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Official VAGDesign WinAMP

This my first attempt in WinAMP3 skinning art. The Metal look of the skin with the animated Equalizer and Animated playlist Editor component makes it look like a portable device. This might be the 1st time that a skin has animated Playlist Editor that is locked with the skin interface. "Thanks to Adam BoatRight (aka Da_Pipe) for this great script he wrote "following" my ideas on interface/design/usability of the final skin look. The skin has Scale option (50-400%) and Opacity option (10-100%) When the Playlist Editor is open "active" the scale option is disabled, and when the scale is other than 100% if PL button pressed scale goes to 100% and appears the Playlist Editor. We hope you like the design and the appearance of the skin, in the future we might make a V2 of it with color themes included and many "goodies" more. Enjoy your music and _.feed your imagination._ [link] Contacts:
VAG [Graphics]
Adam Boatright [Code/Maki]

PS: If the link of DeviantART is broken or if there is a problem
the skin is also hosted here:

_.feed your imagination._
www . vagdesign . com
© 2003 - 2021 makrivag
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Metallica!! That's exactly what my playlist looks like too =D (except for the order of songs, of course, lol)

Rly nice skin!
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Thanks :) yeah... God, this skin is old :)
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mad, I've had this skin on my winamp for about 2 years..never knew it came from here :+fav:
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Thanks :) it's my first skin.
The rest can be found here on my gallery or at Metaskins website: [link]
Cheers ;)
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I've added this skin in an article called The best futuristic/concept Winamp skins which is a part of Over 50 of the best Winamp skins
makrivag's avatar
It's my first skin... not so futuristic tho ;)
bikikiz's avatar
extreme.. =] i like..
kukinstein's avatar
Very nice gallery loved your skins
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Thanks my friend :)
greets from Greece.

straightfromcamera's avatar
my current ski and i think it will be for a while GOOD JOB :D
adni18's avatar
One of the best ever made skins for WinAmp! :)

Great work mate, keep up the great work!
digitalalchemy's avatar
lookin good, perhaps tone down some of the green areas a bit, but overall solid effort
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Very nice, i love it!
bloodpixel's avatar
very impressive work
great style dude
contra's avatar
looks nice, i don't like the min max close buttons though, they are too large and stetched out
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~regener8ed, probably you don't use Windows 2000/XP that support Alpha Transparency.
If you use the above Operating systems go to Preferences of WinAMP and see on Options/Preferences/System/Advanced and Enable the Desktop Alpha setting.
After this you'll see the skin as it's captured on the screenshots :D (Big Grin)

regener8ed's avatar
a nice start to be sure; my primary complaint would be that the EQ and PL dont entirely hide behind the main window - the EQ especially protrudes above the top of the player when retracted.
gama-ray's avatar
the design is cool...but im not a big fan of the non-winshade feature. i will be looking forward to v2
pablofraken's avatar
Wow. dude...
Amazing skin!!!
southwind's avatar
You've done a really nice job on this skin! Good work!
sicyo09's avatar
It's awesome all except for how huge it is. And the scale just makes the letters messed up so that doesn't work. Good job tho
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ah! forget the previous comment. I wanted to say that this is officialy the first Winamp skin designed by a Greek, and i am glad for it. With opacity turned to 70% the skin rocks. Keep up the good work and i am looking forward for Version 2.

P.S. i will make some color themes if you want. ;) (Wink)
anemovatis's avatar
THis officialy the first greek designed skin. :D (Big Grin) :D (Big Grin)

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holdrmonkey :) (Smile)
Thanks for your opinions and ideas, well before this released I have also in my mind the 2nd version of it and also another 2 designs for other skin :) (Smile)

As about playlist heheeh there is a surprise if you have mention it so far.
While is OPEN the animated Playlist press "right click" on the skin and you'll see that (Playlist Editor) is UNCHECKED :) (Smile)
You can open also a SECOND playlist Editor on the same skin, with my animated integrated and also the default Playlist if you wanna see your list in fullscreen or whatever you like :D (Big Grin)

burstnibbler D:D (Big Grin) Yeah bro I know you like this skin, I've lost you while I was in developing the skin...cause I could provide you with
Betas and Pre-Releases of the skin (Psst if you take a look aroud in hardwareGeeks forums and WinAMP forums you'll see what I mean hehehe 2-3 posts in each forum for same skin, I was and Still am so excited for my first attampt in WinAMP skinning :D (Big Grin)

Slatan ;) (Wink) den eida Fav gia synparastash mikre....kai einai Metal skin, paliometallo :P (Lick) hehehe

Thanks all for your ideas/opinions and cimpliments, and I promise you 2nd version will include much more than you want or imagine, cause except I feed your imagination, I also feed mine day by day ;) (Wink)


PS: almost 4000 downloads in WinAMP site after 24 hours of submision hehe This makes me happy, I wish here in DA could be Daily deviation when I had added, but I choosed the " fair " way in a non "high traffic" time to submit it.
When all Americans was at sleep and Asia / Oz /Japan at work. :( (Sad)
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