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a kiss to build a dream

model: Kir
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icant stop myself [link] - a kiss to build a dream on
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Hehe. Wonderful track.
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Sometimes you look at something and all you can say is WOW. Really masterfully done!
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this is just an amazing picture. well done!
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Nice work. Happy Easter
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craaaaaaaaaaaaaazy! great! :)
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WILD! I haven't seen this one.

I love the ridges on the right side, they create a really nice flow.

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Wow!! it's amazing!!! I really like it!!
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nice to see your work again my friend...
outstanding pice... i love it!
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thanks mate..
yeah.. had a little break with the creative stuff..
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"Give me a kiss to build a dream on
And my imagination will thrive upon that kiss..."

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takker søde :]
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Wow! Der får du fanme elementerne til udtryk der. Det er super nice. Magisk.
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og en god titel iøvrigt.
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That's beautiful manipulation! It's good to see your work again. :+fav:
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thanks mate.. will be launching a lot of stuff soon.
Have been tied up with a lot of organising stuff lately, plus rebuilding my studio and getting ready for directing a music video and apart from that, working on some concept art, for a feature film, that I'll be art directing if everything works well with the project.. secret so far, but will be launching some pictures around summer..
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Great news. Be blessed in all those things!
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it's magic! looks nice mate :)

Offtopic: when do you think we can get started with our collab? I'm tired of waiting >_<
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