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By Makkon
I watch this show. And I love it.

Initially posted on Polycount: Read the thread for my and a few other hilarious conversion stories.

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Ooh, great piece! I love the colors and the bold brushstrokes; Night Mare Moon looks suitably sinister here.
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I've been looking for this for quite some time. 
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Its Nightmare Moon.
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Her hoof is revealed as Luna's in the light.
MoppyPuppy's avatar
Her hoof?

I guess that works...
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Hookay, then.
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wait i don't recall having ever seen this , how the hell did i miss this?.....
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I just love how you used only a few strokes and colors to paint this! Simplicity at it's best. Well done. ^^
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FUCKBALLS I LOVE YOU!! You're an amazing musician and artist, and I am so happy I have an open mind and checked out the pony fandom. Without it I never would have found amazing people like you. This makes me want to try making an epic full color piece for once. I've tried uploading my stuff, but it isn't working, I'll try again at some other time, maybe get a scanner or something. Keep being a boss!
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I lauged so hard at this, it's just so classic (look at the date): [link]
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my conversion story in a nutshell :D
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That's not her highness, Princess Luna! :noes: :iconprincesslunaplz:
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i like soo much
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Luna you look different...... did you do something with your hair?
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If you keep telling yourself that you'll never be good, it'll happen. Strive to be better and follow through with what you want. If you want to get better, practice! It takes YEARS, but it's worth it!
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THANK YOU!!!!!!!!
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Now start a drawing/painting session while listening to his song Deae Lunae, and you will make a fucking masterpiece, no exceptions. (Psst, if you don't, you'll be meeting the real deal of the picture on the moon.)

Is it ironic that Luna was my fav before I even watched it or knew anything about it, then turned out to be my Zodiac sign?
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I love looking at the posts in that thread. The one guy who posted back in February 'I just don't get it, seriously, it's just a show for girls not that big of a deal, probably some silly 4Chan fad that'll pass next week...' And he has a Fluttershy icon.

You know something absolutely horrible happened between then and now.
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Or something wonderful :)

Later in the thread he simply praises the show. It's a tough process for a lot of us, I had quite the man-shield up when I saw the first episode.
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