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Year 2016, Back from Hiatus

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 5, 2016, 3:12 AM

Hello there everyone in year 2016. I’m glad that I’ve finally came back and I fianally have some spare time to write an update for you all.

But first things first. As you may know the last year was little bit crazy for me – I was finishing my studies and getting the title of IT engineer, searching for job and many, many more. I want to thank to all of my friends, family and my fiancée for all help they provided during that period of time. Currently things are settling down and I’m starting to updating my web-page, my portfolio and my deviantArt profile (of course Facebook will be updated too). So soon you will see new arts and new information from my side. Also commissions will be available again soon with new price list.

From other news: if you are viewing this post from under deviantArt you may noticed that because I’ve finally went "premium" I can use journal skin, proudly done by my fiancée UszatyArbuz. If You want to see it please follow THIS link.

It’s all for now. I hoped that you enjoyed and once again – thank you for your patience. See you soon!

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Hello there everyone! It’s a good day to be alive (again after a small break)! But first of all - thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday on Facebook, deviantArt and YouTube! Read More...

Hey there everyone! As You may remember in the previous news/update I considered that maybe I will do some cheap commissions to rise some money and buy my dreamed birthday gift. As You probably guessed (from this news title) I’m opening some cheap commissions to do thatRead more...

quick status update because some things must be said before I forget about them. Read more...

As I announced before - after Christmas I will do some streaming, so... here it is! Read more...

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah for every and each of You! Read more...

As You may noticed - I am not that "active" as before because... well... I said that many times before and I will say that again - I'm currently working over my engineer degree science project an also Read more...

Makintosh! A®ts wants to inform You that

Hey there Everyone! This time I've got some serious stuff to announce because, well, I need Your help because "things" are not going well up here. As You may know (or not) I am on my fourth year of studies on university and I'm currently working over my science project for Engineer Degree (nearest English technician science degree is Bachelor of Engineering). And here is my problem. My laptop, that I was using in my science project, died few days ago. Read More...

Firstly - I want to thank You for that long waiting for the announcement of the draw results.
To make it more fair I decided that not one but two persons will get free-art! Read More...

Comissions are now open and on sale up to 70%! Go and check because sale will last only to 06/10/14. Share this info and subscribe us! Remember that if You will subscribe between 04/10 and 06/10 our Official Facebook and/or our Official deviantArt Gallery You will have a chance for a free gift-art! If You are already our subscriber then please inform us about that in the comments section. Winner will be announced on 12/10/14.


Makintosh! A®ts proudly announces that this weekend our Official Page will finally be open! On this occasion we're opening commissions and we cut prices up to 70%! You have a chance to get a low price art from 04/10/14 to 06/10/14 and only at these days! But it is not over! If You subscribe in these three days our Official Facebook and/or our Official deviantArt Gallery You will have a chance for a free gift-art! If You are already our subscriber then please inform us about that in the comments section. Winner will be announced on 12/10/14.

If you are interested in ordering Your own piece of art please contact us via comment, deviantArt note or under e-mail:


Makintosh! A®ts proudly announces that supports Polish Indie Game Project - "Warlocks"! You can also help them right now! Share information about them and tell Them that You heard about their project from us! Support this project with Makintosh! A®ts.

Support Warlocks

Few deviantArt changes that should have been done a long time ago. As You see I've added some "info boxes" that will help You navigate trough various places provided by Makintosh! A®ts Group. Be sure to check that You watching us on deviantArt and You are following our Official Facebook to see any new update that will come!

That's all for now! See You soon!

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Sorry for lack of updates and (of course) none art from me. Yes I know, I promised "BioShock: Infinite" related art. Yes I know, I promised few other works. But well... for all of that there are good reasons for that...

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After today's gaming session (everyone's need a break!) I decided that I will make some arts related to "BioShock: Infinite" that I'm currently playing on my PS3 (thanks again for a person who bought me PlayStation Plus for month!). But this time... it will be different... YOU will decide what kind of art I will make! How? By anwsering this simple pool that I made ;)

>> BioShock: Infinite Question Pool <<

>> closed <<

You are still here? Go and check our Official Facebook for some shots from game!

[UPDATE 15/03/2014] Pool update! Because there are people who don't play this game and I forget about them ^^" Sorry about that.
[UPDATE 22/03/2014] Pool is closed! Thank You for voting ;)

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Upcoming Projects and moar! Yay!

First of all: thanks to a person who bought me a month(!!!) of PlayStation Plus that I can finish my "Bioshock: Infinite", yaaay! Weekend on Columbia with Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth sounds good for me (Also, maybe some inspirations from game will be taken? Who knows?).
Moving to the essence of the matter - I'm going to finish some of my projects aaand... here is the list of them! If You want to see them as "work in progress" please subscribe our Official Facebook. I will be honored if You do that!
  • Zyklon-1918
  • Super Mario Bros. - Poster #1
  • ThƎ CΔt in the Hat
Also - I will be at the opening of exhibition 
"Podróż w świat konsol i gier wideo" (Journey into world of consoles and video games) this Monday [17/03/2014]! If You will be there, go and find me! Anyway - have a good weekend for everyone!

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...everyone who don't forget about my birthday and put's their wishes on my PM-box, my e-mail and SMS-box :)
Anyway - I'm going to draw some more traditionals because - well... my PC (workstation) is unable to open Illustrator, not Photoshop today (after trying to run them something wrong is going on with catche and computer making spontaneous restart with no reason or BSoD).

Oh well... still - don't have a job to do something with that... and no job means "no money"...

Stay tuned with our Official Facebook !

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Two-day drawing session!
And I don't have mood to do anything!
Brilliant... even thinking about upcoming birthday is not working - oh well. I need some good tea ;)

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Workstation is broken...
This is official, and very sad to say because - well... it's not simple failure, that I can quickly repair. Somethings wrong with both north- and southbridge are not working as they should (hard drives dissapears and appears, sometimes I have no access to them and after few minutes everything is perfectly normal) and something is wrong with RAM sockets. I've just checked all my hard drives, via connecting them into my laptop, and they are not broke - so I think that my good old motherboard finally died... bummer...

Well than - what it means for You then? There will be not much a®ts (I will try do something when my workstation will have "better day") and... I have no idea what I should say more. I'm sad because I have no work right now, because I'm studying and I don't have time to go to job, and You know... make money? And I know exacly how much I need to build new computer to work on it. Around 2700,-PLN / 637,13EUR / 860,69USD. It's not cheap - I know - but I was working on computer with Core2Duo and finally I want to work with something that have i5 and/or i7 CPU... but yeah - no money equals no computer equals no arts (that I can sell) equals no money (blimey! It's perfect example of recursion!). 

I have no idea what to do now because, my laptop don't even have proper video card to work on it... oh well, I will think about what to do and gave You sign what I will do with that.
Any questions? Any suggestions? If yes please write them in the comments section.

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