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GVS Aleya by Makoes GVS Aleya :iconmakoes:Makoes 2 2 GVS Storm Chaser by Makoes GVS Storm Chaser :iconmakoes:Makoes 5 3 Panda Panda Spider! by Makoes Panda Panda Spider! :iconmakoes:Makoes 4 5 To catch the Sunlight by Makoes To catch the Sunlight :iconmakoes:Makoes 4 2 Shiny Cubchoo Collab by Makoes Shiny Cubchoo Collab :iconmakoes:Makoes 11 2 I see you looking! by Makoes I see you looking! :iconmakoes:Makoes 3 4 It Takes Two to Tiangou (animated) by Makoes It Takes Two to Tiangou (animated) :iconmakoes:Makoes 2 2 Standing Ground by Makoes Standing Ground :iconmakoes:Makoes 4 2 Aibek by Makoes Aibek :iconmakoes:Makoes 5 18 Ready Steady GO! by Makoes Ready Steady GO! :iconmakoes:Makoes 2 2 Choices by Makoes Choices :iconmakoes:Makoes 5 0 Q3 Finding a Way by Makoes Q3 Finding a Way :iconmakoes:Makoes 3 0 Q2: Feeding the Family by Makoes Q2: Feeding the Family :iconmakoes:Makoes 4 4 SPC: Sun Tan Choco Tan by Makoes SPC: Sun Tan Choco Tan :iconmakoes:Makoes 3 0 WA: Red Racers by Makoes WA: Red Racers :iconmakoes:Makoes 2 0 Midas Minis by Makoes Midas Minis :iconmakoes:Makoes 3 0

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VINCENT VALENTINE COLORED by WadeVesecha VINCENT VALENTINE COLORED :iconwadevesecha:WadeVesecha 131 190 Faun by JLazarusEB
Mature content
Faun :iconjlazaruseb:JLazarusEB 23 1
A Cataclysmic Experiment by MoonlostArts A Cataclysmic Experiment :iconmoonlostarts:MoonlostArts 67 32 Rawr of the Aspects by LupisDarkmoon Rawr of the Aspects :iconlupisdarkmoon:LupisDarkmoon 49 26 hit with the light- commission by Eyestrain hit with the light- commission :iconeyestrain:Eyestrain 190 16
Free Yourself - Bonfire Party !! RESULTS !!
:new: RESULTS :new:
Congrats to everyone!
1. Frozenstallion -----------74 ----------- 72 ----------- 73 ----------------------Place: 4
2. Minthiy ------------------- 68  -----------76 ----------- 72 ----------------------Place: 6
3. Jassukassu  --------------74 ------------79 ----------- 76,5 --------------------Place: 3
4. Jasper-19 ----------------75 ------------ 79 ----------- 77 ----------------------Place: 2 (shared with Memuii)*
5. Magidaa  -----------------71 ------------74 ------------72,5 --------------------Place: 5
6. Memuii  ------------------79 ------------75 ------------77 ----------------------Place: 2 (shared with Jasper-19)*
7. Bluefire-phoenix  ------60 -------------67 ------------63,5 -------------------Place: 8
8. Prte1 ---------------------58 ------
:iconlunameyza:Lunameyza 16 119
Desert Nights by rajewel Desert Nights :iconrajewel:rajewel 2,374 78
CLOSED - Frostdall Summerbeach Event 2015

Welcome to the Frostdall Summerbeach Event
:new: competition closed, judging will follow soon! This week it will be up! I'll probably have a helpjudge, my mom, because it will be hard to judge these amazing entries all by myself.
I want to thank everybody who entered and finished their entry, all entries are stunning! :hug:
Registration – must send in note! :note:

Pre registration is a must - you can do this till August 17th.
Name Horse:
References Horse:
Riders name:
Stable + Country:

Welcome to Frostdall Summerbeach Event 2015. We haven't held an event in a while, but now that we do. We do it with fun! This isn't a event for high class dressage. This a fun dressage event and everybody can enter (look at 'things to know' for more details).
It will be held at the beach near Fro
:iconfrozenstallion:Frozenstallion 6 16
Lisqar Equine import - custom by Minthiy Lisqar Equine import - custom :iconminthiy:Minthiy 9 6 Tokota Height Comparison Chart by Tauriiga Tokota Height Comparison Chart :icontauriiga:Tauriiga 654 72 Vanity by FionaCreates Vanity :iconfionacreates:FionaCreates 106 15 Vanity - Collaboration by Astralseed Vanity - Collaboration :iconastralseed:Astralseed 679 110 Homo homini lupus est by raspberryMCMLXXXIV Homo homini lupus est :iconraspberrymcmlxxxiv:raspberryMCMLXXXIV 924 122 Pokedex 330 - Flygon FR by Pokemon-FR Pokedex 330 - Flygon FR :iconpokemon-fr:Pokemon-FR 1,706 220 Lara 4418 by TotemSpirit Lara 4418 :icontotemspirit:TotemSpirit 7 4 Tkturials - Digitigrade Legs Guide by Twokinds Tkturials - Digitigrade Legs Guide :icontwokinds:Twokinds 11,180 641

Spotlight Art -By Other Artists!

King Of the Wall by Heca-Bitch4Life Beauties In Blue by Heca-Bitch4Life
Spider Kitty by Caterang8

Stuff to Do!

L196 Foal | Corrupt | Daddy thinks Im pretty by SuccubusLust 10 MP

Nakkae 30130 by TotemSpirit

Lisqar Warmblood Import - SOLD by sokaede

Summer 2018 Sale 2 by SheduMaster

Claw Token Design 43 by SheduMaster

DDC's Sunnova Gun 15918 by SheduMaster
- page doll thingy

Midnight Liberty Event CLOSED
Midnight Liberty
Darkness is all around you, so be the bright light to colour the world!
General rules
Deadline = August 25th, no extensions
All Lisqar Equines with 50% or more Lisqar blood are welcome, at any age
Humans are allowed to join, but it's not needed
Multiple Lisqars can join together, multiple humans too, go wild. Multiple characters will give more points for effort
Lisqars are allowed to use their powers, but are not allowed to fly higher than one meter
Only fullbody entries, everything must be selfdrawn for this event
Small crystals icon 2 by Lunameyza Tracing is allowed, but you'll lose -2 points
Small crystals icon 2 by Lunameyza Both traditional and digital art is allowed
Small crystals icon 2 by Lunameyza We encourage dressing up, helps for creativity points
Small crystals icon 2 by Lunameyza If you includ

PB's Asian Shedu Fight Tournament [closed]Final Update: Tournament is officially over.

I really like Asian Shedus and I love the idea behind the Asian Shedu Fights. Sadly the Shedu group doesn't have an official show for it (like IFS or Streetraces), so I decided to set up a tournament.
Arrow Bullet (Gray) - F2U! This tournament will start as soon as 8 competitors are found and it will roughly end 3 months after.
Arrow Bullet (Gray) - F2U! The show is open for Pure Asian Shedu Cats and Asian-Crosses (75%+ Asian blood) only!
Arrow Bullet (Gray) - F2U! This is a test-run. If everything works well, I will do more tournaments like this.
Arrow Bullet (Gray) - F2U! Since this is a test-run, it would be cool if you would let me know what you think about it. Also: Please tell me if you're interested in joining even though all free spots are taken. It will help me to estimate bett


RWS Koa ID: B024 by KiyiyaHowlingWolf
20 MP (for the multidilute foal)

Tulukaruk 15583 by TotemSpirit
From: (

RT Mid Vur Shaan by RoseThornStables RT Ensosin-Hah by RoseThornStables

Virus 0122 by URRK-BOT with Sweet Shadow 0138 by URRK-BOT
and Soul the sergal by danny-the-raptor for prompt 1,2,3

1 – Male
Genotype: EE/SS/KK/nDsk/nPn/nSb/nWt/nTpt/nMtl/nFr/nHp/ww
Phenotype: Charcoal with Dusky Points, Pangare, Sable, Washout, Tar Pit, Mottling, Frill and Hued Points
Feather Type: Smooth

Design GuidesDesign Guides: Ground Rules
Below, you will find all the guides you will need to design your ketucari. However, there are a few basic ground rules you should be aware of that will apply to every design.
Bullet; White  Do not try to abuse marking ranges to create a pseudo-version of colors/markings your ketucari does not have.
Bullet; White The base coat should always be immediately recognizable, as should markings. The only exception is if the ketucari has piebald or melanistic pastel covering their markings.
Bullet; White Admins reserve the right to clarify the design guides at any time, especially if there is a pending design that makes us aware of loopholes or badly worded


Gender: Female
Health: Healthy
Coat Type: Common
Ear Type: Flop
Body Type: Common
Genotype: cc/ww/Bb/Dd/nFd/nPg/MskMsk
Phenotype: Black with Fade, Pangare, and Mask
Mutations: None
STR: 10 | SPD: 8 | CON: 12 | DEX: 8 | AGI: 8 | STA: 7 | INT: 8
Markings and Genetics -wip-Work in Progress
Free Markings
Not related to a gene, eyespots are colored markings on the eyebrow of an Algolope. Most often being a lighter color of the base pelt.
Another marking not related to genes, this marking often lightens the fur around an algolopes eyes, or in some cases darkens it.
Minimal White/Black
A free marking that adds small limited patches to an algolope’s pelt, usually on the face, jaw, foreahead, chest, or tailtip. Must choose one or the other.
Common Genes
(PtPt/nPt) Point
Point darkens the face, legs, feet, ears, and tailtip, similar to Siamese cats. Point is a less saturated color and usually is black or darker than the base color.

The Must Do...To-do listBecause The List and Unused Foal Geno's have Everything, and I needed something a little simpler to be able to sort just what "Needs" to be done, and focus on those first. 
Slowly getting myself organized!! 
7/10 kaaring done

Lisqar custom import:
Needs designing:
To Design:
(split litter with FMNF) :new: Needs to be designed!
:bulletblue:12535 Male, Heavy 185cm
Dominant white over siam peach champagne tan with roan and bald mutation
Str[22] Int[21] Sta[20] Sp

MS Event (Oct 2017)-will sponsor
Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Event 2016 - 2017:iconeditplz: JUDGED! See here for results: MS Awareness Event 16-17 : RESULTS
The Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Event 2016-2017 - CLOSED!
The reason for this is that my internship ends on May 9th, so I wont be able to judge this event before that anyways. So I might just as well extend this for a bit.

Opens today. October 15th, 2016.
I want to publish the results and the calendar on World MS Day, which was on May 25th this year, and will be around the same day next year.
No preregistration needed. Simply draw your image and post a link under this journal.
So you may or may no

Christmas lists!!!!!
Christmas WishlistShedus:
- Art in general
- Komainu
- Idk, art of my girl maybe :XD:
- A dire
- A longmane
- A yeti
- A lilac
- Art/Lit

Marandian's I have slots withMares I have slots to:
          ORS Vervada DCXIII by FireSkip
Stallions I have slots to:
FmnF Butterfly Snow CCXXXVI by Nixxily WBS Heart's Apocalypse CLXXXVIII by NativeWolf330 FmnF Aura of the Predator DXVI by kagetora4ever Hei Bai CCLXX by TalonV HFS Kuchiki Byakuya CCCLXVI by TuttibirdArts Arctic Bakteyo CDXLIII by kagetora4ever FmnF Silent Night CCVI by Nixxily FmnF Njaa Kubwa CCLI by Nixxily Marandian import CCCLXXXI - Group Horse by Jian89 marandian import CCCXCIV - group horse by Jian89 marandian import CCCXCI - group horse by Jian89 (11/10cp) ORS Belgabad DCXIV by FireSkip Giliath CCXXXI De Laroche by kagetora4everDark Ages DCLXXXVII by Baylili00 OTTBS Gemstone Prince DCCXXII by Baylili00
Pairs I have slots to:
LWs Hircine CCLXVI by kagetora4ever TO LWs Boethiah LXXVI by kagetora4ever
Horses I have pending slots to:
Marandian foal design DXCI by DatNachtmaehre

Nordanner slot to:
A5256 EM's Wanheda by EmeraldTheWoof
-NO breed changing
-Offer resulting Foal back to EmeraldTheWoof

I made them do it :P

Flash sale: Commission Makoes by Nixxily
By Nixxily

Swamp Flight by Paleona
By Paleona

Jewel of Souls by LupisDarkmoon

My Handsome prized dragon on Flight Rising
done by: LupisDarkmoon

Realistic Reef by MiraeChaos
by MiraeChaos

Playing like a fish in water by Karavella-Sanya
by Karavella-Sanya

[raffle] F l o a t i n g by Jaravina
by Jaravina

Comm: Reef Carousel by toteczious
by toteczious

King of Hearts
King of Hearts by MoniSwift
by MoniSwift

Young Blood
Yhh 24 Hour Auction Open By Equinaraproductions by Makoes
by EquinaraProductions

Makoes's Steed by Prophet-Blaq
A wonderful Shiny rapidash that I "persuaded" Prophet-Blaq to make :lol:

Awesome person is awesome 

No deviants said Check it out!

Shedu Directory

Komainu Build CatsGem  Has SPC & 200AP bonus
Star! Has SPC
Half Star Has PB
No Star No SPC


Gem  Log:…

 K-love project
No Star Log:


Star! Log: 
Classic Build CatsGem  Has SPC & 200AP bonus
Star! Has SPC
Half Star Has PB
No Star No SPC
Black Star Infertile/will NEVER breed

No Star Log:…

Star! Log:…

Star! Log:…

Asian Build CatsGem  Has SPC & 200AP bonus
Star! Has SPC
Half Star Has PB
No Star No SPC


Gem Log:…

No Star Log:…

Star! Log:

No Star Log:

Djibb/Jotun Build CatsGem  Has SPC & 200AP bonus
Star! Has SPC
No Star No SPC

Star! Log:…

No Star Log:…

Star! Log:…

No Star Log:

No Star Log: 

Baketora/Bayun Build CatsGem  Has SPC & 200AP bonus
Star! Has SPC
Half Star Has PB
No Star No SPC

No Star Log:
* If sold, IronOdArtist gets first dibs.

Star! Log:

Star! Log:

No Star Log:
Shedu Quick links and Geno'sQuick Links:
AP: Art Points
SPC: Shedu Pedigree Certificate
Gives 5% better chance on finding secret locations in said district/area
Lawrence's SND…

ARABIAN SHEDU CAT (curent info)
How to breed Arabian Shedu (old info)

Shedu SlotsSlots to:
 (to be used with Solas)
 (to be used with Scary Movie)
 (to be used with Pine tree)
 (to be used with Silver Shadow)
 (50/50 with The Soul Ablaze 9056 ) - Posted
 (To be used with Flaxen Komainu mane boy)
 (to be used with Broken hearted fool) - Posted

Journal History


Makoes's Profile Picture
Melissa "MT Imagination"
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art


About Me

Makoes here :D A little about me, hmmm.
I have a daughter born April 11th 2010, whom takes up a lot of my time. I have another daughter born July 2, 2015. Doubly busy now!
I have always loved drawing, and growing up not many pieces of school work escaped a doodle or two, from elementary school all the way to College, lol. I have always loved to draw. It’s only really been since 2013 that I’ve started to really focus more on my art.
Before that I was studying marine life, I use to do a lot of volunteer work with streams, rivers and ocean groups. However; after becoming pregnant with my first daughter, my life has taken a different focus.

To pay the bills I work in a grocery store as a cashier. At first it was a temporary job, something to pay the bills, but after 10 years, I think I am stuck there. Lol. I did meet my SO there and we have been together for almost 9 years now. Like me, he loves to draw, but where I focus on animals, he focuses on humanoids.

In 2013, I entered a raffle held by the Marandian group and won 3 horse designs and was then sucked into the world of HARPG! I’ve been drawing horses ever since! I may even have an addiction…lol.
Hmmm, what else…Let’s see, we have 2 cats, brothers. Mojo the Tabby and Numair the black cat. Mojo loves to play tag and be chased by kids, he’s the “wild” one. Numair on the other hand loves to snuggle, cuddle and hunt. We just got a pet fish as well, a blue male Betta named “Bitey” he is my daughters first pet.

When not being a Mom, housekeeper, zookeeper or referee, I enjoy playing World of Warcraft, pokemon and Flight Rising. I also love reading Fantasy books, sketching, and spending time outside.



Makoes has started a donation pool!
215 / 1,000

You must be logged in to donate.
Well, seems like the slot sales are all popping up for the next breeding season, October!!! So, here's my little selection of cats to open up slots to!
Looking for: Points, USD, slot exchange (to a similar valued cat), splits (female slot owner gets first pick, male slot owner gets odd cub, single cubs co-owned/discussed)
*Please don't ask what I want for the slot, make an offer! I won't bite :D

Classics Builds:

The Boys:

FmnF-RT Basilisk II 8700 by SheduMaster 
Sandman  3741 by SheduMaster  White Point Star 3888-1 by SheduMaster  Singapore Sling 5048st by SheduMaster (<-PB/yellow eyes trait)  Moomba 14378 by SheduMaster  GVS Gold Fire 15717 by SheduMaster  BEC Bumblebee 14587 by SheduMaster (<-shorty)  Sebastian Of The Archers 8651 by SheduMaster  Blazing Sunday 3156  by SheduMaster 

These Boy's I am a bit picky about offers:

Storm Of The Century 9208ST by SheduMaster Bleached Silver

BEC Nightcrawler 12480 by SheduMaster Blue confession, 25% K-cat

Rendezvous De Luna 12869 by SheduMaster extended Siam, siames bowtie, pangare [Maxima], Cheetah -3, drunk nike, Bobtail, purple eyes trait

The Girls:

Cc Ninja's Drug Addict 3311 by SheduMaster  Mila 2249 by SheduMaster  Fleetwood Mac 3636 by SheduMaster (<-Crescent marked)  Samhain 3886 by SheduMaster 
WIC Gaia 7192 by SheduMaster   Wic Double Shot 8055 by SheduMaster  Esha 8730 by SheduMaster (<-Yellow eyes)  JR's Death Wish Of The Phoenix 7076 by SheduMaster  A River In The Desert 3779 by SheduMaster  BEC Salacia 12315 by SheduMaster 

James Bond  Secret Asian Classics:

FmnF Soft Snow 12311 by SheduMaster Albino, curly coat, black wing, splash, oswald tabby

GVS Blood Samurai 15080 by SheduMaster Singtoo mane, black wing, RED oswald tabby-3 [extreme]

The Stinger 11428ST by SheduMaster Maneless, leopard pattern -3 [extreme]

Djibbs: I am picky on these ones!


GVS Weasel-Face 12209JD by SheduMaster
Sooty intense dun silver colour restrict true black with appaloosa, restricted confession and quagga pattern -2

GVS Enlighten 12128D by SheduMaster
Peach Champagne brown with dun, pangare, quagga pattern and zulu mask


BEC Jinx Magic 13540 by SheduMaster
Sooty black appaloosa with partial dom white and Zulu mask


Looking for some Awesome Mutation Nordanner slots? Check out this!
OMG OMG!!!! Look what my Dad got me for my birthday!!!! 
20180121 195940 by Makoes   20180121 200333 by Makoes
It's Cloud Strife's Buster Blade base!!! 
I am soooo excited for this! 
It's My Birthday!!! Whoot! I've made it to LV 32!
New Years Resolution:

Draw more of other peoples characters! More gift art, more random stuff that makes no sense, and just enjoy all the simple things in life!
I have a picture to finish and halloween events to respond to...goes to the ER with a sick toddler instead. She's fine, most likely a virus. 
Home now, will respond to events and such tomorrow. Sorry for the delays ^^'

Marandian Point's Account

2571 :points:
-Wheel tickets 75
-Equinox import 1000
-Necromancer import 2000
-Sugar Jewel import 2000
-Supergroup -4,804
-spring sale 2200
-Donation 100


Sep 20, 2018
5:16 pm
Sep 20, 2018
3:58 pm
Sep 19, 2018
8:54 pm
Sep 19, 2018
2:07 pm
Sep 18, 2018
2:33 am


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