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Apple Store

I created this wallpaper inspired by the Apple Icon that I've found here: [link] by tykee.

I dedicate it to Apple and I would like to tell that this company has not yet an official Apple Store in Greece.

That means, no good support, no free shipping, no Apple Care, no good service and so on...

Some people (including me) have created a petition-website that you can find here: [link] with the name WeWantAppleGreece and we demand official representation by Apple in our country (Greece).

I hope you like it, tools used: Photoshop CS4 and Wacom Bamboo Tablet.

The .zip file that you get pressing "Download" button on the left contains 3 wide screen versions of the wallpaper:

Full view please!

Comments are welcomed :)
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Love it, thank you!
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Thanks for the Permission.
Will let you know when the theme is up. The Wallpaper-link will be there. :)
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Hello! Nice concept!

I am currently compiling themes for Windows 7 consisting of the best of the Artwork/Wallpapers available. The themes are being compiled on a variety of topics. These themes are featured on our blog. We have started a gallery of Windows 7 themes here.

I wished to make a theme about Apple. Plan to use your Apple Wallpaper in the Theme. For credits, a text file would be provided with the theme, which will give you due credits for your work as well as a link to your profile on DeviantArt. The credits are also given in the Deviation details. Please see my Profile and gallery for details.

I have permission from quite a few DA Artists. Hope you too are alright with this!
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Hello, thanks.

You have my permission to use it in your theme.
Please don't remove the website link on bottom right
on the wallpaper. As about the credits details, it's
ok to use my da page profile.

I would like a link of the theme when it's done.
Greetings from Greece,
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Great work and idea my friend!!! :thumbsup: :nod:
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