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08-12-2014 Ugi

By Makkon
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Working on a character with my wife. Loveable space rogue, she loves violence and cute things. She's charismatic, charming, morally ambiguous, and is trying to make it big as a bounty hunter and sometimes hired gun. So far we've come up with ideas for 3 other crew-members, but no solid names or anything yet.
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Man, every time I stumble across your page I'm reminded of how awesome you are as an artist!
Keep up the fantastic work!
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Slowly refining it, I think. I had some additional studies here…
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great work, she looks very athletic and sporty! what im getting from this character is that shes tomboyish and likes to have a good time.
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Thanks, man! That's exactly what I'm going for.
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Great character :D 
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Have you seen Trava: Fist Planet and/or Redline? Looks like she could fit in that universe as well. ;)
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She looks nice =D
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wow! i love this!
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Looks great!  She from a story of yours?
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This is rad! Absolutely love the outfits.
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The right most jacket has marty mc fly written all over it and I love it. Must be the tubes. I kinda like all of them though, which one's are you guys leaning more towards? 
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hi hi

The tubes look like a pretty neat nod to realistic spacesuit design, even if it is clearly not a space suit.  (The tubes being important to maintain constant internal volume, and thus, constant internal pressure.  You sure don't want to have to exert energy to move your arm and compress the gas inside as well.)
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