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Many hip hop and rock artists.
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Many movies, cant remember them all.
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dont have any
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Any Mario game.
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Super Mario bros
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Hello everyone, it's been quite sometime since I last updated from my previous journal, thing is. There's been plenty of things going on in my life which made things difficult for me to inform you guys throughout the years... So I haven't been able to say much on my part. Which I apologize for, but either way. ~Monkeywhoopsplz ( Things have been going up and down like a rollercoaster, lately. So I haven't been in the best of shapes. But forget about that... I'm here to say that, I'll be doing some updates regarding the previous journal as well as mention a few new things that might interest some of you. I've got some bad news as well a
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Hello there guys, it's been a while. Now first things first. I know I messed up and broke my promise once again regarding posting the pictures before September, and I terribly sorry about that, I guess I'm a guy that you could call... a lousy deal breaker, and I do agree on that part. But either way, I finally finished my pictures and I have no more things to add regarding that, I do however plan to share some news with you guys but before I do that, I'll briefly explain of the people that still have not finished their parts of the art-trades, now I understand the pressure on me was to the extreme. And I got myself in a lot of trouble bec
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Hey there, it's been a long while. Well where do I start with this one... First and foremost, I'd like to apologise to all of you who were hoping to see more art from me, I've been quite busy as usual. But this time, I'm not making anymore excuses. I'll make a promise that, I will finish all of the art-trades before next month, so I have a deadline to follow. Now usually I'm not very good with promises. Although I will try my best. And here's the list of following people that I owe drawings for. ~Iwatchcartoons715 ( And if I happen to break that promise, you have all the right to get mad at me since
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Greetings Maklods! Thank you for choosing my pixel art picture titled "Stanley: The One who Escaped the Plexus" as a favorite.

By the way, your profile picture, is that character Bugman Stan from the Donkey Kong 3 game? It's a cool profile pic!

Anywho, Peace. 🕊️

How are you doing?

Hey there. I have no idea if you're active but we used to talk about nine years ago. I went by "luigimario6465" way back in the day and if I remember correctly, we had a petty fight and we blocked each other? lmfao. Idk, I've been looking back for memories and stuff. Wondering if you had a discord or something we could catch up with?

Sure, I don't mind.
What did you have mind?