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Rampage (cont.) :iconmakor359:makor359 3 3
Mature content
Rampage :iconmakor359:makor359 3 3
Mature content
Devious Journal Draft :iconmakor359:makor359 0 0
Hard-redes Drapa
Lords and Ladies, gathered are we,
listen well as we remember,
favored few who left the field then,
fell the valiant with their king.
Tosti's earlship taken,
travels he to Flanders,
seeks the aid of Swein for,
salvaging a kings-seat,
Councils now Canutes-son,
kinsman be my jarl here,
Brow-moons rise up boldly,
but he takes not Danes-land!
Strive men strong now,mighty heroes,
sure your sword-arm saves the day,
Harald sits his high-seat,
hails the son of Gudine,
Tostis-tale finds lodging,
tantalize gold-giver,
meetings many make they,
merry plans a-borning,
Raised-the-red-Shield, Hard-rede,
ready now the sea-steeds,
Strive men strong now,mighty heroes,
sure your sword arm saves the day,
Hrungnirs-foot-blade, hangs from keel-bird,
hover now the Valkyries,
Trees-of-Odin thrill to battle,
Thurses-terror senses war,
Angle-land awaits the coming,
as Land-Waster Harald brings,
Cleve-land called,ring-breakers landing,
crave the people, for peace-time,
Strive men strong now, mighty heroes,
:iconmakor359:makor359 12 20
Freyjas maidens,
fiercely winging,
battle raging,
blades are broken,
sword-dew gleaming,
darkly lingers,
fallen shield-men,
silent, joyful,
soon will feast in,
Freyjas presence
:iconmakor359:makor359 17 4
Tearing threads of heart-strings,
thoughts now sadly quiet,
Hear the hosts of wood-lands,
hastening to burrows,
eyes see, ears hear, running,
echoes alpha pack-mates
Wolf-lord wryly seeking,
whispers of the Huntress,
Only owls are knowing,
of the coming battle,
loss of love yet echoes,
let the pairing finish,
feel all fetters broken,
faithful is the Huntress!
:iconmakor359:makor359 19 5
Dark the dreaded Norns-fate,
daring Loki smiling,
But the bold gold-giver,
bades the fighters listen,
Scheming are sad foemen
seeking Lokis favor
wise the weapon-brothers,
waiting is All-Father,
Thorn-lords tasteing Yggs-brew
Golden gleams the Crown-list,
Gullveig smiling softly,
fighting fair is sought now,
feel the pride of Lutr,
Gathered grinning thorn-lords,
goodly speech is given,
two the regal kindred,
treasured now their strong heirs!
:iconmakor359:makor359 8 5
Valkyries view
Witch-cold waves of icey thunder,
watch the mortal, see him blunder,
armor stripped and rusted, broken,
Aesirs-heart gives him a token,
Valkyrie lingers, vault of night,
values heart-song, brave mans plight,
Echoes Odins eager daughters,
end of journey, feed the slaughtered
:iconmakor359:makor359 20 10
Devious Journal Draft
 Hello to the Loner, passing by...
Ive posted my first entry into dA...literature, not a painting, etc.  People, I call them friends,'cos they added my poem to their collections...Thank You..and good comments were made, always can lead  to new dA's.  Im also seeing artists that make me want to 'do' Art.  A photographer in France that seems to have captured the essence of what the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists saw.
 Artists in the Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, the Baltic lands, Russia, S. Africa and more.  Their media is different, subject matter diverse, enthusiasm...'priceless'.  This is part of what I am seeking here..."INSPIRATION"!!!
Now, if I can figure out how to write...'eating pasta'
'drinking diet coke'
''watching Ghost Whisperer'
'Listening to HEART'
etc, like you do...oops, just found it, lol...
:iconmakor359:makor359 5 1
Lore-fame Drapa
Silence slays the word-cave banter,
soon the ear-caves welcome skalds-brew,
Weave I now a way of learning,
welcome may you find in Yggs-mead,
Learn the lore of Norsemen,
lays of mighty heroes,
sailing south in longships,
sorely grieve the Southrons,
fierce the blazing farmstead,
Franks-land merry blazing,
raiders wearing ring-shirts,
rich the booty carried,
Strong the Sons of Odin,
slaying in ring-byrnies,
Swirling clouds the storms are,
stream they now from Lands-end,
Mjollnirs-master sends them,
marching over Midgard
Walk the whale-road Kinsmen,
winds now greet Jords-son,
feel the fury Stone-whales,
fighting Thor now swiftly,
Strong the Sons of Odin,
slaying in ring-byrnies,
Freyja is the friend of,
men who fear the straw-death,
fierce ones fall in battle,
feasting in Sessrumnir,
Svipdag gleans the slain ones,
shares them with Njords-dottir,
gather they the gallant
gain the Einherhjar gladly,
Strong the Sons of Odin,
slaying in ring-byrnies,
:iconmakor359:makor359 12 0
I finally have a 'face' to go w/ my more 'smiley face'...
:iconmakor359:makor359 8 1
SHORES...Standing on a sandy
Standing on a sandy shore,
far from the race of Man,
Witnessing a coming Age,
in its eternal plan,
Man is growing by leaps,
and bounds,
Hunting with the Knowledge hounds,
'til He comes to sandy shores,
far from the race of Man
:iconmakor359:makor359 13 2


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Thanks for visiting giantrsslover45!! Makor359
Thu Jul 6, 2017, 12:02 PM
to BreitOlga! Bon voyage..come back refreshed..makor/mark
Sat Jun 17, 2017, 12:47 PM



Wolfs Lament
Silence sings in mountain valleys,
Silence sings on silvered plains,
Silence sings through Hearts of People,
Silence, sadness, Wolves Now Slain!
I wrote this when I heard rumors about hunters now being allowed to hunt wolve and grizzly bear cubs while still in their dens!  It saddens me that WE are killing Our future..Makor359
Not sure 'how to', but, thinking about seeting up a "Donation Pool"..any ideas? Mark
Sometimes I prefer the sound of my own silence,
compared to the conversation of others,
But therin lies the flaw,
for friends seek connection, and might wander away from the silence,
Patient hope is friendship,
I hope my Muse returns from her vacation!

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CIC was indeed tracking the anomaly.  In the following seconds, Commander Tinsley was receiving reports and complaints from some of the new alien ambassadors!  The Blue energy beam enveloped the station, at o5:27, earth standard time.  The structural damage was minimal, much to the Commanders surprise!  A few buckled deck plates and a "diminishing" blueish field, out of which stepped a..'giantess'!  She was some 6 meters in height, bluish-green and nude. 
"What is this place?" the giantess roared!  The comms system finally able to translate the alien womans question.
Commander Tinsley, in his best diplomatic voice said..
"This is Babylon IV, ma'am...Welcome!"
The comms. unit translated the Terran back into a semblance of the aliens speech patterns and she seemed to relaz, a bit.
Comm. Tinsley gestured to a large conference room and asked if the new visitor would like to have some clothes brought to her?  Athena had now regained some of her control and thus was again at a 'normal height, of 2 meters+.  After translating the words she heard, from this "translator", she said..Y.e.s.s!
"Food?" Athena stated, staring at the alien. 
An ensign had brought in some civilian clothes, of varying sizes and awaited his orders.
Athena, grasped the clothing, partially from need and from the concepts she had gleaned from the aliens mind.  They were suspicious, but willing to help her.  The materials that the cloth was made of was very comfortable to her, but, she was still hungry, almost ravenous and this other alien, called "Ensign", was starting to look tasty!  She forced herself ,with a stronger will, to refrain from harming these aliens.  They could prove useful, in her continued escape, from the Directorate! 
Two more crew, another ensign and a master-sergeant brought in two trays of rations and some painfully garnered fruits, from hydropontics. 
"Please Ma'am, be seated and refresh yourself"..the Commander said. 
Master-sergeant Tyler, you will remain with our guest and see to her need, understood?"
"Yes Sir", the ten year veteran said.  Though busy devouring the strange, but delicious foods, Athena listened and, her mind "listened to the other womans thoughts!
"Ive been in combat situations on two planets and onboard a corvette-sized ship, in action and now Im 'baby-sitting"!!
Athena was quickly learning this rather simplistic language and, her head shot up when she realized what the term "baby-sitting" actually meant.
"Not baby", Athena said!  The Sergeant-majors eyes widened and, then the Comms, system crackled to life!
(to be cont.!)

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The energy-field had shut down, but Athena didn't know why.  The last clear memory she had was being in that damned lab!  It was on the out-skirts of "Test-field 1", on a small moon orbiting Felarya, which was the Directorates prized proving grounds. Some called it..a prison!  Experiments were done here,growth/shrinkage tests, conducted on "volunteers"!, rebels,malcontents, even the occasional alien, mostly males,who happened to be made available for Directorate use.  The aliens were always shrunken & set loose, to fend for themselves.
They were considered 'game' and an extra protein source for the 'volunteers', who had undergone 'the change'.  Most subjects stopped growing at 100 ft(about 300 meters). Some had achieved the astounding height of 200 ft/600 meters!  But there was never more that a score of these and their reflexes ,senses and reaction times. 
Athena had been a 'normal', a 'political prisoner',sentenced to Felarya VII, the penal planet, within the Directorates control!  Athena had shown some remarkable test results...abilities and 'powers' which, while dormant,could supply the leaders with the upper hand.  So, she was tested&probed, analyzed and evaluated, until the time was right and the "project" was ready! She would be the test subject and, if she died, all the data collected would prove invalueable for the next "volunteer"!

The 'evening watch' was just coming on duty.  the Commander thought with a small smile.  "Evening" he thought, as he stared out the port viewscreen, looking out over a star-field of a thousand galaxies.
"Its always night here, eh Sir? Flight Officer Denton Collins asked, smiling.
"Yeah Dent...always dark."
Commander Hugh Tinley said.."Your squad up and ready?"
"Aye Sir, Star Fury 3-9ner is ready and all pilots at station!"
"Very well Dent, launch your patrol,standard pattern, Omega 3, ok?"
"Aye Sir!"
Dent was a good officer, thought the Commander.."he'll go far!"
"Star Fury 3-9-ner, launch" came Dents voice over Comms.  Dent thought,as he launched his squadron...
"Shes a massive vessel, almost 5-miles long, deep in a corner of "unclaimed space"!

Earth Central had proposed the construction of this latest station...BabylonIV!  They had contributed half of the credits, with the three primary alien governments contributing the rest.  It had taken 7 years to construct this station.  Its primary function would be to serve as "deep space trading post".  Where human and alien could conduct business affairs and, hopefully, a platform on which a lasting peace could finally be built.

"Commander, "  "this is Combat Information Center..."
"Aye Chief..whats happening?"
"Sir, CIC is tracking some sort of 'energy trail',coming from Sector Delta 32 Gamma", Chief Craig reported.
"Aye Chief, keep me advised"!Comms, get Dent on the Horn, now!!
"Dent here, Sir!"CIC has been tracking some sort of energy spike, originating Delta32Gamma...take three of your Furies and check this out, ok?"
"Aye Sir, will do!  Furies 4, 7 and 9, with me, were going to check this out!"  The four Furies adjusted their course and were heading out, on a vector to Delta32Gamma. 
"Sergeant, anything on your monitors"?
"Just some static Sir, but there is a bit of glare, must be from that pulsar!"
"What pulsar Kamisky?"
"Its really bright Sir!"his comms being effected, Dent thought.  Babylon IV, this is Dent, patrol is reporting increasing static, theres some sort of flaring pulsar, brilliant blue!"

(to be continued!)

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United States
Im a Navy veteran and Im getting back into my art and poetry..also experimenting with some jewelry. Historian by training, into mythology, folk-lore,tales and stories and the Norse/Icelandic sagas. Also looking to make some friends, of which I now have done, but always room for more;)


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