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Apple, things just work.

Full title: Apple, isn’t it great when things just work?

The title say it. Since you got an Apple product things just work, in most times flawlesly. In cases there are troubles, AppleCare or the single Support and Apple Discussions will work for you. many people (including me) have found solutions from there. You will find too, since you make a search on it’s great database witch is recently updated the whole Apple Discussions website.

So, from this thought and only I made a simple wallpaper for your desktops. “1600×1200″ for various desktops. Feel free to use it as you like and share it with your friends.

Created on a PowerBook Aluminium 15" with Photoshop CS2.
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Nice work!! . . . It's good to own a Mac (or two) . . .
PC user from x286 with Windows 3.1 until I bought my 1st Mac (2nd hand) in the mid 90's. Currently on my 3rd and 4th Macs, an old 1.83GHz MacMini and last years 2.66GHz MacBookPro . . .
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I used PC around lets say 16 years of my life and I hated it because when I tried to use music programs like Fruity loops or Reason 2.5 (at that time) it would always freeze and I have a Dell XPS600 and my little mac BLOWS IT OUT THE WATER!!!
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Welcome to the real world :)
Thanks for the fav and greetings from Greece.
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"isn’t it great when things just work" very similar to the Honda Accord Euro tagline.
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really, apple products just upset me HAHA i mean sorry, i really like your image tho, crisp
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great work! :)
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I so agee that Apple is real damn better than a PC, multi-tasking, designing, video, music and overall is going way better on a Mac! those that don't believe so ro doesn't want to be "converted" are mostly scared of the change or of the infamous fact once you possess a mac you are not compatible with the world, wich ain't true at all, compatibility problems aren't an issue.

So Mac rock! and great desktop :p

I recently switch from my P4 PC to go with the incredible PowerBook G4 15" (v5,8) and with each passig by it's still is better on the Mac. Possibilities are endless :D

and try a Mac once in your life!
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Well said my friend ;) my greetings from Greece to Canada.
I own also a PowerBook 15" Aluminium and a PowerMac MDD Dual G4, once you got a Mac, there is no way back ;)

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Thanks for the comments people, unfortunately for me as a user in both systems PC and Macs things work better in Macs.
Been PC User since early '90s and Mac user the last 3 years, I didn't borned yesterday :) first computer a Spectrum ZX128 back in 1985, so after 20 years of experience, believe me people, Apple Just Works :D

Cheers and better own a Mac at home for daily use, and then hug your PCs ;)
PS: do you aware of the danger to get a "flu" from a PC Virus hugging it? hehehehehe j/k

Thanks again! Greetings from rainy Greece.
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I'm with the other two, I'm a PC lover *hugs her PC* :lol: But this is still a nice wallpaper. I guess I like shiny things. :giggle: Very clean and simple. :)
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I'm a PC lover, apples are ev0l! *gets out the garlic, crucifix, wooden stake,etc* ;P
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Meh, apples are for the weak-of-heart when it comes to computer problems. ;P

They will never convert me! *runs away, hauling giant desktop PC with her*

Not to detract from your art with my contraditions. I just can't agree that apples work better than PC's, because in my experience they die at about the same rate... and the advantage that PC's have is that I actually undertand how to make them work a lot of the time. Or at least mine. *pats hard drives*
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