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By Makkon

PSCS5, 2 hours (lasso tool FTW!)
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Lol. I'm browsing your art while listening to your stream on SoundCloud. Your music is AMAZING and well as your art!
I have seen tons of wallpapers and this is amazing.
awesome!! LOVE IT!!!
PokeySmokes's avatar
This only took two hours?
Makkon... You are amazingly talented.
wimpod's avatar
Loving the colors!
ezra91020's avatar
BuzzyBuzz's avatar
Wow this is amazing!
koojoe's avatar
That's AMAZING!!!! Would you mind sharing how you illustrated the horse in that sharp style?
cayiika's avatar
Fantastic. Beautiful colours. :love:
XG-AwEsOmE's avatar
Westy543's avatar
This is absolutely stunning!
Drul's avatar
Turned out to be very strong image.
Great color work and awesome flow.
Crimson-Pegasus's avatar
Amazing colors, well done :D
Kata's avatar
Wow wonderful colors!!
Phasellus's avatar
Rainbows are the best type of barf.
This is fabulous, by the way. ;)
Makkon's avatar
It's like hurling fruity pebble mush!
SPAMkid's avatar
The title of this brings be the utmost of joy...
Makkon's avatar
It's about how I felt when I finished it (happy but ready to barf, not feeling well)
Elder, I got your letter BTW! Glad to hear you're doing awesome!
SPAMkid's avatar
Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Glad to know you got my letter, if I'm ever in your neck of the woods we'll definitely need to meet up and get some food or something :)
Lil-Bender's avatar
Fascinating.... Do you use any references or is this all out of your head?.... cuz you're making my doodles look like crap compared to this....
Makkon's avatar
I had a book on drawing animals sitting out, I was using it for anatomy and posing reference. Using reference always makes artwork better. :)
Lil-Bender's avatar
It's funny really... I've been slowly trying to get better at attention to detail in my artwork, but it is more often the more abstract and chaotic pieces of work that are the most beautiful and inspirational.

I have to thank you again for helping me get a better understanding of these types of things... I have an awesome idea for my next work thanks to you.

ThisIsPolaris's avatar
Well, damn. This is pretty neat!
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