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Commission: Black Jack - Beautiful Void

Commission for 7th Element, artwork for his song:…
His tumblr

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Fucking beautiful.
For a big grey chunk of rock the moon certainly is beautiful.
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hay look, suicide scene. and I thought maybe this was going to be the worst of it. boy, oh boy... well if you know the rest you know the rest.
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From what I've gathered with the other comments, I take it few have been able to read this far, or beyond, for varying reasons (mostly pertaining to the incomprehensibility of the story after a certain point). Though I wouldn't know, I never read the fanfic, and this was a commission.

I'm slightly surprised to know it's a suicide scene. It was never mentioned :P
GNO-SYS's avatar
Blackjack didn't actually kill herself, but she came really close.
ExceedinglyFabulousP's avatar
it's not that far either I think it was around chapter 22-25 its a bit muttled cause im on 76. but yea, it's a really sad scene where blackjack is on the brink. I guess it isn't really necessary to mention it is a suicide scene to get a commission, but I think it woulda helped if it was. still, excellent work. even without the context not just did I get the scene, it also set up the same somber atmosphere that was present in it.
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Damn, Makkon is alive!
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Good thing that safety's on...
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man I love your work and for a bit there I forgot you even ever did pony stuff! lol
Makkon's avatar
I do pony stuff when I'm commissioned to do it ;)
Alexander-Krozz's avatar
that's alright. For me, it don't really matter what kind of art you make... mostly, I just know I like everything you have done up to now!

so... keep up the amazing work!
Makkon's avatar
I appreciate it. I've been getting the occasional passive aggressive comment on my art lately, it's nice to hear a few like you from the fandom who are okay with me doing my own thing.
Alexander-Krozz's avatar
I understand what its like doing the same kind of art over and over again. it gets old real fast!

and you have too much talent to keep confined to MLP!                   hell, I think I wold get board of MLP if that's the only art I saw... 
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I still accept money for art, more like it.
Nocturnal-Sunlight's avatar
Awesome to know nonetheless.
At least you don't act as if ponies are your past and now hate 'em. :)
age3rcm's avatar
this mare...
doesn't have a small horn...
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I worked off of the reference I was given…
age3rcm's avatar
blackjack having a small horn is something that the autor of the fimfic made to play with the "bigger breasts vs small breasts" trope.
Makkon's avatar
Those that commissioned this were avid fans of the fic. If it wasn't important enough a detail for them, it's not for me.
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