para ponerle mas skin como uno de barras que tengo instalado o un relog y tecnicamente cualquiera resalta XD muy buen trabajo espero saber mas de tus trabajos n.n
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I can't figure out how the button commands work. When I first downloaded this skin a while back, I was just looking for a nice way to get rid of shortcuts or folders on my desktop. I reduced your beautiful skin to 4 buttons with custom icons(following your button template). These four buttons opened four different folders, which I configured by adding the folder paths as the button commands in the User Settings file. 

However, I decided months later, today, that I wanted four buttons on the other side of the screen. Two of these buttons work fine, I used "Chrome" as the button command to open my browser, and Photoshop was already configured by the author of the skin. 

I'm trying to make a button for Unity and for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017. I've tried adding the exe paths in several ways, even quoting Unity and Unity.exe, but nothing is working. If anyone has this figured out, I'd appreciate the help. 
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Hi, I just downloaded this skin and I can say in all honesty that it's awesome! I just have a question. Is there a site/link from where I can find more PNGs of this particular color scheme (as I'm very bad with Photoshop) or did you create each of the ones included yourself?
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MalachiDravenProfessional Interface Designer
I created everything from scratch myself. Are you looking for more shortcut icons? I can probably make them for you.
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SnoWbullHobbyist Interface Designer
Nice skin. What theme this is?
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MalachiDravenProfessional Interface Designer
You mean the Windows Visual Style? It's Placebo, but I modified the taskbar elements to be darker.
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Beautiful, thank you! :)
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