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It's 9/9/2018 today, so it's like 9/9/9+9. That's the perfect moment for celebrating a Cirno Day!
I tried to make something light and cute for this Cirno day, but... The plot gone out of control (as usual with me) and turned out to this. Battles, broken kappas' dam, the serious treat to the Human Village, and so on... (Well, at least it's the strongest day after all.)
The name of this episode is a reference to two famous disaster movies: "Independence Day" and "The Day After Tomorrow". That's how youkai (fairy) attack on Gensokyo may lead to total destruction, if... Ah, I hope you've got the idea.
I've just imagined, Reimu, as everything resolved, is writing something like this: "Dear princess Celestia. Today I've learned an another big lesson of friendship. You might treat your duty as something more important than your friends, but ignoring them might cost you even more than you would expect. At least in Gensokyo it works like that, especially if your friend is 'strongest' fairy." Oh, stop, wait a minute, did I get the wrong fandom right now?
(Yep, 'The entire village is being destroyed!' is a reference to 'Friendship is Witchcraft', 9:25 of first episode.)
And, as anyone can find out now, I can't help myself: nothing can stop me from thinking Reimu and Cirno are close friends. And you know because of whose (very inspirational) videos...

Brought to you by "Three Bodies of Hecatia" creative association
Directed and animated by muzzdiez (Homura Akemi of Koumakan)

Voice actors:
- Cirno, Marisa Kirisame, Keine Kamishirasawa, Utsuho Reiuji by СнЭговик
- Reimu Hakurei, Daiyousei, Villager woman by Ruby Battler

Characters also featured:
- Suwako Moriya
- Suwako's giant toad
- Nitori Kawashiro
- Hieda no Akyuu
- Kosuzu Motoori
- Noriko Amewara
- Yuuka Kazami
- Sekibanki
- Yukari Yakumo
- Mamizou Futatsuiwa
- Kasen Ibaraki
- Fujiwara no Mokou
- Sakuya Izayoi
- Minoriko Aki
- Shinki
- Alice Margatroid
- Shanghai
- Tokiko
- Rinnosuke Morichika

Tools used:
- Walfas CreateX.swf (9-7-17 version) by :iconrsgmaker:
- AndySnap
- Sony Vegas Pro 9.0
- Adobe Photoshop 7.0
- Inkscape 0.92
- MS Paint 5.2
- Cool Edit Pro 2.00
- Mozilla Firefox 52.4.1

Custom props:
- "Touhou Arms", "Touhou Bent Arms" by :iconshinkong:
- "Village (slant view)", "Marisa back (right profile)", "Cirno back (no arms, no wings)", "Cirno back of head", "Bush 3", "Reimu and Cirno picture (facing left)" by :iconreimu-and-cirno:
- "Village outskirts", "Cirno day banner", "Cracks 1", "Cracks 2", "Kappa's dam", "Waves 1", "Waves 2" by me

- "Beloved Tomboyish Daughter" by ZUN, piano arrange by Iceon
- "Love-Coloured Magic" by U2 Akiyama
- "Eternal Shrine Maiden" by ZUN, piano arrange by Lycoris Sound
- "Skies Beyond the Clouds" by U2 Akiyama
- "Satori Maiden ~ 3rd Eye" by ZUN
- "RUN" by Awolnation
- "Beloved Tomboyish Girl" by ZUN, metal arrange by Richaadeb

Sound effects (from
- "Walking On A Wooden Floor" by ralphwhitehead
- "woosh fx 3" by PivanlaDbrouille
- "Rabbit Thump on Soil" by kessir
- "footstep-grass.wav" by swuing
- "Water Pour" by JohnsonBrandEditing
- "Ice Crack 5.wav" by ecfike
- "Big crash, a house tumbling down, collapse, mix" by YleArkisto
- "Long Space Swoosh" by miksmusic
- "wave-sound-noise-pink-morocco" by Eelke
- "Explosion" by Iwiploppenisse
- "Boiling Water, Large, A.wav" by InspectorJ
- "Wind On Door Short.wav" by Benboncan
- "Wheelbarrow.wav" by jittels

Sound effects (other):
- Exclamation Point from Metal Gear Solid by KONAMI

- Touhou Project and most of the characters by :iconzunplz:
- Noriko Amewara from "White Flower of Summer" by :icontobiobito4ever:
- Villager woman from several of my videos ("A Tale About the Tales", "Scary and Scarier")

Ideas inspired by:
- "Company", "Fragile", "Admirer" by :iconreimu-and-cirno:
- "Diamond in the Rough" by :iconspaztique:
- "Memories of Phantasm" (ep.7) by Manpuku Jinja
- "Wild and Horned Hermit" (ch.4) by ZUN and Aya Azuma
- "Bohemian Archive in Japanese Red" (pg. 62-63) by ZUN
- "Friendship is Witchcraft" (ep.1) by Sherclop Pones
- "Cirno's Perfect Math Class" by IOSYS
- "День Генсокё" ("Gensokyo's Day") by Просто очередной писатель

Reimu-and-Cirno Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2018
I love the video! It's great to see more works of Reimu and Cirno being friends.
Makise-Homura Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2018
Thanks! Your videos have truely convinced me that friendship between Cirno and Reimu is really a thing. If someone could say that it is just pure fanon, even then I'm sure it's the very nice part of this fanon.

(Well, if "friendship is magic", then Cirno and Reimu friendship is definitely lovely kind of this magic, I may say.)
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