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Candidate Deathmatch

US election from an european point of view.
Darth Trump vs. Jedimaster Bernie
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Should of been Jedi Master Biden but okay.

enjoyingorc6742's avatar
here we go again.....
Aulthar's avatar
love it!! (though I think Kylo Ren has better impulse control :P )

Go Bernie!!!
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Maybe they get inspired for the next 2 movies and have Kylo grabbing them jedis by the pussy. 
Aulthar's avatar
presumably Rey?
Araceli193's avatar
Bernie should run for President, and beat Donald Trump in the Election. I wish Bernie should defend the US - Mexico border.

LPBanned17's avatar
Is not your president? You live in US? If you live there so you really need to fuck off
Araceli193's avatar
I will move to Canada. I can't stand that orange Hitler anymore, because he deports immigrants back to their country. 
LPBanned17's avatar
Please do that, we don't need people like you in the west. Show me a proof that he's the next Hitler, c'mon

And he will deport ILLEGAL immigrants not all immigrants you fucking pendejo.
Araceli193's avatar
He wants to ban all Muslims, and he also wants to build a wall between the border of Mexico and US, that's why I'm moving to Canada, and will be a better country than the US. 
LPBanned17's avatar
"He wants to ban all Muslims" C'mon cunt, show me a prove of that.

And you're wrong, if you find out about some economy (Which I doubt, that's why you're a disgusting leftist) Canada is about to enter into a crisis worse than they already have, plus your dear Trudeau followed Obama's example and increased the national debt drastically, you can do everything out there but be better than USA, that in theory and practice is completely impossible.
Malach's avatar
Give the orange cheese puff a little time and he'll take you guys debt to a new level. 

Your election was like the AvP tag-line. "Who ever wins - we lose" 
LPBanned17's avatar
And something I did not mention is that the "Good Guy" in your art thinks that money comes out of the trees, I mean, I just remind you of it.
LPBanned17's avatar
If Hillary had won her "campaign pledges," the national debt would rise even further, even though the national debt may rise or fall, but Trump will not be as smart as Obama to cross the decimal of trillion.

And what Hillary planned to do if she won the word victory never meant as much to me as it does now, so saving us from a wave of economic and socio-cultural tragedies is more than enough to start the long journey.
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Bernie could've scraped by without the DNC (which he did, of course) and their unlawful actions and defeat Darth Trump. But, in America, Americans will fight. I know I'll fight Darth Trump.
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Would have been nice if this was the end game... but the Yoda dude got replaced and Darth is still standing.
Symbiote-God's avatar
Finally, politics is heating up!
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Champ-Thunderdick's avatar
if all jedi are socialist then sign me up as a stormtrooper
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I've seen epic things in my day.  And after New Hampshire, this may actually take place for realzies...
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This is just incredible!
judgedeath's avatar
As always, Bernie looks totally out of his depth lol 
ZexenKnight00's avatar
This deserves daily deviant lol
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