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Daily Deviation
September 20, 2006
Holy...whatever. Literally. Making Baby Jesus is inspiring and surprising in it's controversial take on the subject. The combination of techniques used results a really interesting finish and texture, and all in all I find this simply awesome. ~Malach clearly has the mind and skill of an artist.
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Making Baby Jesus



Models: Karina and Danielle

"Ignorance and fear create the Gods, enthusiasm and deceit adorn them, and human weakness worships them"
-Ignace Karkasy, False Gods by Graham McNeill

[edit] if you have time for it read through the comments underneath. Some of them are an endless source to good entertainment.
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Terumi: "ky, do you know what your so called righteous god did to a pregnant woman called mary, wife of joseph, i saw what, no, not saw, observed, what someone of the chaos alignment did to a pregnant woman, what this person did was rape this woman so that the foetus inside literally became a demon that is either observed during the full moon or to the wearer of the berserk armour, which got me thinking, what would happen with something from the law allignment, then, someone gave me a chance to observe what happened at that specific point of time and oh dear lord, was it the most, well nah, it was to most gods an everyday occurance, raping people left, right and centre, your Abrahamic god was no different, you see, what he did was rape a pregnant woman whose child and followers changed history itself, all because he felt like it and he thought he could just use his power to be basically all multi gods in one and absolutely no one could punish him for it, but here is the most disturbing thing about him or her, was THIS THE FIRST PLANET HE DID HIS CRIMES ON OR NOT, so basically ky, do you trust in your god now after i told all this to you or not?"