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Here it is! Cause you guys liked the concept so much, i decided to finish it now. Feel free to add it to groups, comment, :+fav:...

(The "it is" and the numbers are transparent!)
concept: [link]

A port to One More Clock Widget for Android by :iconxllx::

A port to Conky by :iconblitz-bomb::

Developed and tested on this wallpaper:

Update: Forgot to delete a testing substitute.

Update2.0: - scaleable, tintable
:iconmanci5: came up with the code for the scaling some months ago. :)
© 2012 - 2021 maKrop
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doesnt need to be white, just change to any color you like, still like it so much
emirulug's avatar
How can i make white?
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Took me a while to figure out how to turn the clock white, but otherwise great work!
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how do you do it?
ImLedge's avatar
nevermind, found it
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for 12 hour format???
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Edit the skin

in this area;


Change the format from %M to %I
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How can i apply for my android ?
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How do you get it to be white? I've just got a black clock for mine...
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Hey, I keep wondering. What's the font that you use for the "it is" phrase. 
It'll be awesome if you could let me know. Thanks before! :D
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Hi, i have a problem

When i put this awesome skin in my desktop, time has not see correctly. The time as dissapear: [link]
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It seems to be having an error pulling the image files of the numbers for some reason. Renaming, moving file locations, etc doesn't work either.
floridagizzi's avatar
I have this^ problem as well. identical.
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can I change the "it is" to other phrase? o_o
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Not in Rainmeter. It's in the image, so try editing it with Photoshop, GIMP or something like that. Fill the place with white and delete your sentence from there to get transparency.
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hello there! i really love this rainmeter skin :) but may i ask, how can you change the color of the rainmeter skin? thanks!
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nice that you like it. just right click on the skin and choose edit skin. in this windows, in [Variables] is color=. Change the number there to your desired color in R,G,B,A format.
acesprs's avatar
Thanks so much!
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Exactly what I've been looking for. Something simple that integrates easily into most Wallpapers.
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Nice that you like it. :)
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Hiya - what font is this? Thanks, it is lovely.
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The main font (the sans one) is just Helvetica, the other one could be Times, idk anymore.
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You're a genius man. Nice thinking (:
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Haha, thanks. :)
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