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Upcoming Projects and moar! Yay!

First of all: thanks to a person who bought me a month(!!!) of PlayStation Plus that I can finish my "Bioshock: Infinite", yaaay! Weekend on Columbia with Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth sounds good for me (Also, maybe some inspirations from game will be taken? Who knows?).
Moving to the essence of the matter - I'm going to finish some of my projects aaand... here is the list of them! If You want to see them as "work in progress" please subscribe our Official Facebook. I will be honored if You do that!
  • Zyklon-1918
  • Super Mario Bros. - Poster #1
  • ThƎ CΔt in the Hat
Also - I will be at the opening of exhibition 
"Podróż w świat konsol i gier wideo" (Journey into world of consoles and video games) this Monday [17/03/2014]! If You will be there, go and find me! Anyway - have a good weekend for everyone!

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March 14, 2014


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