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Look Bernadette

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Heh, I've been reading "Flipside" lately and I decided to do a fan art :) Turns out Brion Foulke has a character named Bernadette. Well I've got my kitty anthro "Bennie" who's full name is Bernadette...and it's spelled the same way and everything ^^; ha ha. Throw the cute jester girl "Maytag" into the mix and this is what I came up with. :) huzzah.

Not a great drawin...I'm not proud of it what so ever, I just thought it was a funny thought and doodled it, inked it, and colored it in less than an hour.

Maytag and Bernadette is copywrite to Brian Foulke

Bennie McDevon is mine. :)
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Hehe, well colored. Flipside rules.