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Upside Down
                                                                                       Upside Down
I saw the world upside down. It hurt my eyes, but I kept looking at it. The blood pulsed through my veins and arteries, going the wrong way. The cars streaked across the roads about to tip over from the tarmac and hit the wide blue sky below.
I saw the world upside down. The buildings like matchsticks fell, plunging into the clouds, making holes and ripping at the white fluff, creating patterns of pointed skyscrapers and thatched roofs.
I saw the world upside do
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Stay by Makola94 Stay :iconmakola94:Makola94 8 20
a dream
in the dream i am fifteen again. there is laughter in our eyes
and my hand is tightly clasped in yours. we are leaping
across the shadows and reaching out for the light. the light is warm.
we hold on longer and let go only when the sudden onrush
of water reaches out, pulling me away.
the noise pounds at my eardrums, with the salt lashing against my palms
inflicting valleys in these inky plains; wounds which do not remember how to heal.
i am cold once more.
as the hour draws near, i know the warmth can still be found. it is
in our laughter that echoes across the years;
in the smile you send my way;
in my heart that beats for peace, and you.
there is a dream i remember from not so long ago.
they tell me the manuscript for my story is too childish;
they do not know it has not yet ended.
:iconmakola94:Makola94 3 4
No goodbyes
The rain was pelting down our little house by the wide brook. Everything around me was dreary and bleak. No colour was apparent in my little world… everything was black… or white. Like I was blind, or had lost the sense of taste, sound, scent, touch… and most importantly, sight.
Tears rolling down my cheeks would not stop. They would fall, and dry there on the cold ground I was sprawled upon. Everything was so quiet that it seemed that I had died. Or maybe my ears were clogged with his words. Words which I would remember for life. Even the most painfully excruciating ones.
There were no goodbyes in my little world. Everything was perfect.
Perfect. That word sounds so meaningless. So insufficient. Perfect was never the way I could describe our relationship with. Never. It was more than that… or at least it seemed so. But I had grown up with the bitter reality that nothing was what it appeared to be. Everything was so fake, so temporary.
I never thought breaking up wo
:iconmakola94:Makola94 2 7
Cocoon, pupa, butterfly
The transition is inevitable,
unavoidable- change is
a painful process. It rips,
sears right through all that you try
to hold close. But once
there is healing and you
open your eyes-
only then will you know
how beautiful it actually is
out there.
:iconmakola94:Makola94 2 6
Violet by Makola94 Violet :iconmakola94:Makola94 6 4
For every laughter in my life,
Over the roar of sixteen years,
Remember I, each eternal sound;
Escaping like sand through the web of time.
Violently, gently, rudely these thoughts
Enter into here and now.
Really, it is temporary.
:iconmakola94:Makola94 2 8
The city by the sea by Makola94 The city by the sea :iconmakola94:Makola94 5 6 Eyes See by Makola94 Eyes See :iconmakola94:Makola94 13 4
I imagine that you
standing there in the middle of that corridor,
turn around with that smile that can melt all the walls that hold this school.
I imagine that you
love it when the sky darkens with clouds promising blessed rain,
holding out your hand to feel the first drops hit you gently.
I imagine that you
are sitting by a heartstopping sunset
with no one other than your baby daughter.
I imagine that you
will hold hands with your mother whenever you next get to see her;
at fifteen, you never really told her you loved her.
I imagine that you
sleep with fitful gasps
trying to seize hold of pictures in your head and failing
:iconmakola94:Makola94 2 18
don't talk to strangers
We were all strangers once, I say to the world I see from my rooftop. It is summer and the world is still the same.
It is raining and I am wet. It is raining and my city is being washed off its dusty routine. Cars block roads, yet the clouds above are merciless. They darken- their grief is more than mine, I suppose.
"Will you be coming inside?" a voice brings me back to what I know is called reality.
"In a while," I reply, looking ahead at the patch of sky which is till now free of clouds. Which is till now bright- like a spot missed while cleaning up golden locks from the barber's shop.
The city roars as the water pulses through its streets. Monsoon has drenched us as it always does.
I look above and see an airplane fly low.
I feel as if I can touch it, if I stand on my tiptoes. But sometimes standing on tiptoes is not enough, I remind myself.
Just like sometimes smiling at a stranger is not enough.
The sky agrees as lightning streaks the sky; a messy scrawl drawn by my childish hand.
:iconmakola94:Makola94 4 20
for my father, with love by Makola94 for my father, with love :iconmakola94:Makola94 4 15 Apocalypse by Makola94 Apocalypse :iconmakola94:Makola94 4 11
just in case
to be with you in those explosions of september nights, when the world
seems to end in epic sighs and glorious rollercoaster rides.
and to see your face light up like a thousand bulbs plugged in a 2400 watt battery
only with the brightness of the sun,
and the purity of the moon.
to sing you to sleep wishing for the lullabies to end and insomnia to illusion your mind,
just so I could see your eyes open again.
to hate you forever in those mad days of unforgiven silence, when you would forget,
and i would despise to remember.
and to see the way we would fight like newborn kittens, only we were just children of Adam
and had words for claws, and intuition for instincts.
to see all that and never to cry,
more out of relief than joy.
i could have you with me a million times,
and lose you another two million,
for Time,
i believe,
will never die.
:iconmakola94:Makola94 13 14
fishoutofwater by Makola94 fishoutofwater :iconmakola94:Makola94 3 8
Cactus Blooming collab.
translucent tree
make the night young,
sail wild though
smile only once,
remember when we
would worry
then kill pools of coffee,
miss eternity
the magic must.
falling water,
hear my prayer:
I want to
dance the way magnolias
bloom in february,
learn to speak
in soft pink tongues.
I fell asleep listening
to the nightingale sing.
:iconmakola94:Makola94 10 12
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:heart: these. for the clarity they've brought. and so much more.


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Ayesha Nasir
God made the illusion look real

and the real an illusion.

He concealed the sea
and made the foam visible,

the wind invisible,

and the dust manifest.

you see the dust whirling,

but how can the dust rise by itself?

you see the foam,but not the ocean.

- Rumi


Journal Entry: Sat Jan 7, 2012, 2:34 AM
There is hope here.

These people are yours even if they leave, these lights can shine even in a blackout. Pakistan is very much alive and breathing.

Put your hand on your heart. You know you feel it too.




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