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If it rains, it rains

By Makoyana
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Angella hyped for Good Omens TV series!!! 
Have some ineffable fem!angels because i'm a fool.
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KalahazanStudent General Artist
Hello, I discovered this image on:iconprojectcomment:

I do not understand that no one has left you constructive comment! There is so much to say about your drawing.

Already the two characters, they are women with a wing each in the back. A black wing for the brunette a white for the blonde. This of course made me think of an angel and a demon who are both on earth. But the fact that they’re close to each other under an umbrella makes me feel like they’re friends. As if they put forward that good and evil are close and that it doesn’t take much to move from one to the other.

Their dress style also seems to me to be very hard work. I am sure that you have reflected everything in your image. Down to the smallest detail. The fact that it rains but that the brunette wears sunglasses seems at first strange and totally absurd. But by thinking a little and looking at the whole picture. One has the sensation that the brunette hides more than the blonde, as if she knew that she had to do things can be recommendable or have originally almost superior or lying airs. The fact that she’s dressed like a businesswoman gives me the feeling that she’s more manipulative and calculating than the other one who looks more honest, sweeter, and as curious because of the look you gave her.

I also like the presence of rain, and the fish that fall. I find that your background is something biblical. Maybe I’m going too far in my thoughts. But your clouds seem to form an arc of a circle as if they opened to let your two characters come. The rain plus the fall of the fish reminds me of two biblical disasters, the massive arrival of frog, and the flood of Noah.

I also noticed that you played on the transparency of the wing of your blond character. You can see the blue sky in its wing. While you present a cloudy and rainy sky in your decor.

I think your drawing is awfully well done, and your details are very worked out and nice. You could almost believe a comic book page or a book cover! I really like what you’ve done!

Thank you for your great work and frankly keep it up!

Good luck to you.

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HilowPeoplesStudent General Artist
Ahhhh yes this is so well done!!!! I love the composition!!! I especially like the raining fish, nice call to the books :D
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BbaltierraStudent Traditional Artist
This is really beautiful, I love how nicely detailed the characters look in your art price.
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MakoyanaHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you :)
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very nice Cool Emoticon Heart Emoticon  Thumbsup Emoticon Bravo #2(Cheers!) Emoticon 
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I like them :-)
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MakoyanaHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks :3
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