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daring do

By Makkon
The Daring Do rides into the sunset

Album art for a bud. I'll be honest, I'm not happy with the cluttered composition.
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schneelocke's avatar
Awesome. And I love the composition - I'd call it complex rather than cluttered, and I like how it draws the viewer's gaze in and toward the center of the picture.
DeJiKo07's avatar
This is so stylish and awesome!
Makkon's avatar
It's your avatar, yes, but I assure you that you are not a pony, let alone Daring Do.
MR4653's avatar
i am daring in real life
Makkon's avatar
Suuure you are.
MR4653's avatar
finally you know im daring  do
MR4653's avatar
this picture looks like its made of trianglesTriangle Triangle Triangle Triangle Triangle 
fluttershy206's avatar
i cont wait to show rainbowdash this
89Borderline's avatar
This is really great bro. Would you mind if i used this for a fanfiction?
Makkon's avatar
Sure, I don't mind. Be mindful that is also the album art of a musician.
89Borderline's avatar
Thanks, and i won't try to claim anything musical from it. i will credit you of course
zerohero3d's avatar
I wish to use this for my fanfic cover art. I shall source you, my good sir.
Thorlol's avatar
Is that temple is firing a lazer?
Makkon's avatar
Looks like it is! We'll say is't a beam of ancient magic to be lore friendly, though.
blackhellcat's avatar
Brilliant artwork. :O
Raddjuret's avatar
I love the colours. So warm. And the sense of Adventure Wind is also included.
CaptainFluffatun's avatar
So I was flipping through your gallery to link my friend a picture, when I saw this and remembered, again, how awesome it was of you to make it for me. The colors are so beautiful, and you did a fantastic job.
gorgeous drawing!
Oomles's avatar
this needs a few THOUSAND more faves!!
TapeDiggity's avatar
The picture as a whole is noisy, yes, but it's not bad enough to effect the mood of the setting. The unusual color palette helps with that, I think.
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