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My Biggest nightmare was about to be working so hard on this and missing the deadline!

Nightmares, I've spent a lot of time in them, but the biggest one of all, the one that follows me into the waking world is that of my work, my life, and my passions are just not very good in the end. I think all artists feel this way sometimes, that maybe, we're just not that original after all.

(we're all one in a crowd, but we're all here together. Stay strong out there Heart )
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Congratulations on winning!!! party

I guess, a lot(!) of artists can relate to that fear, me definitley included.

I like how simple and yet unique this picture is. It was also a good idea to not have all of them look exactly the same, but include a few holding up pictures (as in extremely advertising them) and one person even looking around, which, I think, we as artist don't do often enough; at least not without comparing ourselves.

Very well done! :heart:

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Wowowow, thank you so much! I'm so happy you caught that, and also for the badge, that's very kind! Yess, I really want to absorb great art, and not feel less than by comparison, but the impulse can be hard to fight! It's important to try and remember for me at least that we lift each other up, the better we get.

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you won, You Won, YOU WON!!!! Big congrats, enjoy!

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Thank you I really can't believe it, I'm so happy!! :cries:

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Reminds me of how:

1.When I draw and sadly the thumbnail turns out better than the actual final piece.:grump:

2.Suffer burnouts and art-blocks. (Recently suffered past 2 whole months with no interest to draw!:faint:)

3. Worry constantly with my life and work too.:stare: (Especially with this tiring lock-down!)

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Oh my goodness yesss, I hear you on all of these, lockdown especially lol

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This is very good. I believe we all feel this way. To make our own creations instead of something that isn't. Why create something someone else made for view? When you have your own thoughts just like them. I feel it ain't right. It doesn't matter famous or not. (Yet) On TV or books. Be yourself and make what you want and the rest will follow. Never do what others want you to do.

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very true, thank you for your thoughts!

Amazing work I love the floor!

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WOW - quite an impressive piece, especially with all the clones and such! Really a cool piece

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definitely would love to see more "cloning" pieces like this - very beautifully done

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