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Salutations!  I want everyone to know that I plan on updating the Makoto Nanaya group and getting it more active in a variety of ways!  I know I said this before, but I have not had a computer because of a failure 6 months ago and just now getting a new one (Black Friday).  Therefore, I plan on getting everything right with this group to show the utmost appreciation for our squirrel-tailed beauty!

01.  Since my original account is unbanned, I will be running things from :iconrok-the-reaper:, so get ready for me to switch control of this group over to that one.

02.  I will be splitting up the deviations into various groups, such as: Chibi, Cosplay, Suggestive Cosplay, Fan Art, Suggestive Fan Art, etc.  This way it will be easier to find specific pictures about Makoto and keep things tidy and organized.

03.  I will be doing my best to also have events where we pick a topic and draw fan art of Makoto in that form; this way we can keep a steady stream of artwork for her and keep the group lively.

04.  I will be trying to do some contests in the future, no idea when.  I have no idea about prizes nor do I have any idea when this can be done (Will be a while since I will be supplying things myself, and I am quite low on funds).

If you have any other suggestions, let me know.  I will also be trying to upgrade the group to a "Super Group" sometime in the future, no idea when I will be doing that either.
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Shes both! :3 but idk, something about that personality and dem looks xD
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