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Bonsu doodles
A closer look at nu!Link's little pal, upon request!

The top pics are my original attempts to conceptualize her, and the others were some practice doodles where I tried to get a better feel of how she's built. I found pictures of weasels and ferrets online and copied them, haha. She's still a bit fudgy, but I think I'm getting closer to something solid.

Her name is Bonsu. She's a member of a squirrelly-weaselly species of critters I'm tentatively calling 'sobarisu', or some variant, that lives in the forests near Link's homestead. They're an arboreal species that live in the treetops, though they often forage on the forest floor. Their diet consists of fruits, tender buds and shoots, seeds, and occasionally a bug or small vertebrate. Nuts are usually too hard for them, but they enjoy them if a helpful human cracks the shells for them. They only live in certain regions of Hyrule, though I haven't decided specifically where, since... I still haven't decided what region Link lives in, lawl.

They nest in tunnels, hollow trunks, and leaf nests. They're springy and energetic and super flexible, able to fold up on themselves and twist over 180 degrees, which helps a lot with moving through slinky tunnels and twining along vines and branches (and spatting with each other).

Link rescued Bonsu when she was a tiny baby, all fuzzy and wriggly but still blind and all alone. His parents weren't sure that he'd be able to save her, but he worked around the clock to keep her fed and warm, and she grew very quickly. She's fully grown now and never leaves his side. Barring some extreme circumstances, wherever one is, the other is always nearby.

While she's fully bonded to Link and trusts him unconditionally, she's a lot more leery with other people. Link's parents can pet her and (sometimes) pick her up, but anyone else is entirely on her terms, and she often looks to Link for signs of whether someone is safe. Fortunately, most folks are nice enough to earn themselves a curious little sniff.

Hair Things
Should I post more sketches here? I do a lot more sketches than finished stuff, but maybe folks would rather see a nice clean gallery? Hmmm...

Been calling this guy nu!Link lately. He's somewhere between games, heck if I know. I just think he's neat.

Sometimes I think about growing my hair out so I can stick pretty things in it, but I can't, so Link gets to play dress-up instead.

His parents are actually too poor to afford giving him fancy jewelry like this, but he'd sure like it. Anything nature-y is right up his alley. He does have a couple wooden hairsticks that some sympathetic family members crafted for him, though. And like... one hair clip. Only for very special occasions. And several hair ties.

They're a bit too impractical for foraging in the wilderness, but he ALWAYS gets compliments while wearing them at the market, and that's a bonus.
I imagine that, having been born and raised in a warm climate, encountering snow for the first time (real, actual snow, not magically-induced frozen water shards being vomited out of an ice volcano) is probably going to be novel and amazing for about ten minutes before the cold starts seeping into his bones, and then the general mood becomes ‘what is this blazing white hellscape’.

Layers help a lot. Even if his cheeks still sting and his nose still runs and no amount of layering will keep your toes from going numb when you’re out walking long enough.

Once he discovers sledding, though, he flips like a switch. Cold? What cold? Too fast to be cold. One more ride! Warmth is for the weak.

*'I CAN'T PUT MY AAAARMS DOOOOWN' echoes in the distance*
Just a Boy and His Vicious Wild Predator
The idea kind of came to me in a flash, and I immediately had to do something with it.

If I could do it again, I'd probably have Link's arm resting on the wolfos's shoulders in the center pic. Ah well. It's out in the aether now.

Sorry, Tetra, it's sort of a one-person wolfos. Please don't stabbystab it in the face.

Ideas that didn't make it into the sketch:
  • a very skeptical Tetra offering her hand to a very skeptical wuff
  • a moblin getting a new butt tattoo in the shape of some wolf teeth


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