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rocky scene 2

Welp. Time for a nap.
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Would you be able to tell us what brushes you use in your art? I'm using your style of art and some of your pieces in my GCSE Course so I'd like it to look as similar as possible.
If you don't want to share that info with us that's fine :)
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Instead I'll just give them to you.…
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Wow thanks, this is incredibly helpful
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Any chance of getting a 1920x1200? :c
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Rocky desert Rule #2: There is ALWAYS a scenic circular hole in made of gigantic stone. (As observed in Red Dead Redemption and Downhill Domination).
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this is true i live in arizona and the rock structures here and in utah are amazing.
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How is it that you make such awesome use of lighting? Your work is phenomenal!
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Oh hey I know you!
It helps to have a picture to reference off of, even if the final product looks nothing like the photo, but having that image there give you some foothold on establishing light sources and reflecting light/color.
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Thanks for the advice. I understand that having reference is key at times but I just get to darn lazy when it comes to reference. Funny thing is I have plenty of it I just don't use it enough.
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THEN USE IT. Don't make me smack you, son!
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Your landscapes are already spectacular, and they just keep getting better. The glows and reflections from the sun are a nice touch. Fantastic work!
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You are somethin' else, this is amazing.
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You have such an eye for texture and light! I'm most impressed by your rocky landscapes. Could you do a tutorial on it sometime? =)
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I really wish that I recorded this session, but I wasn't thinking about it at the time. I used a similar technique when painting this: [link]

I have the livestream video of it, but it's long and has commentary from me and several other people: [link]

If you would like some of the brushes that I used to make these paintings, you can get them here! [link]
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Nothing is ever too long or tiring for those who are interested, and trust me, I adore the way you paint! I'll be sure to watch your recorded sessions (and hopefully catch a live one) from now on. Thank you for replying and the brushes as well, if I can make them look half as good, it's close enough haha!
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When I do a livestream, I usually post about it in advance on my tumblr

And any time!
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Really nice, I like this !
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So dreamy :aww: I love reflection in the water and the warm light, very well done scenario! :) Oh wait.. is that really water there? It seems like a quite dry climate, no vegetation.. Is it possible for water to sustain itself like that?
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Hmm, good point. Dramatic effect, I guess?
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Maybe it's something alike mirage on the desert? Or a capture of an after effect of one of those short floods that sometimes occur in such environment? ;)
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That is beautiful! Incredibly well done.
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